How To: Keep Things Peanut Free For Someone With an Allergy

I must admit something, I avoid birthday parties when it comes to Silas.  When people invite him the first thing I think about is the peanut allergy….I usually go so far as to rudely ignore the RSVP and just say nothing.  It’s hard to be honest about this one because I feel extremely shameful about… Continue reading How To: Keep Things Peanut Free For Someone With an Allergy

Excuse Me While I Go Purge My Supper

I live in townhouses, it seems to me that people get more nosy when you live in a townhouse.  I have this one neighbour two doors down that I find to be particularly nosy.  Her child was the one who I removed my children from because him and two other boys were playing “shoot the… Continue reading Excuse Me While I Go Purge My Supper


Well, another lesson learned in not getting your hopes up too high.  Silas’ back is covered in hives from his peanut allergy test.  His allergy is worse than it was a year and a bit ago.  I guess we’re just really really good at keeping him safe. The doc said to not come back for… Continue reading Shucks…

Titles are for People Who Don’t Have To Think of One Every Stinking DAY!!

So Silas has his appointment with the ped to see whether or not he’s on any spectrum. Any parents with kids on the spectrum that could give me hints on how to prepare and conduct myself during that initial appointment? Part of me almost wants him to be on it. It wouldn’t change him but… Continue reading Titles are for People Who Don’t Have To Think of One Every Stinking DAY!!

Medic Alert

We got Silas’ Medic Alert bracelet yesterday. What an odd thing to see on my own little darling’s hand but I think it’s necessary. I wasn’t going to get one just yet but the parents on the allergy board made a very good point. I thought I was with Silas all the time so he… Continue reading Medic Alert

Great Trip

Well, we are back to the grind after a lovely May Long Weekend at my parent’s house.  Gosh, it’s so stinking beautiful out there.  So quiet and the air smells so nice.  It still feels like home to me. My parents were AMAZING in making their house 100% peanut free for us.  They just took… Continue reading Great Trip

Thursday Thirteen #12

mysteries of motherhood The little socks always lose their pairs, I swear there’s a sock fairy that come and takes them. Kids will gobble up something one day and then decide it’s disgusting the next day, what’s up with that? Okay, your diaper is leaking poop…but the carpet is brown… I used to have like… Continue reading Thursday Thirteen #12


Another morning, me in my PJ’s drinking my twice (or three times) re-heated cup of coffee, blogging away. I’m the bearer of good and bad news this morning, that’s why I’m writing early, I just need to talk about stuff. Last night Silas and I made this video. I wasn’t expecting it to turn out… Continue reading Apples?

Ikey Is 5 Months Old!

Ikey Okie Oh is 5 whole months old today.  Man, time goes by fast with baby #1 but with #2 it’s like WAAAAYYY faster.  Because time is already going fast with #1!  I really can’t believe we’re at 5 months.  One more month and we’re half way done this whole baby thing.  What a bitter… Continue reading Ikey Is 5 Months Old!

The Universe Conspires

Just when I’d had enough, when I thought not much more could really go wrong, the Universe decided to throw another one at me. I had just exited my kitchen on my way to lay on the couch with Isaac and nurse him when the Universe grabbed my foot and placed it ever so perfectly… Continue reading The Universe Conspires

So I Drank About It

Man, yesterday I WANTED to be writing about how my cutie pie Ikey rolled over and is starting to reach for things now.  The bad news got the best of me.  I ended up drinking about it and I’m not feeling too hot today.  What an awful way to cope, seriously, I thought people did… Continue reading So I Drank About It