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New Words and GARDEN PHOTOS!!

Ikey is saying new words almost daily!! Yesterday he said “squish” and “cheers”. This morning he said “fish”. So now he can say: Mama (which sounds like mumum), Dada (which he yelled out when Brent opened the door yesterday), row row row, up, this and that (depending if he wants this or that 🙂 ). […]

Bloggy Cleanse Fest Extravaganza

Wow, I came on here and then I got distracted by other web sites.  Since I’m getting close to weaning Ikey I’m in the market for a good cleanse.  I’m pretty much decided on the Master Cleanse because it’s cheap and I like the idea of fasting for many reasons.  I think that fasting helps […]

Flab to Fab

I’d just like to start off with a big thank you to Jennie and her traveling lunges she made me do last night.  My groin is just feeling FANTASTIC!! REALLY!!  grrrrrrrrr. Jennie went to one of those bootcamps once and learned how to do it all and wrote up these little cards and now we […]

Great Trip

Well, we are back to the grind after a lovely May Long Weekend at my parent’s house.  Gosh, it’s so stinking beautiful out there.  So quiet and the air smells so nice.  It still feels like home to me. My parents were AMAZING in making their house 100% peanut free for us.  They just took […]

A Vent and A Challenge

I’m going through this phase in my life where I’m getting really sick of our American culture. It’s so much about consuming. Consuming food, consuming “must have” clothes and products, self medicating through consuming. Buy buy buy and then buy some more because what you first bought isn’t good enough anymore. I especially have trouble […]

Weight Loss (or gain) Wednesday

I know I was going to keep you all up to date on my weight loss progress but there really hasn’t been any.  I’ve most likely lost about 30 pounds or something but it’s just me going between like 168 and 173.  Dang. It really makes me mad because I’m a healthier eater than most […]

Matriarch Mushroom Soup

When I was pregnant with Silas I was horribly sick. I was throwing up for at least 7 months. I spent a lot of time on the couch in front of the TV. During that time I discovered something: The Food Network. Never was I attracted to cooking shows before and I don’t actually remember […]


Ikey hasn’t really stopped sleeping since we got home two days ago. He slept on and off the entire flight and has only woken up to eat since. He is a little less lethargic today but still sleepy sleepy sleepy. The poor little boy has been cutting BOTH bottom teeth at the same time. I […]

Thursday Thirteen #12

mysteries of motherhood The little socks always lose their pairs, I swear there’s a sock fairy that come and takes them. Kids will gobble up something one day and then decide it’s disgusting the next day, what’s up with that? Okay, your diaper is leaking poop…but the carpet is brown… I used to have like […]

My Fat, Fat Isaac

I’m a little late on writing the blog today.  Isaac had a good, long nurse and fell asleep.  I didn’t want to put him down after.  It’s so nice to kiss a baby’s lips when they’re sleeping.  Their breath smells so sweet and their lips and all soft and squishy.  I swear my kids both […]


Another morning, me in my PJ’s drinking my twice (or three times) re-heated cup of coffee, blogging away. I’m the bearer of good and bad news this morning, that’s why I’m writing early, I just need to talk about stuff. Last night Silas and I made this video. I wasn’t expecting it to turn out […]

Peanut Allergy Haters?

I came across a Facebook group last night as I was searching for a group of parents who had kids with peanut allergies. The group is called I Hate People With Peanut allergies. I thought the group might just be kind of silly but much to my dismay, I came across these things: “I’ve got […]

Sometimes I Don’t Feel Like Making A Title.

Every time I sit down here I draw a blank about what I had been planning to write about so I just blab and blab and blab with no direction.  I wish I could remember because I’m not finding anything to blab about either.  Hmmmmmm. Ikey’s nursing wacky again (I just remembered what I was […]

Shattering Into Pieces

Last night I had the shock of my life.  I cooked supper and threw some peanut sauce on our stir fry without thinking.  I thought about it for a second and then thought it should be ok for Silas to have a little this time.  I’ve been avoiding peanuts because there’s so many allergies in […]


Last night I was eating my chile dog (hadn’t had one of those in years, thanks for the suggestion Roselle!!) and Silas wanted some. So we captured it on video. I almost didn’t post this because I was horrified at my lousy posture and scary chewing but then I thought “do I actually care what […]

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