Strange Happenings

Ikey on a run with me. He is actually an amazing running buddy.

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There have been stttrrrrannnggeee happenings in my house as of late.  What started of with me getting a bout of OCD when it came to cleanliness (which has now found some balance) has turned into a lot more.  Of course I’ve been exercising and eating well despite the fact that losing one pound takes a billion times longer than it did 5 years ago.  I’m sticking to it.

But more happenings came about.  My husband quit smoking!!  If that isn’t exciting enough, one day I was a tad worried that his smoking habit was going to be replaced with beer so I suggested he start going to bootcamp and he DID.

My husband is on a TOTAL health kick with me.  Right now I’m munching on salad that he has prepared and does prepare a few times a week to keep in a big bowl for lunches.  Of course he loses weight much faster but he still weighs more than me and that makes me happy.  But this is a man who never brought lunches to work…I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him make his own lunch.  It’s so nifty to see him chopping up vegetables for a salad.  It’s also funny that he thought my quinoa beef stroganoff (that was TOTALLY healthy) was a “treat” and “unhealthy”….I think because it was so creamy….

There’s this weird new air of responsibility like we’ve maybe actually grown up.  Like the kitchen gets cleaned like it should and we do things like….pay bills on time.  Neat stuff like that.  I really am quite enjoying it immensely.

It’s also funny to see Brent grunting on the living room floor whilst doing various exercises.  I never thought I’d see that man in child’s pose.

I’m enjoying hearing all these “health tips” he has been learning…except I knew them like 5 years ago and told him once before.  People just need to learn on their own time and I’m enjoying the “learning” experience he’s providing.  And his willingness to munch down kale and say “mmmmm”.

We are even really trying to communicate better.  With a recent eye opener that even the most perfect looking couples can get a divorce, we’ve been terrified into it and we are just doing it.  There have been MANY growing pains in all of this but it’s working and we are working and it’s crazy how much better we all are for it.

Yes, our home is a very healthy place, even Isaac is on board and went through an awful time when his terrible mother put a bit of chocolate syrup into his banana smoothie.  He was very upset because he wants to be healthy.  He’s also very wary of sugar.  I smell an overachiever in the making….not my fault.

Anyway, my personal healthy journey is going well.  I have good weeks and bad weeks but I’m consistently walking during the weekday and I’ve now realized that it’s definitely a habit.  I crave it, I need it, I feel terrible without it.  I usually try to get something in on the weekends too because by Sunday evening I’m not in the best state of mind if I’ve been lazy.  I really started this all FOR my mental health and oh boy has it helped.  Eating well and exercise are seriously 100 times better than a pill when it comes to depression.

Weight still wants to stay on me but not as badly as it did before.  It was really starting to fall off and then I guess I worked too hard and my body didn’t like it.  I ran 6 K which is double what I had been running and I had a bit of a cold.  The bit of a cold turned into a lot of a cold and I had a hard time shaking it.  Now that it’s gone, I feel a bit behind and I am back to just walking really fast and running hills.  Cleo was out of commission for a long time due to a mystery illness and so she’s not back in running form either.  Annoying.

I’m happy about this place we are all in.  It doesn’t feel like we are just on a high, it feels like we have created some amazing habits and REALLY laying down the foundation for a super successful marriage and life.  Who knew I would grow up so much when I turned 30?






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