Foul Smells Invade My Home

My sister Jennie ever so kindly took my son this morning for a few hours so I could rest.  I ended up only being able to sleep for about an hour or so but it was nice.  I did miss Silas a little though.  He came home very tired and went straight to bed.  He was saying “nigh night nigh night nigh night”  I think he was ready.  When I put him down he couldn’t lay down fast enough.  She sure knows how to wear him out.  I’m thankful.

I woke up feeling better this morning but as my day has progressed I feel poopy again.  I can’t decide weather or not to sleep again after my lunch (fried egg sandwich with mustard, yum!) or not.  Silas let me sleep an extra almost hour yesterday (I think he just played in his crib after he woke up) and I couldn’t get to sleep very well last night.  But I also had things on my mind.  I’m very tempted to have a shower and do my hair and stuff.  How nice would it be to go into labor looking positively smashing?  I think I might do just that.  My house could use a quick tidy as well, even though I loathe the thought of doing it.  Taking a shower and doing my hair seems like work to me right now.

I was really hoping to go into labor last night, obviously it didn’t happen.  I had what I thought was a very slow leak of fluids but I guess it wasn’t because nothing has come since, dangit.  He didn’t want to come last night, even nipple stimulation didn’t really do anything.  So we’ll have to hope he comes today.  I love it that Brent is getting excited about him coming soon.  I love that I am getting excited.  Last night Brent and I were discussing all the cute things newborns do.  We’re totally stoked.

The body shop told me that my car should be ready by yesterday (Friday) but I called them yesterday and said they didn’t have the parts in yet and it’ll be another week.  I’ve been without my car for two weeks now, it’s really irritating.  You’d think if there was a part for my car, it could get here sooner.  It doesn’t take two weeks to receive mail from most parts of the world, I don’t get it.  Yesterday we also welcomed a new smell to our building.  Usually it has this overly Febreezed scent which bothers anyone who comes here but now it’s got that smell with a lovely mix of manure.  They put TONS of bark mulch around our building and it must have been mixed with some delightful manure because boy does it stink.  Sometimes my whole city stinks in the spring when the farmers are spraying but this is so close that it’s staying and penetrating things.  It’s foul.  The smell of fresh cow manure, I don’t mind, but this stuff has been sitting in one of those wretched bogs for quite some time I’m sure.  Yucky.  I don’t know which smell I’d prefer in this building though.  I hate air fresheners with all of my heart, I’m part of a vast group of people who are allergic to that stuff so it’s not a fun experience at all.  I see those commercials with all of those gross scent puffing out machines and I just see cancer floating all around.  I don’t get it, stop spraying gross gunk around!  I can’t stand incense either, makes my throat sore unless it’s that amazing stuff they use in Catholic churches.  Wow, I’m kinda going off here!

Anyway, my sandwich and milk are done, I’m just going to fart around a bit to be sure Silas is in dreamland and then I’ll be off to the showers.  We’re going to some friends for supper tonight so I’m looking forward to that.  I’m sure they’ll be happy if I come not looking wretched.

1 week and 1 day left…


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