Best. Compliment. Ever.

“Mommy, when I was just a little seed I made a wish.  I wished that I would have a mommy just like you.” – Silas


That’s what Silas said to me in the health food store yesterday.  If it hadn’t been immediately tainted by the red-headed teller that can’t tell Vitamin C from liquid cal/mag.  I was mid-melting into a puddle on the floor when she said “just wait until he’s a teenager…muahahahahahaha…I’m so funny and clever…hahaha…I’m so hilarious for saying that…hahaha…omg I can’t wait to tell my friends how hilarious I am.”  Okay she only said the first part and then laughed like that.  It was annoying.  I wanted to remind her of the time I was looking for trace minerals and she was all like “can I help you” and I was like “ya I need these minerals, I forget exactly what they’re called” and she said “oh” and walked away.  But anyway, that’s not the point of the story.  I told her that I was still very affectionate (kind of like a cat…I’ll snuggle with you but then I’ll cut you when you least expect it) toward my parents as a teenager.  I even gave my step dad hugs in the hall at school (he was my teacher).  Of course that was usually followed by puppy dog eyes and me asking for money for poutine.  OK I DID give him hugs for no reason too.

Once I got back into my car I continued my puddling and now I feel like someone should soak me up with a sponge and help me get back to reality.  I’m pretty sure any compliment I’ve ever gotten in my life has now been trumped…times 1000.  *sigh*

The best part about it comes from me hearing that with the doctors words in my ear “your son is non-verbal, he probably will never fully speak.”

It just made my entire week.

The “non-verbal” child also does dishes when he really wants a new iphone app.




  1. love your blog and I love this!! How sweet! I would have melted. My son was JUST diagnosed, he’s only 18 months old and has no words right now. I hope and pray every day he will speak like your son has. 🙂 Hugs!

  2. That really is the best compliment ever — and especially miraculous considering who it came from! And you are a great Mom, from all I can tell from here!

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