We Sold Our House!

Good grief gravy. It’s been a long time. We’ve been so stinking busy. We decided to get our home on the market this summer and buy a bigger home. It took a LOT of work to get our house ready but we took care of so many details. It sold in a week! Now we… Continue reading We Sold Our House!


You guys, I am so preoccupied with getting my house ready to move…and finding a house to move into! Brent and I moved to this place almost 10 years ago with a 20 month old Silas and a 2 month old Isaac. We didn’t mean to stay long, we had pipe dreams of flipping it… Continue reading Moving

Preggo Update

I feel like I am in the home stretch!!  30 weeks pregnant now and if she comes early like Isaac, then I only have about 9 weeks left.  Let’s hope she is like her brother, I am kind of counting on it. Pregnancy brain is in full force.  In face, since I’ve turned 30 weeks… Continue reading Preggo Update

It’s Been a Year

Exactly a year ago today we were told that our little girl’s heart had stopped beating.  A whole year. I remember that day so clearly and how I had wished I could skip ahead to where time had gone by and I the pain wasn’t so sharp and painful.  Where I felt like I could… Continue reading It’s Been a Year

Getting Stronger

20 (ish) lbs down and feeling a lot better.

Ever since I lost Serenity I’ve been on this health journey.  I just knew I couldn’t go back to my old lifestyle with this much pain inside me.  I would go insane.  I began working out, walking, running, swimming…pretty much whatever I felt like.  It really helped.  The more pain I feel inside, the more… Continue reading Getting Stronger

Mother F*cking Homemaking: An Homage to JJ Keith

Whenever I look at Pinterest, it’s like I’m looking at this alien world. I had no idea there were people out there who spent so much time making their children’s sandwiches look like Disney characters (then I wonder how it looks when it gets to school….scrambled Disney characters?). Is that like…an every day thing? It’s… Continue reading Mother F*cking Homemaking: An Homage to JJ Keith

Back to School Blues

What just happened?  I blinked and the summer break ended. We drove to school today in what I can only describe as a torrential downpour, I told the children that the Earth was crying because they didn’t have all the time in the world to play outside anymore and it’ll miss them while they’re in… Continue reading Back to School Blues

I Have a Daughter

Another sick twist in the continuing saga of our sad story of loss.  All this time spent mourning a little boy named Jonah.  Mourning the loss of this little boy who I knew would have tried with all his might to keep up with his big brothers.  Enjoying having my three boys.  I feel like… Continue reading I Have a Daughter

That new Car Smell

IT’S FRIDAY!!!  This particular Friday is important because it means we are going on a family vacation tomorrow!  I’m supposed to be cleaning my house and packing and all that stuff.  I love to procrastinate and I saw someone make their own version of an ItWorks tummy wrap and I looked up the ingredients and… Continue reading That new Car Smell