You’re Wrong About Your Wrongness

I’ve been thinking lately, about humans and our humaness (humaness isn’t a word but WHATEVER). How we like to argue and about how we hate to admit we’re wrong.

Isn’t it infuriating when someone is defending themselves to the death when they’re clearly wrong? Why do we do that? Why do we do it with all our might? Don’t you respect someone so much more when they just apologize?

A little background

I’ve been granted with this strange gift of authenticity, which I think is more a result of being tricked into lying at a young age and then punished severely for it. But let’s call it a gift for now. A beautiful gift of never being able to lie unless I REALLY need to. Couple that with an argument and I am USUALLY able to be like “oh, you’re right, I’m sorry”.

It may have been a tragic beginning to this ability, but I think it’s a nifty way of being able to see stuff. Even though I probably don’t come by my authenticity authentically…if that makes sense.

So, the great thing about admitting you’re wrong is that you’ve suddenly made yourself right again! Saying “sorry I was wrong” doesn’t make you wrong, you were already wrong. What it DOES do is make you right about how wrong you were…so you’re back to winning. You have a fresh plate of rightness because you’ve washed your filthy plate of wrongness and shame*.

Let me break it down for you

Admitting you’re wrong = being right! #winning

Continuing to be wrong about your wrongness = staying wrong.

Don’t be wrong about your wrongness, if you want to be right then admit you’re wrong so you can be right again. We all like being right, right?**

This has been a public service announcement

*Joking about the shame…don’t feel shame, shame is bad.

**I fully admit that I could be wrong about any and all parts of this blog post.


  1. That was fantastic. I seem to be having trouble following your blog. I don’t have a facebook account and the follow by email option gave me this message: “The feed does not have subscriptions by email enabled”. I’ll figure it out…I’d love to read more.

  2. Authenticity is a real gift. I have it to, its my favorite thing about me. I think mine comes from just being oblivious to my effect on the world around me, but none the less, its a gift and i love it. Thank you for being authentic too, we are a rare breed and we are wonderful 🙂

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