Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen Things about Pluckymama

Thirteen things I want to be when I grow up

1. A rock star

When is someone going to discover me? I did get to sing a few times with Brian Doerkson but he never got me signed ( I guess he’s also not a rock star…but a star non the less). One day though…one day.

2. I’d like to be a nutritional consultant

Helping people lose weight would be an amazing feeling. I just want everyone to be healthy.

3. I’d like to be a house flipper

It just looks cool and I’m super interested in it.

4. I’d like to be a church secretary

I have a weird thing for office supplies. I think I’d made a really good secretary…a church setting wouldn’t be terribly stressful.

5. I’d like to be the owner of a coffee house

With my ability to make good food and my snobbiness about a good cup of joe, I think I could have a pretty cool coffee house. Plus I just think I’m smart enough to make it all work.

6. I’d like to be a restaurant critic.

I’m getting a pretty good palate and I think I’d be a good strong critic. Plus I like eating food so much that I’d really enjoy it. PLUS I love it when people listen to my opinion….doesn’t everyone like that though?

7. A hairdresser

I’ve already been this but I guess I should put it in here. I need to still give it a fair chance. My last experience sucked so bad that I’m turned off of it. But I’m good at hairdressing and I do enjoy the quick gratification I get from the job.

8. An animal trainer.

I’d love to work with animals for a living. Any animal would do. I think sea animals would be best because I’m allergic to most fuzzy things.

9. An abused animal saver person

I’d love to rescue animals and rehabilitate them so they can be part of a loving family

10. A vocal teacher

I actually and pretty qualified to do this already. I’d be doing it now but can’t play piano and I refuse to teach lessons without being able to sight read on the piano. Some teachers don’t and it’s weird. Dangit, shoulda taken those lessons more seriously.

11. A nurse

Now not just any old nurse (icky). I’d like to either work in the NICU, or that lady at the doctors office who gets to burn off warts and rinse the wax out of people ears. Too much fun.

12. A counselor

Helping people deal with their problems is something I enjoy. I have a wide understanding of depression because I’ve been there a lot. I think I’d make a good counselor, too bad you have to like…do university.

13. A music video director

Ya I think I’d rock at this, plus it would be too much fun.


  1. Very nice list.

    I have to tell you, however, Flipping isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sounds cool, but in reality? Not so fun.

    I’d love to be a counselor, too, but I’m so not all about going to school for the rest of my life first.

  2. Interesting list…but a NICU nurse? I personally couldn’t stick needles into 1ish lb baby heads. Or watch little babies die. Too hard, too hard.
    Where are you today? Tried to call…

  3. I dunno, I’d just like to care for them and enjoy the one’s that succeed. I’d never ACUTALLY be a nurse. I’d have to re-do highschool and no thanks.

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