You guys, I am so preoccupied with getting my house ready to move…and finding a house to move into!

Brent and I moved to this place almost 10 years ago with a 20 month old Silas and a 2 month old Isaac. We didn’t mean to stay long, we had pipe dreams of flipping it as soon as we could. But then the market changed and autism happened and life stuff…we suddenly had no equity because we purchased during a hot market. It took years for the market to turn. And if you listened to any news at all, you’ll know how hot the Vancouver/Fraser Valley market is. It’s our time to sell…finally.

This place has never felt like home to me. We purchased quickly because we were being evicted from our apartment, they were being renovated and sold as condos. For most of the year I don’t like living here at all. But when the days start to get warmer and longer and we come out from hibernation, I begin to enjoy it a bit. We have many neighbours with whom our children have grown up with. They don’t remember life without one another. They’re usually around to go out to play with and rule the neighbourhood. They sometimes stay out till dusk, a giant pack of comrades. We often joke that it feels a lot like Lord of the Flies out there…with no conch. But, alas, I need to remember that most of our rain-soaked year, I don’t feel right in this place.

It’s also getting too small for us. I’m not sure a kitchen could be smaller than ours. I think maybe after ten years I deserve two kitchen sinks instead of one. Perhaps we won’t all get annoyed at one another if we have a play room. If my boys want to go bonkers, it’s right in the living room that’s right beside where the rest of the house is because everything is so small. This might be why I like wine so much.

So it’s time to move on. The part that will hurt is leaving our neighbour friends. But the rest of it will be so very easy to say goodbye to. I don’t think I’ve ever walked into our front doors and thought “it’s good to be home”. It’s more just a place where our stuff is. After 10 years, I say we’ve done our time here.



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