Preggo Update

IMG_2745I feel like I am in the home stretch!!  30 weeks pregnant now and if she comes early like Isaac, then I only have about 9 weeks left.  Let’s hope she is like her brother, I am kind of counting on it.

Pregnancy brain is in full force.  In face, since I’ve turned 30 weeks I feel a drastic change in my brains.  It’s really rather annoying because I’m used to being sharp and I hate feeling dumb.  Right now I am working from home for a call centre and it’s the easiest job ever.  Except with preggo brain I am mixing everything up.  I also got a call this morning from a supervisor wondering where the heck I was.  I had a shift and I was happily snuggling my dog on the couch and watching Dr Phil.  Go me.

You kind of forget HOW uncomfortable things get and HOW hard easy tasks become.  Tasks like….picking up something off the floor or like….rolling over in bed.  I told myself that wasn’t going to happen this time but I guess I’m not in control of how giant my stomach gets.

I am so incredibly excited for her to come!!  July is only two months away!!!

Preparations for her arrival are slow at best.  I am not much for moving my body around when I’m feeling like a whale and some alterations to our home need to be made in order for me to complete her nursery.  Not that I’ve even really started on her nursery.  I’ve bought delightful fabric and I’ve dreamed up how it shall look.  It WILL be delightful….eventually.  I’m trying to make myself do a little bit each day so we aren’t scrambling.  I’m really bad at things like….getting things done and…time management.

But I found some GORGEOUS fabric for her room!!!!
But I found some GORGEOUS fabric for her room!!!!

I do have most things for the actual delivery.  I have my birthing ball, a bunch of dollar store shower curtains, other various forms of keeping fluids off things.  I have essential oils and I am working on a play list.  I purchased a very lovely African drum album that I hope to use since I was so reliant on rhythm during my last delivery.  I have people ready to take the kids in case things go sideways or the boys are uncomfortable (yes the boys will be there).  I’m feeling good about that part.  I do want to do more reading on hypno birthing and other birthing techniques but I’m feeling strong and powerful and ready to take this on with my inner primate.  I find it to be a really primal experience, well it can be if you let it.  It’s hard to do that with a doctor in a hospital so I’m super stoked about experiencing all of this at home.

This little darling is very active.  I don’t think I’ve ever had such an active little monkey in me.  I’m wondering if she will soon just make her way out the front of me like an alien.  I know it isn’t possible but, holy crap!

Everything seems to be going according to plan, her growth is right on target, measuring right on time.  Her heart rate is fabulous, her energy is obviously great.  I’m feeling really positive.  Most fears and concerns are far in the back of my mind now.  It helps that I can feel her every move and if it slows down I can go to the hospital and they can take care of things.  She will survive if she has to come out.  She is going to arrive to my arms alive and well!

No we haven’t chosen a name.  I am more open about my names this time.  With Isaac I kept it a secret because when you’re a mom deciding on names, people feel like they can give you their opinions on them.  It’s really frustrating and annoying to hear negative things about a name you like.  I don’t care if so and so in YOUR high school was a total snob or if the name I like reminds you of your trip to the zoo because that was name of the monkey who threw poop at you.  Don’t care at all.  This time I am letting people know a few of our ideas but I’m going to need to see her little face to settle on anything.  Silas and Issac are very helpful with coming up with ideas :).

Anyway, now that I’ve gotten over procrastinating about blogging again, I’m going to get over procrastinating about a few other things!  I’m only going to get larger and she will be here before we know it!  Gotta get moving!!

another picture of her amazing fabric.
another picture of her amazing fabric.



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