A Better Morning

Silas kinda made up for his early morning rising this morning.  I’m waking up at around 6 now just because I’m getting used to it…grrrr.  Silas woke up about 6:20 but he was actually happy and talking to himself so I just left him until he wasn’t happy.  I tried to give him toys but that was a no go so I brought him into bed with me for a cuddle and my my my that boy was sucky this morning.  He cuddled and cuddled and cuddled.  At times his face was smooshed so hard into mine that I hardly could breathe.  It was lovely.  He rubbed my arm and played with my hair and at about 7:20, he fell back asleep and so did I.  I was kinda dozing during all the initial cuddling but only for short moments.  I didn’t sleep very well like he did during that time with his mouth gaping open but I did manage to squeeze in some comfy winks.  By the end, my arm and leg were so sore and I was incredibly sweaty so I attempted to break free from our very tight cuddle but it woke him up.  He promptly lowered himself from the bed and started running around.  I did feel awake and refreshed for about 5 minutes and now I’m just tired again.  Oh well.  We were out of bed at about 8:30 so I think we slept about 40 mins.  It was a really nice cuddle time, he initiated all of it and it was just so dang cozy and lovey.  I love that.

So my dr’s appointment went well yesterday.  Blood pressure is good, weight is scary and a lot more than I thought it would be.  I’m blaming it on my in-laws taking us out for supper too much while they were here, no, it’s just me…the rest of my body gets jealous when my tummy gets to grow so it all grows as well.  Anyway, before he said that after this visit I’d come every two weeks then every week but he seems to think I need to be in there weekly now as he says baby can come anytime.  I’m hoping he’ll stay in there for three more weeks and then come out.  My doc said he might be a bit bigger than Silas, lets hope not.

Last night’s Canucks game was the most exciting game I’ve ever watched.  I’m really starting to understand the game more and I catch more things.  I find it crazy how true hockey fans can catch everything.  They see things that my brain can’t even comprehend and they always see it’s a goal before I do.  My husband is calling out penalties and everything and even on the replay I don’t always see what happened.  But I’m getting there.  I had my doubts about us winning last night but I’m so happy we did.  I love playoff time, normal season I’m ok to do without.  Same with baseball too.

Now my city is rather close to Vancouver so of course there’s many fans around here.  When we win a big game like this, tons of people go out to our main strip and honk and wave flags and pretty much just have a very large party on the street.  There’s people of all ages and most people are very well behaved and just having a good time.  Jules and I decided to join in on the fun last night so we went out there.  I only live a block away so we got there fast.  Within about 30 mins there were probably about 3 or 4 hundred people walking around and most of the cars were at a stand still.  There was smoke everywhere from people spinning their tires and our horn started to lose it’s voice.  Soon it was just coughing out this low hum but it would come back sometimes if we let it cool off.  What a fun thing to do after a game though.  When we drove past crowds of people, I’d just stick my hand out and it’d get slapped a bunch, I thought that was great.  Anyway, I think next big win, we’ll just walk there and have fun in the crowd of people.  I need an air horn or something.

My birthday is this week, I have no idea what I’m doing or if I’m doing anything.  Brent just said we’re celebrating on Friday so I look forward to that.  I’ve really had not very good birthdays for the last…5 years.  I hope this one will be good.  Anyway, I’m going to play with my son now.  He’s singing along with a Josh Grobin song right now, he’s so dang cute.


  1. We’re in one of the quieter cities near Vancouver, so no honking on main street for us. We did hear shouts and whoops in the neighbourhood, as it was warm enough for most people to have their windows open, but we couldn’t make too much noise – Nicholas was already asleep. What a great game! And now on to Round 2!

    Have a wonderful birthday!

  2. about force feeding you while we were out there we must try to do better next time. I’m also continuing to think about your upcoming birthday and your wanting it to be real special, I so hope that it will be a happy birthday.

  3. YEEEEAH! Happy birthday! I don’t know the actual day your birthday is on, so maybe I’ll just say it everyday this week and it will be covered! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  4. Ha! During last year’s playoff run, there were riots, parties, vandalism, streaking and all sorts of shenanigans here. It was pretty embarrassing to hear about, actually. I never went down to the strip to participate or watch it, something about 10,000 drunk people scares the crap out of me.

    Lucky you, with some sweet cuddle time! It must be so nice to know that he’s cuddling with you – not just you cuddling with him! 🙂

    It’s your birthday? Well, then! I hope you have a fantastic day!

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