That new Car Smell

IT’S FRIDAY!!!  This particular Friday is important because it means we are going on a family vacation tomorrow!  I’m supposed to be cleaning my house and packing and all that stuff.  I love to procrastinate and I saw someone make their own version of an ItWorks tummy wrap and I looked up the ingredients and I was like “I need this on me now” so then I made one.  So I’m sitting here in my bra and underwear, tummy wrapped in cellophane and a belly shaper garment on top.

I smell like a bag of used coffee grounds and camphor.  I actually might smell exactly like an old used car salesman…..

Speaking of used cars….What is also awesome about our family vacation is that we have a new vehicle to do it in!!!  Yes, we took the plunge and signed up for too many more years of stupid car payments.  But it’s so shiny and pretty and it’s almost brand new and the new car smell reminds me of my grandparents because grandparents have a special way of keeping their cars smelling new.

It’s amazing all the things we can fit into our new van.  I think we could even stow small children in the stow and go under floor area.  In case we ever felt like it….ALSO, the seats are really soft and I don’t have to crank the windows down.  I also can hear my children speak at their usual volume instead of them having to yell over the roar of the engine.  We also have things like airbags and…a muffler.

Anyway, I’m very happy.  Despite everything that has happened, this is not about the new van.  I’m just happy.  Brent’s happy.  We’re happy.frabz-I-dont-always-go-camping-But-when-I-do-I-wear-a-Leotard-143200

See you when we’re back from vacation!!  We will smell like smoke and fish and nature.


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