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I got a little excited yesterday. I was trying to figure out how to make my dragon tree sprout more branches and whatnot and I got into pruning and then I just went a bit scissor crazy on my house plants. I’m so excited though. I love caring for my houseplants and actually they love me a lot too. I’m excited about all the things i learned I can do with my dragon tree…I’m going to make it look COOL. I pretty much spent my entire afternoon researching how to properly prune stuff. I only cut one branch off my rubber tree to make sure it was all true. I really should cut it back a bit more. Jennie…let me at yours!! I need to do a bunch of re-potting which means I’ll have a bunch of beautiful empty pots so I’m going to HAVE to buy some more plants to fill them 🙂 Brent will be thrilled I’m sure. I’m slightly in love with my house plants and I stare at them a lot. I bought all of them really small because I want to be the one who grows them big. *sigh* wonderous houseplants. It’s funny because so many people kill theirs. I hardly water mine and I think that’s the key, most people over-water. Under-watering is actually better than over-watering. Roselle….go buy yourself a plant!! Caring for my plants actually gives me an endorphin rush.

Not much to say. I had a million things in mind but I also have photos that I’ve been wanting to share. Not much else is new. Isaac still sucks at nursing and Silas is still talking more and more every day. He’s been ending every sentence with “Silas” now for some reason. It’s very cute. Last night he was singing all of the words to Lullaby by Josh Groban and Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Brent and I both got teary. It’s such a beautiful song and hearing Silas sing it is just so wonderful. My little artistic boy, just like Mommy. I think the rest of this will be filled with photos. Enjoy!


I gave Lucas a haircut and he cried the whole time. I had to style fun too. Like my blue wall?


I was trying to get a photo of Ike and I all smushy and happy but he just cried.


I let Silas hold Isaac yesterday and he wouldn’t let me take Isaac back. Eventually Ike was crying a lot so I had to and Silas freaked out. He loves his brother.


Isaac looks so comfy…ha ha


New dining room color. It’s not dark enough


pretty blinds


and my pretty blue wall!


  1. your sons are adorable. btw, that blue wall IS amazing. it’s similar to our bedroom color.. but ours is more of a periwinkle. gotta love blue walls. they are so soothing and any type of furniture looks good next to it.

  2. Oh Leah you’re just hinting for me to get rid of my silk plant, aren’t you? The blue wall is quite fabulous looking, but not as fab as those darling boys.

  3. Too many times I hear siblings fighting like cats and dogs. It’s good to hear your children love each other.

    I seriously love that colour blue. What would you call it?

    I’m going to sound like a newbie here, but who is Lucas and the woman holding him? Is it your sister-in-law?

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