I Need The Plug

It’s 7:56 am and I’m blogging now because I want to go to sleep RIGHT when Silas goes to nap, I really need my nap today. Right now Silas is in his high chair politely snacking on Cheerios and kamut puffs. I’ve dressed him in a new outfit from Old Navy and he looks so stinking cute. My poor body has been taken over by viruses and bacteria and all kinds of amoebas. I thought that I could fight it yesterday but it didn’t work and now I feel it taking over my body. It’s not the worst cold, it’s just bad when it’s going along with being 9 months pregnant, that’s all. I wasn’t anticipating a runny nose as I was pushing my new child out. Stupid colds. The remarkable thing is that Silas slept completely through the night last night and I wasn’t able to enjoy it because I was having a dreadful sleep. Too hot, too cold, pee pee pee, stuffy nose, dry mouth, etc. I didn’t get to bask in the comforts of not being woken up in the night for once. I couldn’t sleep after 6am this morning, my nose was plugged and breathing through my mouth was making it so stinking dry. Finally my nose cleared and I was feeling that warm fuzzy falling asleep feeling when Silas started to squawk. At least he gave me some nice cuddles after that. He likes to lay himself on my head to stuff his face in my hair. I usually have some sort of small air hole to breathe through but it’s so nice to be loved that I just put up with it. He also sang some of “Jesus Loves Me” and said “happy” “fan” and “eye” while poking me in the eye. It’s his normal morning cuddle ritual.

Yesterday I went for cleaning as opposed to napping which probably wasn’t the best thing to do when feeling and impending cold. I did rinse my nose a lot though. I guess that didn’t do the trick this time, sometimes it works. I probably shouldn’t have eaten so much cookie dough and cookies but I made the most fantastic chocolate white chocolate chip cookies and the dough was remarkable. I know that sugar isn’t the best for the immune system, or your metabolism (a double meaning for you Leanne). Here’s the recipe.

Where’s my plug? I’ve been searching for it for almost 4 weeks now, ever since I learned that my baby had dropped. Every time I use the facilities I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for some sort of show but it’s not showing, it’s not coming. I need to see that plug, I want it now, I need to know this is over soon. My friend told me how to check my cervix but the thought of doing that kinda freaks me out a bit. I’m starting to pine for Chim Chim, I want to meet him and name him. I want to see what he looks like and explore his body, make sure he’s got all of his fingers and toes. I can’t wait to nurse him and have that bond with someone again. I get to love someone more than ever thought possible again. I’m really starting to feel excited about this. Also I don’t think my tummy skin can stretch any further, it’s really starting to sting sometimes.

Well it’s time to go and feed Silas his power oatmeal while he sings to me and yells “happy” 500 times. Then we’ll brush his teeth and he’ll play on the deck while I rest, today is a day of rest. My house is tolerable so I can rest. Feel free to come over and take care of me.


The cute outfit this morning




flashing the camera


  1. A cold during your last few days…. that stinks 🙁 I’m sorry – hope it passes soon! My son told me the other day…. “Mom, it’s a good thing you grew that extra skin because your tummy is really getting big and if you didn’t have extra skin then it’d rip.” It was so funny! I was thinking….. hmmm that could be nice to have extra skin – we might not have stretch marks then – but then I wondered how we’d get rid of the extra skin afterwards…….

  2. Soon!! so soon. I’ll admit I’m a bit jealous for that end of prego wait time. The uncertainty. The “will it be today”. I never got there. Which has worked out ok, but next time I’m going for that drag it out forever feeling. So enjoy it cause it’ll end sooner than you think. Oh and just go walk through the mall or something everyday. Theres always crazy old ladies who will tell you if you are going to have the baby soon or not. They are remarkably accurate for having blue hair.

  3. I didnt really loose my plug an still went into labor. And I checked my cervix all the time that way I knew what was going on. As long as your hands are clean it’s nothing to be afraid of…plus it’s really cool

  4. I love the pics of Silas, they’re better than chocolate, thanks for the treat. Physio today was the most tolerable session yet, my therapist( the cute boy) is 25yrs. old. I’ll check out the cookie recipe.

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