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Sleeping Babies

I often find myself in my kid’s rooms every night, staring at their faces, trying to kiss them and smell them as much as possible without waking them up. There’s nothing as adorable as a sleeping child so I try to somehow embed their image in my mind so I can remember it later. The […]

Flab to Fab

I’d just like to start off with a big thank you to Jennie and her traveling lunges she made me do last night.  My groin is just feeling FANTASTIC!! REALLY!!  grrrrrrrrr. Jennie went to one of those bootcamps once and learned how to do it all and wrote up these little cards and now we […]

Swimmen in Da Pool

Silas the great was “swimmen in da pool” the other day at the Hotel.  Brent’s parents were here and we always love to take advantage of a quiet pool and the extra hands available and get the boys in the water.  They sure love it.  A few weeks ago Silas was really tentative about swimming […]

A Bunch of Stuff

Wow, Silas’ birthday party is next week!!  I’m so excited.  It’s just going to be very small this year, just family pretty much.  I can’t handle a crowd, I just don’t wanna.  But feel free to still buy him pressies or send money…ha ha!! It’s been slightly exhausting trying to avoid wheat, oats, milk and […]

Thursday Thirteen #10

Thirteen Things about The Informal Matriarch  13 things I’m proud of My musical abilities, especially my singing voice. Teaching myself to sing harmony and then teaching myself to find the 3rd part on the fly.  I had to learn that quickly because of singing at the church I’m at, I figured it out and now […]


I have a sensory experience that I’ve set up for you all. This requires no tools and you’ll actually get to SMELL Isaac. Who’s excited? Let’s begin: take a finger and insert it into your belly button, now move it around and create some friction for some heat. Do this for about and minute and […]

Little Ball of Sunshine.

I swear my son is a little ball of sunshine and he’ll forever light up a room when he walks in.  I know I complain a lot about his short temper but when he’s not tantruming he really is this little ball of sunshine and he’s constantly making me smile…or pine for his delicious lips […]

A Better Morning

Silas kinda made up for his early morning rising this morning.  I’m waking up at around 6 now just because I’m getting used to it…grrrr.  Silas woke up about 6:20 but he was actually happy and talking to himself so I just left him until he wasn’t happy.  I tried to give him toys but […]

Silas The Brave

This morning I woke up at 6:30 to a toddler who, again, did not want to play in his crib.  Woe is me.  We did have an amazing cuddle in my bed which slightly made up for the fact that I was losing out on some precious sleep.  Once we were up, I opened the […]

Nesting Urges.

I’m sneezing from all the dust that is trying to re-settle in my house after I cleaned my room.  Yes, you heard me right, I actually CLEANED my room.  It was gross in there and all my clothes were nowhere to be found.  I actually hung up clothes and folded clothes and I dusted and […]

Be Nice, I’m Pregnant!

So if you’re in the presence of a bulging pregnant woman and you decide to ask her how far along she is, don’t ever say “oh you look farther along than that” or “you must be having twins”.  This is a terrible idea.  Someone did that to me yesterday and I couldn’t decide weather I […]

Tired…and Grumpy

I was up late last night because my husband’s 80’s rock band played a gig and it was so fabulous that I was too excited to fall asleep until 1:30-ish. I had a terrible sleep because of the excitement. I got up at about 8:30 in the morning and headed directly to ABC for breakfast […]

Swimming, Napping and a Potty.

So I went to the doc yesterday.  It was a fine experience except that he got mad at me for not napping.  I had a nap today, I hope he’s happy.  My pee was fine, my blood pressure was fine, my weight was….fine….I guess.  Napping is important so I’ve started even though I’m not the […]

Buying a Car and a Visit From Cootie!

Not much to talk about today. I can’t write for long because I want to get my house cleaned up for Courtenay and Emily. They should be here in a few hours if the highways are OK. I’m very excited to see them. Courtenay (Cootie) was my best friend in high school, we lived across […]

Spring Has Sprungeth

Ahhh, spring is in the air.  Well, the air is full of rain but I’m seeing the cherry blossom tree starting to bud and other flowering plants.  That’s one thing I LOVE about this area is the early spring and all the beautiful flowering trees and bushes, it’s so lovely.  I just wish the rain […]

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