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My Neuro-typical

I often feel guilty that I don’t write as much about my sweet little Isaac as I do about my Silas.  I guess that’s because I don’t really need to raise awareness about neuro-typicals and find support networks. Although, sometimes having an NT son is harder than one with autism.  But only sometimes. Right now […]

Bad Doggy!

I’m kinda mad at my dog Cleo right now. We always have to put up a baby gate at the bottom of our stairs so she doesn’t get in to the garbages up there. Today I forgot. I came home and noticed I had forgotten and I bolted up the stairs to see the damage.  […]

Eustacia Cutler and I

I guess I’m not saving the best for last here, I’m just showing it first.  Not everyone gets to ever meet their hero ever in their lifetime.  Above I am with my 84 year old hero with her arms around Courtenay and I. I.Am.Blessed Eustacia Cutler is the mother of the famous Temple Grandin.  If […]

Autism is Beautiful!

  I’m still processing everything from the weekend.  I’m not sure what post to do first, what experiences to highlight.  I’m still buzzing from the amazingness of what I experienced at the conference.  I’m so blessed. I’ve fallen even more in love with all that is autism.  I hate having to leave my kids for […]

Day 1: Autism Vancouver Biennial Congress

What a day. It was a bit funny, running around trying to find change to pay for parking at the Skytrain station with Courtenay.  Then finding parking that was more than 12 hours.  Then finding a Starbucks….that was actually most important. Once we were finally there we got to listen to Karen Simmons speak.  She […]

Vancouver Autism Biennial Congress!

I get to go to this tomorrow!!!  I’m BEYOND stoked about it. This is a big conference for anyone who’s lives have been effected by autism.  Luckily mine has!  Plus I get to go with my dear dear dear dear dear friend Courtenay.  She’s taken on a job as a behavior interventionist.  The kids who […]

My Not So Normal Life

As I was driving home from the store today, with two kids in tow, I was thinking about how much my “normal” shopping trip would be such a nightmare for other parents. Ya ya ya all kids whine and melt down at the grocery store.  We all deal with the naughty-ness but I think it’s […]

Case of the Grumpies

I’m having a grumpy day today. I dunno what it is.  I was grumpy at work last night too.  I’m not usually grumpy. It doesn’t help that Isaac is Mr Whiny McWhinerson.  I don’t know what starting this for him but for the last two weeks it’s just been whine whine whine whine whine about […]

Easter Tradition Meets Hilarity

Nearing easter, I was somehow reminded of these two videos.  The one I made, I shared a long time ago and then I happened upon a video my sister uploaded of her family but she forgot to ever tell me about it.  They’re both rather funny to watch.  And yes, I eat a LOT of […]

To All The New Mothers

Dear new mothers, From the moment you know you’re pregnant, it begins.  You’re part of the new mother’s club. You begin to compare, she’s carrying higher and she’s carrying lower, she’s growing fast and she’s growing slower  You’ll be jealous of people who are farther along then you and feel better than the women behind.  […]

Spring Is Near

Nothing says spring like a family trip to a nearby park.  A chance to run and frolic and climb and slide and swing.  The days are getting warming, the trees are bursting with flowers one by one, the spring flowers are emerging from their winter slumber….my eyes are starting to itch.  We must be nearing […]

The One That Got Away

For the last year and a bit I’ve had a trusty IUD hanging out in my uteris, stopping any “invaders” from getting at my eggs.  It worked beautifully, as beautifully as I could have hoped.  Birth control, the oral kind, turns me in to a crazy person and all the other options sounded not so […]

Mmmmmm Home

Ahhhhh spring break. The idea of my dear Silas having a break from school is enough to have me shaking in my boots.  This kid needs structure, this kid needs routine, this kid needs SCHOOL! So, last-minute I decided that if there had to be no school, then we gotta go somewhere.  So off to […]

You Can

Don’t you hate being told what to do?  Don’t you hate being told you can’t do something you REALLY want to do? Imagine being at work and doing something wrong in the copy room and having your boss come up to you and say “NO”!  Wouldn’t that kinda suck? Something I’ve learned a bit from […]


My lips are stained orange from my carrot, beet, lemon juice that I drank while I was shopping in the organic market today.  I didn’t notice until I left, they were very obviously orange.  Next time…straw.  While at the market I found myself searching for protein options, vegetarian burgers, etc. Just under a year ago […]

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