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The Birth Story of Violet Yvonne

Oh plans, how we make them and how things always turn out differently. I was hoping to write a beautiful home birth story.  For her to have been born into my hands in a pool in my living room. Alas, that’s not how it happened but it doesn’t make her coming earth side any less […]

Pregnancy Worries Answered

So I may be an overly relaxed person with less tendencies to worry than some.  I did go through some worries at the beginning of this pregnancy because I had two miscarriages and I lost a bit of faith in my body.  Those with high risk pregnancies tend to worry a lot but who could […]

Making a Person

There have been many people that have witnessed me saying that there’s no way I would ever ever ever have a baby again.  There’s also been blogs about how I feel like I can’t because Silas took up so much of our lives and that I was scared we would make someone else with autism. […]

To All The New Mothers

Dear new mothers, From the moment you know you’re pregnant, it begins.  You’re part of the new mother’s club. You begin to compare, she’s carrying higher and she’s carrying lower, she’s growing fast and she’s growing slower  You’ll be jealous of people who are farther along then you and feel better than the women behind.  […]

The One That Got Away

For the last year and a bit I’ve had a trusty IUD hanging out in my uteris, stopping any “invaders” from getting at my eggs.  It worked beautifully, as beautifully as I could have hoped.  Birth control, the oral kind, turns me in to a crazy person and all the other options sounded not so […]

Excuse Me While I Go Purge My Supper

I live in townhouses, it seems to me that people get more nosy when you live in a townhouse.  I have this one neighbour two doors down that I find to be particularly nosy.  Her child was the one who I removed my children from because him and two other boys were playing “shoot the […]

Matriarch Mushroom Soup

When I was pregnant with Silas I was horribly sick. I was throwing up for at least 7 months. I spent a lot of time on the couch in front of the TV. During that time I discovered something: The Food Network. Never was I attracted to cooking shows before and I don’t actually remember […]

A Lesson In Perspective

I was watching a bit of Tyra today while I was nursing Isaac and this woman was bawling about how since she had her kid she’s 20 pounds heavier and has stretch marks. She wasn’t into having sex or anything. That makes me so sad. I’ve ranted about this before but this pressure put on […]

Thursday Thirteen #10

Thirteen Things about The Informal Matriarch  13 things I’m proud of My musical abilities, especially my singing voice. Teaching myself to sing harmony and then teaching myself to find the 3rd part on the fly.  I had to learn that quickly because of singing at the church I’m at, I figured it out and now […]

Little Ball of Sunshine.

I swear my son is a little ball of sunshine and he’ll forever light up a room when he walks in.  I know I complain a lot about his short temper but when he’s not tantruming he really is this little ball of sunshine and he’s constantly making me smile…or pine for his delicious lips […]

Oh Well

I think I’m softening. I’ve definitely inherited my mother’s “oh well” personality. I still call her after bad dreams and I hear an “oh well, it was just a dream”. Usually when Silas is freaking out about something stupid I’m usually the same way, “oh well”. I’ve never felt bad for letting him cry at […]


There’s a half hour left until I can gleefully go to dream land.  I was up far too late last night so I’m feeling it this morning.  We met some friends (Kristy and her hubby) at IHOP for breakfast.  I had a massive meal but I still don’t really feel full.  This baby is riding […]

1 Week and 4 Days Left

Well, the baby is still inside of me.  I was hoping he’d come out yesterday but I guess he’s content to stay put for a while longer.  He’s welcome to come out now, I’m feeling very warm feelings towards him and Brent’s feeling ready for him to be out too.  Yesterday I tried some traditional […]

So, I Have 9 Nipples

Nine nipples?? What an awkward title hey? You’re probably wondering what the heck I’m talking about??  Read on and you’ll know. Wow, it has been two years since my boobs have been leaking. They started the day before my first trimester was over with Silas and they haven’t stopped, not once. I went from an […]

A Better Morning

Silas kinda made up for his early morning rising this morning.  I’m waking up at around 6 now just because I’m getting used to it…grrrr.  Silas woke up about 6:20 but he was actually happy and talking to himself so I just left him until he wasn’t happy.  I tried to give him toys but […]

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