Category: insecurities

A Lesson In Perspective

I was watching a bit of Tyra today while I was nursing Isaac and this woman was bawling about how since she had her kid she’s 20 pounds heavier and has stretch marks. She wasn’t into having sex or anything. That makes me so sad. I’ve ranted about this before but this pressure put on […]

Leah The Nugget

I have this problem and I really don’t know how to make it better.  It’s a major major flaw that I have a hard time even wanting to change.  I never ever ever get out.  I seriously can be locked in my house for a week and hardly notice that I haven’t left.  Once I […]

Be Nice, I’m Pregnant!

So if you’re in the presence of a bulging pregnant woman and you decide to ask her how far along she is, don’t ever say “oh you look farther along than that” or “you must be having twins”.  This is a terrible idea.  Someone did that to me yesterday and I couldn’t decide weather I […]