Autism and the Sixth Sense

Alright, controversial subject time.  I might make some readers uncomfortable with this and others will get totally into it.

No, I don’t think my son sees dead people…

This morning Silas was mad at me because I told him he couldn’t have his iphone for the rest of the day because he hit Isaac.  He’s sitting behind me on the step, being grouchy, while I’m making his lunch for school.  I’m having an internal dialogue happening and I thought man, I should just give it back to him.  (Bad idea, I know, I never give in to that stuff unless they REALLY deserve it.)  Right after thinking that, Silas said “Mom I know you said you should give it back to me”.


I told him I didn’t say anything and then he said “I can hear all your words, even the ones you don’t say.”

So….like…..all the blood is rushing from my face now and I’m feeling a little light-headed.  Also feeling slightly proud because I think stuff like this is really cool.  But he actually REALLY creeped me out there.

Truth is, he does that….sometimes.  He will answer my questions that I’m thinking but only if it’s something that REALLY has to do with him.  I might be thinking “Maybe I should take the boys to the park today” and he will reply “yes mom, let’s go to the park today”.  It just doesn’t happen that often.

Another time, when he was about three, we were getting him ready to go to preschool when he walked over to his chalk board and wrote Sirus on it.  I thought he was just playing with his name but later that day, Isaac and I were in Chapters and I met a mom with a son named Sirus.  Freaky stuff.

There’s actually some books written on this subject.  Some people believe that kids with autism are Crystal Children or Indigo Children….which is this new generation of people who have special gifts.  They think that all these children with autism are more being “sent” to earth than there really being an accidental epidemic.  That’s, of course, another person’s idea and not my own.

I definitely have some friends with kids who are like this, not always kids with autism but “spirited” or “gifted” children.  I’m very interested to have other parents and other people with autism/aspergers to chime in here and let me know if you’ve some crazy 6th sense experiences.  I know I sure have, myself, especially when I was a kid.

I’m definitely a believer in these things, it’s hard to deny it when it happens right in front of your face like that….or spending an evening watching Long Island Medium (she’s cray cray)

Autism…you’re an interesting thing.



  1. Not weird at all to me because I have a sixth sense that just gets stronger as I get older. My son with autism hasn’t shown any signs. But my younger son who has just a tiny bit of autism, not enough to be diagnosed, sometimes does. He’ll say things out of the blue.

  2. Thanks for noting this.

    I’m an adult Aspie, and have that sixth sense that I cannot explain. It’s not constant. Most say it is coincidence. but due to unusual details, it is beyond that and there really must be a scientific explanation behind it.

    Please keep telling about your observations. I just feel like it will be very important to have these kinds of journals in the future. For the children.

  3. My son who is six years seems to know things before they happen. He has done this a couple of times, probably more, but in the past I just put it down to coincidence. Now, I have started paying more attention to it.

    Twice when one of his teachers was supposed to come home, he indicated to us that the teacher was not coming because she was sick. Lo and behold, I check my email after the time passed for the teacher to come, and there was an email from the teacher saying that she was not coming and that she was sick.

    Another time, he told his father to buy a clock in Target, which his father did not buy, as we already had a clock at home. Three days later, the clock stopped working and we had to but a clock. We chose the one he had told us to buy.

  4. Even though she’s going to get tested for sure, she’s has played with a boy named Craig or Greg when she was 3 during the witching hours and the creepiest thing was when her dad and I went where her grandpa is buried and asked us why there was a lady there when we were the only ones there.

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