One, Two WEEEEEE!!

I’m eating tuna on crackers with pickles. Weird how last pregnancy tuna was a delicacy to me and this pregnancy I only went through like a week-long tuna phase. Now it just tastes like tuna. I need to go grocery shopping.

I just spent the morning cleaning so I could relax after my nap and I so don’t have to clean on my birthday. Brent has a surprise for me but it’s on the day after because it works better. I’m excited that he’s actually planned something. I’m paranoid he hasn’t thought it through enough to get babysitting or something if we need it. Sorry I haven’t actually named the date. I’m kinda paranoid about letting people know too much about my birthday and actual whereabouts because I’m scared of a stalker or something. Yes, I know I shouldn’t flatter myself so much but there are weirdos out there.

Silas slept even longer this morning. He woke up at seven a played around in his crib for about 40 mins, it was nice. Then we cuddled in my bed again for a while. He loves cuddling in there because he can lay there and stare at the FAN!! He says “fan” very loudly now and likes to yell it out when we come across them in public places. His passion for spinning things is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. Anyway, we ended the cuddle fest when he was more into trying to sit on my head than anything, time to get up for the day. I’m thinking that I might attach some sort of mesh bag to the side of his crib so when he wakes up there’s always toys for him to play with. I can stick it on there before I go to bed. It’ll be like waking up after the Easter Bunny has been here or something. I’d be excited. That way he might stay in his own crib longer like the old days *sigh*.

Silas has taken to singing the ABC’s and can do a fine job of it as well. I’m surprised of all the letters he gets already. He’s so dang clever. Another new thing he’s into is saying “one, two, WEEE”. I don’t know if I mentioned this but for the past few weeks he’s been saying “two WEE” and I had no idea what he was saying because it really made no sense. We took him to the pool this weekend and right away he said “TWO WEEE” and then I remembered that when we throw him to each other in the pool, we say “one, two, THREEE”. Ever since this weekend he’s been putting the “one” in there as well. It’s pretty cute and I’m proud that he’s counting to three…even though he has no idea of what he’s doing.

I don’t know if he’s just gotten used to the pain of those molars coming through or they aren’t hurting so bad anymore because he’s seeming to be back to his normal self. I don’t get why because his poor gums are looking pretty raw where the teeth are wanting to come through. Perhaps he’s just decided to be happy even though it hurts. He’s a different boy from his hitting and scratching phase. He’s even not kicking anymore when I change his bum (thanks to a little crib time) so I’m very happy. It’s nuts how many phases kids go through. It’s good then bad then good then bad…etc. I’m learning to love a bit of a challenge with him and having success with discipline. He’s quick to learn what’s wrong and what’s right and I just think that’s his personality along with a little consistency. Give me a week and I’ll be freaking out about some new problem we’ve come across. Right now he’s acting like a little darling, I love his gentle nature and just his general happiness he holds. Him yelling “HAPPY” 500 times a day is icing on that cake.

Anyway, that’s that. I think I’m going to put another pregnancy photo up from my photo shoot and then get my bum to bed for glorious nap time. I’m finding it interesting how much I drool when I nap, I don’t do that at night. Hmmmmm. OOO, I’m ready for another Canucks game tonight and I really hope Chris gets voted off Idol. Who do you wanna see go? I thought Jordin was the best last night, she made me cry.


My hunky husband and I, I love his belt buckle in this photo. We bought that on our honeymoon.


  1. wow it is almost your birthday! I’m feeling bad though because i’ve been so wrapped up with myself and my injuries that I didn’t even get a card in the mail. Hey I like the new belly picture. will the mesh toy holder be on the outside of Silas crib?

  2. Yes, another great pic. I’m ready to see Chris or Phil go – I’m not a fan of either one. I’d like to see Jordin win it and I think Melinda has a definite career, even if she doesn’t win the show.

    Your cuddle time with Silas sounds wonderful – I wish Nicholas would cuddle, but maybe it’s yet to come.

    Go Canucks! End of the 2nd period and it’s 3-1 for Anaheim … looks like we’re giving them a false sense of security!

  3. That’s a great photo of you! I hope that you put some up in your house, or in the nursery! 🙂 It would be a shame to waste them.

    And, happy birthday week! 😆

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