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Husband to the Rescue

You know what?  Mini-wheats are incredibly filling.  I go through Mini-wheat phases because they really help keep me regular but I do get sick of them.  I’m going through a phase now though, I’m always so amazed by how full they keep me.  I just thought I’d let you all know that. My husband saved […]

This and That

Ah, wonderful sunshine.  I just sat on my deck for a bit and soaked in some rays while they lasted.  It really helps the mood that’s for sure.  Silas is still out there playing and singing.  Sometimes when he’s out there he shouts “WEEEE” or “EIEIO” very loudly.  I’m sure the people on the street […]

Teething Never Ends

My darling Silas is starting to have a hard time again with his teethies.  At least we had a few weeks of really happy baby.  The poor kiddo, I can’t believe he’s cut 8 teeth since Christmas, the two molars are hardly cut and the other two are starting to get a bit white on […]

New Leaf

Spring is sure a nice time to be in my nesting phase. I seem to be inspired easily these days and I don’t know if it’s because we’ve actually had a few moments of sunshine or if it’s just all the beautiful flowering trees everywhere. I probably would be right to just chalk it up […]

Nesting Urges.

I’m sneezing from all the dust that is trying to re-settle in my house after I cleaned my room.  Yes, you heard me right, I actually CLEANED my room.  It was gross in there and all my clothes were nowhere to be found.  I actually hung up clothes and folded clothes and I dusted and […]

Be Nice, I’m Pregnant!

So if you’re in the presence of a bulging pregnant woman and you decide to ask her how far along she is, don’t ever say “oh you look farther along than that” or “you must be having twins”.  This is a terrible idea.  Someone did that to me yesterday and I couldn’t decide weather I […]

Tired…and Grumpy

I was up late last night because my husband’s 80’s rock band played a gig and it was so fabulous that I was too excited to fall asleep until 1:30-ish. I had a terrible sleep because of the excitement. I got up at about 8:30 in the morning and headed directly to ABC for breakfast […]

Unexpected Pregnancy

I knew I was in for it the moment after everything happened.  I ran to the calendar, looked at the date and just as I suspected I was close to ovulating. GREAT!!  I didn’t want to get pregnant again at all but I resigned myself to the possibility and gave myself a few kicks for […]

Scared of the Potty.

I was going to blog yesterday and have a bunch of photos of our visit up but then it didn’t happen. Now the photos are in 100 Mile and I am NOT! Silas was a true gentleman the whole way home last night. He was on his best behavior. He was SO happy to see […]

Swimming, Napping and a Potty.

So I went to the doc yesterday.  It was a fine experience except that he got mad at me for not napping.  I had a nap today, I hope he’s happy.  My pee was fine, my blood pressure was fine, my weight was….fine….I guess.  Napping is important so I’ve started even though I’m not the […]

16 Months Old

I just realized that Silas is now 16 months old.  Oh to have a birthday every month, I guess we’ve all been through it though.  I can’t believe the changes that happen from month to month.  This past month his vocabulary has really taken off.  He’s learned up, down, shower, water, food, hungry, nose, eyes, […]

Buying a Car and a Visit From Cootie!

Not much to talk about today. I can’t write for long because I want to get my house cleaned up for Courtenay and Emily. They should be here in a few hours if the highways are OK. I’m very excited to see them. Courtenay (Cootie) was my best friend in high school, we lived across […]

Spring Has Sprungeth

Ahhh, spring is in the air.  Well, the air is full of rain but I’m seeing the cherry blossom tree starting to bud and other flowering plants.  That’s one thing I LOVE about this area is the early spring and all the beautiful flowering trees and bushes, it’s so lovely.  I just wish the rain […]

Canucks Game Tonight!

So I read up on it and yes, there is a hormone that comes back into play in your third trimester that can make you ill.  Just my luck hey?  Last pregnancy I was still barfing everyday at this point so I didn’t notice.  I’m not even close to barfing, I’m just feeling icky.  I […]

A Case of the Mondays

I’m so stinking tired.  So tired, in fact, that I might actually take a nap today.  I’m not a big “napper” the last one I took was weeks ago in MB and it actually really made me feel better.  It was the perfect length.  I’ve been feeling rather nauseated lately as well.  Are there weird […]

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