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Making a Person

There have been many people that have witnessed me saying that there’s no way I would ever ever ever have a baby again.  There’s also been blogs about how I feel like I can’t because Silas took up so much of our lives and that I was scared we would make someone else with autism. […]

The One That Got Away

For the last year and a bit I’ve had a trusty IUD hanging out in my uteris, stopping any “invaders” from getting at my eggs.  It worked beautifully, as beautifully as I could have hoped.  Birth control, the oral kind, turns me in to a crazy person and all the other options sounded not so […]

Finally, Some Answers

I’m part into my book So I’m Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?  It’ll a book for adults with ADD or ADHD that have been recently diagnosed.  It’s really cool and I’m learning a lot.  (My goodness I just got home and my husband is watch Honey…ha ha ha…for the second time HA HA HA)  I’ve […]

Stupid IUD

So much for stupid IUD’s. No one told me they cost like 300 bucks. Poo on that. I stepped on the scale and realized that I have lost more weight. It even went to this month’s goal weight for 1/2 a second but then back up to 170. I guess I am still losing so […]

Don’t Worry, I’m Happy!

Isaac is completely delicious today.  He was in his bouncy chair giggling to himself this morning.  He’s such an easy little muffin.  I just put him on his tummy for tummy time and he’s just laying there all relaxed.  He’s falling asleep.  K he was falling asleep.  He’s stirring now.  I really couldn’t have asked […]