Stay Like This

I love your beautiful cheeks, they get so darn rosy. I press them against mine and hold you tightly and rock back and forth. The flood of warmth fills my core and I feel painfully and intoxicatingly in love with you. Gosh it hurts. I love your eyes, how they look so much like mine… Continue reading Stay Like This

Thursday Thirteen #12

mysteries of motherhood The little socks always lose their pairs, I swear there’s a sock fairy that come and takes them. Kids will gobble up something one day and then decide it’s disgusting the next day, what’s up with that? Okay, your diaper is leaking poop…but the carpet is brown… I used to have like… Continue reading Thursday Thirteen #12

My Fat, Fat Isaac

I’m a little late on writing the blog today.  Isaac had a good, long nurse and fell asleep.  I didn’t want to put him down after.  It’s so nice to kiss a baby’s lips when they’re sleeping.  Their breath smells so sweet and their lips and all soft and squishy.  I swear my kids both… Continue reading My Fat, Fat Isaac

A Bunch of Stuff

Wow, Silas’ birthday party is next week!!  I’m so excited.  It’s just going to be very small this year, just family pretty much.  I can’t handle a crowd, I just don’t wanna.  But feel free to still buy him pressies or send money…ha ha!! It’s been slightly exhausting trying to avoid wheat, oats, milk and… Continue reading A Bunch of Stuff


Another morning, me in my PJ’s drinking my twice (or three times) re-heated cup of coffee, blogging away. I’m the bearer of good and bad news this morning, that’s why I’m writing early, I just need to talk about stuff. Last night Silas and I made this video. I wasn’t expecting it to turn out… Continue reading Apples?

Dearest Isaac

Oh my Ikey darling, how your frustrate me so.  With your “special” whine and your aversion to my bosoms.  You cry whenever I leave your sight and you insist on sleeping with me at night, you wouldn’t have it any other way.  Oh Isaac, you’ve been constantly drooling and pooping these past few weeks.  Your… Continue reading Dearest Isaac

Leah The Nugget

I have this problem and I really don’t know how to make it better.  It’s a major major flaw that I have a hard time even wanting to change.  I never ever ever get out.  I seriously can be locked in my house for a week and hardly notice that I haven’t left.  Once I… Continue reading Leah The Nugget

The Universe Conspires

Just when I’d had enough, when I thought not much more could really go wrong, the Universe decided to throw another one at me. I had just exited my kitchen on my way to lay on the couch with Isaac and nurse him when the Universe grabbed my foot and placed it ever so perfectly… Continue reading The Universe Conspires


My sister Jennie was able to capture some wonderful videos of my psycho child Silas this Sunday. This first one is of Silas singing his good morning song which is the same tune as “Happy Birthday”. We had just sung Happy Birthday to my niece Ali so Silas decided to continue singing for her. This… Continue reading Videos!!

I Don’t Wanna Be a Mommy Today.

I hate mess but I can’t stop creating it, it’s driving me crazy.  My brain gets fuzzy and things are so off, when my world isn’t in order.  But I can never actually seem to create order.  Once I get everything back in place I forget to keep it that way.  I leave coffee cups… Continue reading I Don’t Wanna Be a Mommy Today.

The Results Are In And….

… the lactation consultant had no idea what to say other than I shouldn’t feed him longer than 30 minutes because it’ll just keep my milk supply up high and he wont be getting much after that anyway.  She was nice though and Ikey thought that she was funny.  This week I chart chart chart… Continue reading The Results Are In And….

Pent Up

The past few days I’ve been feeling kind of pent up.  It’s a weird feeling, like I wanted to freak out all over the place.  I eventually gave into last night and just got really hyper…manic much??  *sigh* it was another one of those flashback thingies I’ve been getting, almost like that part of my… Continue reading Pent Up

I Should Be Cleaning and Not Writing So Much!!

Holy cow it’s 3:30 and I haven’t blogged. I was letting Ikey slurp away at my bossoms while talking for hours on the phone with Jill. We hadn’t had a good, long phone call in a while. It was much needed. Ikey sucked for over an hour, but there wasn’t much milk. He hardly ate… Continue reading I Should Be Cleaning and Not Writing So Much!!