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Swimmen in Da Pool

Silas the great was “swimmen in da pool” the other day at the Hotel.  Brent’s parents were here and we always love to take advantage of a quiet pool and the extra hands available and get the boys in the water.  They sure love it.  A few weeks ago Silas was really tentative about swimming […]

1 Week and 4 Days Left

Well, the baby is still inside of me.  I was hoping he’d come out yesterday but I guess he’s content to stay put for a while longer.  He’s welcome to come out now, I’m feeling very warm feelings towards him and Brent’s feeling ready for him to be out too.  Yesterday I tried some traditional […]

Tired…and Grumpy

I was up late last night because my husband’s 80’s rock band played a gig and it was so fabulous that I was too excited to fall asleep until 1:30-ish. I had a terrible sleep because of the excitement. I got up at about 8:30 in the morning and headed directly to ABC for breakfast […]

Swimming, Napping and a Potty.

So I went to the doc yesterday.  It was a fine experience except that he got mad at me for not napping.  I had a nap today, I hope he’s happy.  My pee was fine, my blood pressure was fine, my weight was….fine….I guess.  Napping is important so I’ve started even though I’m not the […]