Inspirational Memes Are Trying To Kill Us All

I need to talk about something and I don’t think I am alone here. If I am, this blog is going to look very peculiar to you…so my apologies. So, you know those inspirational memes people share around? You know, the ones with the calming backgrounds and the trendy fonts? They stress. me. the. hell.… Continue reading Inspirational Memes Are Trying To Kill Us All

Strange Happenings

Ikey on a run with me. He is actually an amazing running buddy.

There have been stttrrrrannnggeee happenings in my house as of late.  What started of with me getting a bout of OCD when it came to cleanliness (which has now found some balance) has turned into a lot more.  Of course I’ve been exercising and eating well despite the fact that losing one pound takes a… Continue reading Strange Happenings

bad bevahior…it’s my fault

**Lets pretend I named this “Negative Behavior…it’s my fault” just cuz I think that’s better** I think it’s after a blog where I comment on how lovely and behaved my children are where they decide to act out.  It’s usually my fault. Like when my child goes back to neurosensory integration for the first time… Continue reading bad bevahior…it’s my fault

Making a Person

There have been many people that have witnessed me saying that there’s no way I would ever ever ever have a baby again.  There’s also been blogs about how I feel like I can’t because Silas took up so much of our lives and that I was scared we would make someone else with autism.… Continue reading Making a Person

Best. Compliment. Ever.

“Mommy, when I was just a little seed I made a wish.  I wished that I would have a mommy just like you.” – Silas   That’s what Silas said to me in the health food store yesterday.  If it hadn’t been immediately tainted by the red-headed teller that can’t tell Vitamin C from liquid… Continue reading Best. Compliment. Ever.

The “Non Verbal” Speech Contest Finalist

The people who diagnose your child with autism have all these tests and forms and things to fill out.  They ask you a million question and somehow your answer becomes and number.  Then they have a chart to see where your child lands developmentally.  Typical, delayed and “retarded”….that’s what the doctor called it.  There was… Continue reading The “Non Verbal” Speech Contest Finalist


Most of you know this about me.  But I have a very very very hard time getting the motivation to clean.  It’s this weird mental block that would only be described as poorly firing neurons in my brain.  Because it’s one of those brick walls I hit all the time. Now that I’m feeling all… Continue reading Order

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Hey folks!!  Since I appreciate and love you all so much, I thought I would host a giveaway!! I’m offering a $20 itunes gift card!!  Now you can buy every kind of Angry Birds there is out there, or perhaps a few of your favourite albums! All you need to do is “Like” my facebook… Continue reading GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Einstein Knew his S#it

Since coming off these drugs, I feel a bit pressured to take more control of my life, to make my own happiness, to live up to my potential.  To not let my brain take me down again. I don’t talk about this terribly much, partially because I’ve never gone and gotten a real, live diagnosis… Continue reading Einstein Knew his S#it

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In a Fog

Oh psychostemic drugs.  You don’t like being told to go. I’m on day two of cutting my Cipralex down to 1/4 and taking one every other day.  Day 2 is where I feel super foggy and able to cry on command.  This is definitely a journey. Those crazy tingles that go shooting through my body,… Continue reading In a Fog

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Our Autism Story Part III

It’s been a long time since writing about our story.  You can find part I and II up top under “Silas’ Story”. Time went on and Silas’ few words that he had started speaking never turned in to more words.  I kept waiting for him to talk to me but it just wasn’t happening. When… Continue reading Our Autism Story Part III

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