I have a sensory experience that I’ve set up for you all. This requires no tools and you’ll actually get to SMELL Isaac. Who’s excited? Let’s begin: take a finger and insert it into your belly button, now move it around and create some friction for some heat. Do this for about and minute and then dislodge your finger from your belly button. Now bring your finger to your nose and take a good wiff. (I know you’ve all done this before, smelling your finger more than once.) There, now you know that Isaac’s folds smell like today. Don’t you feel closer to us now? You can get the same results by fondling a earring that’s been in your ear for a while. My husband named this smell “mung”. Isaac smells like mung in his crusty folds. I think it’s time for a bath. Isaac is also especially sweaty today and I hate burping him against me because his sweaty hair touches my face and it feels like a gross sweaty hug from a baby, which it is in fact. I’d prefer a non sweaty baby hug.

Silas was mad that I took my cell phone away from him yesterday. He was talking to “Grandma”. He paced the house and yard for a good 45 minutes yesterday talking to Grandma on the phone. I got a text message from Jules and I wanted to read it and he was FURIOUS. He smacked Isaac SUPER hard in the face and Isaac was very upset, he didn’t breathe for a while. I took Silas to his crib right away for a time out and raced downstairs to comfort Isaac who, from being incredibly upset, threw up all of his lunch on me. It went down in my bra and all over him. I had to just sit there, in the stink of the vomit, and hold him to calm him down. I was thinking to myself at the time “this is what being a mother is, cuddling your child in their own vomit while they attempt to calm down”. In a way, it’s slightly beautiful…in a way. I was extremely upset with Silas and I made him play in his room until Brent came home. I was rescuing him from myself because I was so very angry with him. We’ve come miles with the hitting thing and it only happens when he’s super mad. This was SUCH a loud smack. I think I wouldn’t have been so mad if it didn’t make Isaac hurl a load in my bra making me change into a horribly uncomfortable bra and then try and continue to nurse a fussy baby with under-wire digging into me and a load of sweat colaberatively pooling between us. Silas was very happy to see Daddy come home and be rescued from his room.

I now have a confession to make. This entry seems to be on a track of grossness and badness so I might as well confess something that should be confessed for the sanity of other mothers who believe corporal punishment is wrong. I got Silas to, for the most part, stop kicking me during his diaper change. I’ve tried EVERYTHING and I was tired of being beaten and bruised by his little club feet that attack me with every change. So I did it, I pinched him, right on the back of his leg and then I did it again when he kicked me again. It didn’t take him long to figure it out and he’s mainly stopped. So sue me. I know my sisters wanna barf all over the floor at me right now because of past experiences of being pinched under tables. I figured this was better than a smack, he didn’t actually visually see me do anything and it wasn’t dreadfully hard. Enough excuses though, as wrong as it might have been, he doesn’t kick me anymore and I actually don’t feel that guilty. Don’t try and talk me into believing it wasn’t wrong as I still think it is. I’m weak just as everyone else is. I just promise I wont carry it into the rest of our behavior learning experiences, I just needed the kicking to stop as it hurt so damn bad.

A big thank you to the commenter’s from yesterday. Although I know there’s WAY more readers that read from Facebook. You don’t have to fess up though. If you want to secretly indulge in the daily going-on’s of that which is me, then go ahead. Perverts. JOKING!! No I really don’t care. I love it that people read and take interest. I LOVE writing and journaling. When I write in my journal I always think of people who will one day read it and so this is a better experience because people are actually reading it. I would be as honest here as I am in my journal but I do have in-laws, parents, step-parents, grandparents etc that read and I’m sure they’d rather me NOT be terribly honest. They’re a lot of my reason for writing so there. Anyway, there you go, onto other things that a housewife should be doing…like actually cleaning.

ps someone got to my blog yesterday by googling “butt rocker” what the heck people?


  1. I can imagine how awful the Silas hit Isaac thing was, poor Isaac he really didn’t know what hit him. Those are the kinda things that little kids do , you know what we’ve said about Isabelle, she’s pretty much out of that now though. Silas feels loved by you so don’t worry about the pinches, he also will learn from that .

  2. I’m actually not anti-corporal punishment. And I don’t believe the pinch was bad. So, no bad opinions from me. I’m just very very surprised, it coming from you and all. Love love.

  3. Hey you!
    Well first, and foremost good for you for admitting to us all that you did something that you still have guilt about! That is a huge thing!
    Secondly, I really don’t think you did anything wrong, and I think ANY other mom in your position would have done a similar thing.You tried every other avenue before resorting to the pinch aswell, you didn’t react on an impulse. Good job!
    Ireland has had similar stages and it is very very hard to deal with a defiant toddler who just doesnt care how much you say “NO” or how much you yell “NO” or even how much time they spend in a time out! haha
    Well, thats my opinion, not trying to make you feel like it is ok, like you said, but I hear ya, and thanks for speaking up!:)
    P.S. All the stuff about Isaac was so funny and cute! (I totally hear ya on the belly button smell, totally the same as a breast-fed baby’s neck rolls after a few days in the hot sun!!:) hahahaha) EWWW
    And poor Isaac aswell, actually poor you to have to witness that! Oh, how I am trying my darndest to prepare for the madness of two!! HAHA! Anyways, sorry such a long comment,
    Luv ya!

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