I’m Famous??

The other day I gathered my courage and stepped on the scale.  I haven’t been a good eater lately I must confess.  When there’s this much chaos in my life I have a hard time staying controlled in all areas.  So I’ve been eating poorly.  I was very surprised when I stepped on the scale though, I’ve still lost about 6 pounds in the past few weeks putting me at a (whopping) 166 pounds.  Woooot….the 160’s feel better than the 170’s.  Why the heck did I still lose weight?  I’ve heard a lot lately about the stress hormone cortisol that makes you fat when you’re stressed.  I was VERY stressed the last little while and moving to my house released a lot of that.  I knew I had a better metabolism than what was going on…I just knew it.

Isaac has been giggling.  It’s wonderful.  I actually worked myself breathless and sweaty yesterday just to squeeze out some of those WONDERFUL giggles, they make my heart go pitter patty pat pat.  I love it.

Here’s a story for you, you’ll like this.  Remember my excess in nipples? And remember how they’re going to be in a documentary?  Well, I recorded my bit, lactation and all and uploaded it onto their server and I never actually thought to ask how this documentary will be broadcast.  I just thought it was a little thing just for fun, perhaps for a contest?  Well how wrong am I?  Apparently it’s going to be shown on Channel4 in the UK.  One of their more popular stations.  HAH.  Oops.  I guess now a lot of people are going to be watching my extra nipple lactate when I say “mmmm”  yes, I said “mmmm” in the film.  Ha ha.  Could it really be any more funny than that?  I had a hard time believing it all but I’ve seen photos of them filming and some footage now so I guess I have to believe it all.  I guess I’m famous soon.  If I ever go to the UK I’ll have a bunch of people coming up to me asking me to make my nipple lactate.  I don’t quite know weather to cry or laugh.  I think I wanna do both because it’s all pretty freaking cool.  I can’t wait to tell my doctor.  I can’t wait to see it.  Here’s a clip for you to view of some dude, I think he’s a politician.  It makes me giggle when he says mammary.

Anyway, today we’re doing some organizing.  I guess I should hop to it then.  Ooooo Jill is coming to visit tomorrow and I’m REALLY excited!


  1. Wow, as if having extra nipples weren’t interesting enough as a story you have now been contacted through your blog to appear on a doco. Aaaamazing. If nothing else ever happens in you life you have the best dinner party story right there.

  2. well they aren’t really BOOBS persay. Just little nubbins..they look like moles. I was at a party last night and showed them to a room full of strangers who looked at me like I was nuts.

  3. Wait a minute – are you saying the lactating one lactates when you say “Mmmm”? And do the other as well? And do you show that on air?

    I participated on a little documentary on extended breastfeeding when my son was 2.5 years old. I nursed him on air, discretely as usual, but still nursing. It was only shown provincially, in Ontario, and I still get comments on it. You are going to be Famous! In the UK anyway.

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