A Vent and A Challenge

I’m going through this phase in my life where I’m getting really sick of our American culture. It’s so much about consuming. Consuming food, consuming “must have” clothes and products, self medicating through consuming. Buy buy buy and then buy some more because what you first bought isn’t good enough anymore. I especially have trouble… Continue reading A Vent and A Challenge


I have a sensory experience that I’ve set up for you all. This requires no tools and you’ll actually get to SMELL Isaac. Who’s excited? Let’s begin: take a finger and insert it into your belly button, now move it around and create some friction for some heat. Do this for about and minute and… Continue reading Mung

Who Are You People?

I love 2″ faux wood blinds, they’re beautiful.  They’re nestled perfectly into my windows now, blocking out the sun and the people who’ve been spying on me while I’ve been nursing these past 20 days.  Issac is happily munching on my right boob and I have a little bowl of Oreo ice cream that I’m… Continue reading Who Are You People?

My Kids Hate Me

Well, another day here in our new home and I’m loving it here!!  It’s so much cooler living near the ground!!  We need new blinds pronto though.  There’s nothing on our sliding glass doors and it freaks me out when I’m nursing at night.  I’m too scared to turn the TV on because then someone… Continue reading My Kids Hate Me

Breastfeeding Frustrations

Ok so anyone else have a baby who gets milk streaming out of his nose when breastfeeding?  Yes, streaming.  Like it’s going in his mouth and then straight out his nose.  And no, he’s not laughing.  I do have a tendancy to have things come out of my nose.  Especially when I’m with Courtenay.  She’s… Continue reading Breastfeeding Frustrations

I Do It

Wow, a vocabulary breakthrough has happened this morning. Silas just put his own sentence together using his own understanding of the English language. He said “I do it” when he wanted to feed himself. Everything is covered in oatmeal as a result. I’m so happy that he’s starting to use sentences. So exciting. Yesterday he… Continue reading I Do It

Don’t Worry, I’m Happy!

Isaac is completely delicious today.  He was in his bouncy chair giggling to himself this morning.  He’s such an easy little muffin.  I just put him on his tummy for tummy time and he’s just laying there all relaxed.  He’s falling asleep.  K he was falling asleep.  He’s stirring now.  I really couldn’t have asked… Continue reading Don’t Worry, I’m Happy!

Oh Hormones

Yesterday those silly hormones hit me.  Not too hard, not like when I had Silas.  I was feeling anxiety though and that just sucks.  I only cried a little.  I’m already getting a little companied out right now. We had the morning to ourselves today and it was quite nice.  Silas woke up before Isaac… Continue reading Oh Hormones

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