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How to Potty Train Your Toddler

It seems like one of the most frustrating parts of parenting a toddler is potty training them.  I hear many facebook status updates from my friends who are growling about it. Potty training is tough but can be quickly achieved through these five simple principles: I have no clue. don’t ask me. I’m completely void […]

Bloggy Cleanse Fest Extravaganza

Wow, I came on here and then I got distracted by other web sites.  Since I’m getting close to weaning Ikey I’m in the market for a good cleanse.  I’m pretty much decided on the Master Cleanse because it’s cheap and I like the idea of fasting for many reasons.  I think that fasting helps […]

Great Trip

Well, we are back to the grind after a lovely May Long Weekend at my parent’s house.  Gosh, it’s so stinking beautiful out there.  So quiet and the air smells so nice.  It still feels like home to me. My parents were AMAZING in making their house 100% peanut free for us.  They just took […]


 I have a question for you…    What do you get when you mix a 2 year old with a bowl of popcorn, a cup of juice and Oprah and stick him on the potty???…..   YAY PEE PEE!!!   That was actually the 2nd time on the potty yesterday and his 2nd, 3rd, 4th […]

Scared of the Potty.

I was going to blog yesterday and have a bunch of photos of our visit up but then it didn’t happen. Now the photos are in 100 Mile and I am NOT! Silas was a true gentleman the whole way home last night. He was on his best behavior. He was SO happy to see […]

Is He Back?

Is this the calm before the storm or is Silas actually feeling better? I’m not hearing tears yet, or whining, or sadness. I’m frightened to move or to do anything wrong, oh the glorious quiet!! He’s just walked into the room with his cracker in hand and a smile on his face. I think my […]

Mushy and Gushy and Squishy and Lovey

I’m in such a honeymoon phase right now with my son. I’m all mushy and gushy and squishy and lovey about him lately. I guess by that you can conclude that he’s sleeping OK lately! I’m just constantly surprised that I can love someone SO much and that selfish little Leah isn’t so selfish anymore. […]