Another morning, me in my PJ’s drinking my twice (or three times) re-heated cup of coffee, blogging away. I’m the bearer of good and bad news this morning, that’s why I’m writing early, I just need to talk about stuff.

Last night Silas and I made this video. I wasn’t expecting it to turn out so well. It was originally just a video message on Facebook but then Silas performed so well so I got it on You Tube. He knows all of those songs in their entirety but he was getting distracted. I swear he’s a genius…ha ha.

You can see the whole time that he’s asking for juice as he’s sucking on my empty juice box (thanks inlaws!) and so right afterwards I gave him a box of apple juice. Upon finishing his delightful treat he began pawing at his neck and pulling at his shirt. I noticed he was having another allergic reaction. I took off his shirt and before it was all over he had hives down his tummy and back. He was scratching madly and the places he scratched too hard were bright red and puffy. I called Sun-Rype and left a message and hopefully they’ll get back to me. I just wanna see what kind of apples they use and what form of vitamin C they put in the juice as well.

I’m feeling like this whole food allergy thing is getting out of control. It’s snowballing. Like apple?? Who’s allergic to apples? I was kinda reading about it last night and a lot of people who are allergic to apples are around birch trees a lot…or something…I was having ADD moments when trying to read about that. But like, he’s been drinking juice blends for soooo long. I don’t give him straight juice often unless it’s in a juice box. I just put a few tablespoons of juice in water for him and he thinks it’s great. But those juice blends have apples in them. He had apple sauce just last week. He used to eat apple sauce all of the time. This is so dumb!!

So those of you who know him, don’t feed him apple anything, peanuts, Ikea french fries, or BBQ sauce. So pretty much…no fun.

On a happier note, Isaac is getting verrrry good at sleeping. Last night he slept from about 10 to 6:30, had a little nurse and then started to flail his arms about so I put him right back to bed. He was talking to himself in there for a while but I was able to fall back asleep, he woke me up once his little bed party was getting a unruly and I came in a rolled (not flipped) him onto his fat little tum tums and he slept until 10!! He didn’t stay awake long. We nursed at about 10:30 and now he’s back in bed. Yay for sleeping. He’s really loving his own bed. He’s all like “you mean I don’t have to sleep pressed against your body? RIGHT ON!!”. I guess cuddling asleep or not is out of the question for that boy. I did give him some Tylenol before bed because he was still awake at 9:30 and crying and luckily he didn’t throw up, just choked and gagged. Poor kiddo.

Silas is having a temper tantrum because he wants more cookies. “I some more cooooookies”. He’s on the kitchen floor crying now. Gotta love it. I’m eating his unloved eggs and saying “mmmmmm” to try and get him to eat them…no dice.

PS leave some comments already, I’m feeling neglected.




  1. This video is too precious for words, so I’m sitting here smiling and my heart is warmed especially to hear him say grandma (maybe he means me). Yay yay. So sorry to hear about the allergic reaction. Yay for Isaac sleeping well in his own bed, that way yours will stay dry.

  2. Silas is too cute!

    A thought about the allergies: What about the cross-contamination thing? Sounds like Silas is pretty sensitive to the peanuts, so maybe it’s not the juice, but whatever might have come in contact with the straw? Just sounds fishy if he’s been enjoying so much apple in his diet without reactions.

    PS: Thanks for admonishing me re/ the aspartame. I feel so ashamed! 🙂

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