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17 Months Old

I’m feeling much better today. I hate days like yesterday, they really suck. Silas is 17 months old this week. Time has really flown by since he turned One. His vocabulary continues to grow each day but I don’t think it’s grown as much as it did last month. His incredible memory when it comes […]

Strange Animal Behavior

So, we’ve recently got these new neighbors who really seem like they DO NOT belong in our neighborhood.  They’re very loud an obnoxious and completely out of their usual environment.  Not to mention they live on the roof of the building across the street.  That’s no place to raise children, I don’t think.  We have […]

New Leaf

Spring is sure a nice time to be in my nesting phase. I seem to be inspired easily these days and I don’t know if it’s because we’ve actually had a few moments of sunshine or if it’s just all the beautiful flowering trees everywhere. I probably would be right to just chalk it up […]

Hug a Chiropractor

I love my chiropractor!  Not in a romantical way of course, just in a “you fixed my body and I love you” way.  It’s taken two visits and I’m almost completely fixed of my sciatic and back problems.  I still have some hip pain but that’s just my arthritis dealing with my joints being loose […]

Fear The Moo??

I’m typing this one handed while rocking my sick little booger-head. He’s needy today and the fire alarm in the building went off and has completely traumatized the lad. Thanks to that, I have the idea of what i’m going to write about today. Oooo two hands, I let go, steady now. Anyway, my son […]