We Sold Our House!

Good grief gravy. It’s been a long time. We’ve been so stinking busy. We decided to get our home on the market this summer and buy a bigger home. It took a LOT of work to get our house ready but we took care of so many details. It sold in a week!

Now we are having trouble finding the perfect home for us. We’ve had to move towns because even though we are home owners where we live and we made great money on our home, we are still priced out of the market here. You can’t find anything decent at all under 700k. That’s insane. So we have to head further away from Vancouver to find something suitable for us that won’t also make us house poor. There’s been a few let downs along the way. It’s really hard to fall in love with a home and not win the war with another person making offers the same time as you. It’s like the perfect house is always just beyond our grasp. But we will find one. Hopefully soon.

We are open to a wide variety of living scenarios. Townhouse, detached house, new, old, whatever. It just needs 4 bedrooms, a nice playroom, and enough back yard to fit a trampoline so my kids DONT BOTHER ME SO MUCH! And so they don’t bother one another so much. Right now we are trapped in a tiny 1000 sq ft townhouse. I’m looking forward to having space for us to not all be on top of one another all the time. Silas needs his darn space. We shall find it for him.

Anyway, I plan to get back to regular weekly blogging ASAP. See you soon!



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