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Money Money Money Money….MONEY

The title is supposed to be sung that that song.  Anyway… My mind is buzzing with all these ideas for raising money for Silas.  A Gala?  A church event?  Selling things on my blog??  Begging? The government is going to give us 20 grand which we will only be able to spend on ABA therapy, […]

I’ll have a new brain please…and a side of sanity…

After a rough morning I wondered weather or not I should write what happened here or just journal it.  This isn’t the easiest thing to write but this blog is about being authentic and about saying things that most people are to scared or embarrassed to say so people don’t feel alone. It’s been a […]

Funny Kid

Ahhh the glorious glow after having an adjustment from the chiro.  It gives me a delicious endorphine rush which truly makes me happy.  I think I’ll have to get the hips done one more time but I just feel more…aligned. Silas was so stinking funny there.  I was on my tummy and the dr had […]

Private Practice Scores a Big, Fat ZERO

Anyone watch Private Practice last night?  If you did, you’ll know why I feel rather insulted by it.  If not, let me catch you up on what happened. The show was about a mother of three sons.  Her eldest has autism and the other two kids are typical.  They’ve just returned from Europe where her […]

Finger Painting!!

Silas has always had a hard time with drawing.  He doesn’t know how to grasp the writing utensil firmly and it always flops around in his hands.  It also just stresses him out a lot and he’d just rather someone else draw him letters, shapes and numbers. The other day I noticed that he would […]


It’s weird what’s just ingrained in human nature.  I suppose if you don’t know any better, telling your mommy “did you poop?  Should we change your bum quick?” (the echolalia makes him repeat things to me how I’ve said them to him) when you really haven’t, seems like a great idea to get attention. He’s […]

Are They 13 Already?

I thought they wouldn’t eat me out of house and home until they were teenagers…not NOW! For example, a typical breakfast for Silas is 3 eggs, a banana, an apple, some crackers, a rice cake, sometimes another banana, a kiwi and then I say STOP SILAS because it’s almost lunch time.  Then Isaac downs over […]

Meat Fingers

One thing I’m finding as I observe Silas is that he has these moments of total clarity.  Yesterday he had almost an entire DAY of clarity.  I couldn’t believe all the words coming from his mouth.  A lot of it was still echoing but he was making up a lot of his own stuff too.  […]


Silas climbs onto my lap as I’m sitting on the couch, gives me his sparkly eyed smile and begins to bounce, so hard that it’s beginning to hurt.  I shift so his bony bum begins hitting the couch and not my poor thighs.  His face is so happy so I try to not be annoyed […]

Today I’m Excited.

It’s funny, ever since Silas was born we kinda poked fun at him.  He just seemed different and we came up with nicknames for him like “special boy”.  Which I know can be offensive but..he was just different.  Sometimes as he’d be sitting there spinning something I’d call him my little autistic boy. I had […]

Hit the Beach

So on Friday my brother Andy, who’s moved out this way, called me up like he usually does asking “do you want a coffee?”. 45 minutes later he usually shows up with Starbucks in hand and ready to party. I’m really enjoying him being out here so close to me and he’s looking for a […]

New Words and GARDEN PHOTOS!!

Ikey is saying new words almost daily!! Yesterday he said “squish” and “cheers”. This morning he said “fish”. So now he can say: Mama (which sounds like mumum), Dada (which he yelled out when Brent opened the door yesterday), row row row, up, this and that (depending if he wants this or that 🙂 ). […]

NAET Allergy Experience.

So yesterday we went off to see the NAET specialist. I had no idea what to expect, I knew we would be doing acupressure. After coming out I felt ok but the lump in my tummy is getting bigger and bigger. According to her diagnostic techniques Silas is allergic to eggs, wheat, oats, chicken, peanuts […]

I’m Bummed

So now what?  What do I do about Halloweens?  What do I do about Silas going for sleepovers with his friends?  What if his friend’s birthday party is at a restaurant he can’t go to?  What does he say when kids make fun of him because he’s never eaten at McDonalds?  I’ve read a few […]

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