There’s a half hour left until I can gleefully go to dream land.  I was up far too late last night so I’m feeling it this morning.  We met some friends (Kristy and her hubby) at IHOP for breakfast.  I had a massive meal but I still don’t really feel full.  This baby is riding right on my cervix this morning so all I feel is sharp pains every time I walk.  He must be on his way out, he must be.  Last night I was having some contractions and I was crampy all night long.  No plug to be seen but I lost that when I was already in labor with Silas.  There’s a week left, he should really just come out now, have a week longer to be with Mommy and Daddy in his life.

Last night we went to a friends for dinner and enjoyed some delicious pasta and Creme Brulee.  Then we got home and Jules and Jay came over and we hung out till about 11:00.  They brought chips, I love them.  Ha ha.

Today Brent and I have a rather large list of things to accomplish.  We need to get some things cleaned and organized and whatnot.  Brent just got a new tire for his car on Thursday because his other one was ruined and it’s already flat today so we have to take care of that.  People leave screws and nails everywhere at his job site, it’s super annoying.  If it happens again soon I might just freak out.

Anyway, I’m really hoping for my baby soon, I’m feeling slightly impatient, I just want to meet him.  I know it’s not going to relieve any pain, I’ll be more uncomfortable once he’s out but at least I wont be getting fatter and more stretch marked.   It’s all about vanity kids.  I’m going to start some laundry right now and start a grocery list.



  1. I’m sending you vibes from Chicago for comfort and quick delivery. Is it working?! Can you feel the telepathy?

    Love the blog banner. Best wishes to you during this ohsoexciting time.

  2. glad to hear you got to go to IHOP it is one of your favorites. The tire thing sounds annoying. Give chim chim a little pat for me and tell him grandma says he can come out of hiding now.

  3. How exciting, having the end so near! Deeder came exactly a week after his due date, so I can simpathize with your feeling uncomfortable and anxious. Walking around with a “dropped” baby is pretty uncomfy!

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