Brent and I collided feet this morning.  Back to the beginning of this broken toe healing process.  It feels like I broke it yesterday.  Gotta love it.  One more hurt toe and I’m going to find a medium or something to see if there’s some spell or voodoo doll or something.  If it’s you, please stop it…jerks.

I love Halloween, being a Christian it was kind of a taboo thing sometimes as it’s the “Devils day” or people get sacrificed today or whatever.  I don’t think of Halloween that way.  What a wonderful day Halloween is.  The only day of the year where the whole community is out together.  The only day of the year where you’re allowed to knock on any door and see who lives inside.  We get together as a community and we’re all outside together, giving each other gifts.  I think that’s great.  What a great a fun thing to do on a day that hasn’t always been seen as a good thing.

Sure people see it as a “scary” day which I totally disagree with.  I’m not letting my children dress as witches or as Freddie or something, I don’t like promoting fear or frightening things, things that give people nightmares.  I think it very wrong to do so.  My pumpkin looks happy and my kids can dress as anything they want as long as it’s not something evil or frightening.  I for sure will dress as a scarecrow and pretend to be one only to startle people as they walk by.  That’s just good fun.  Halloween can be good fun if you make it that way.  I love Halloween!!

Last night I brought our massive pumpkin inside and gave him a bath.  He was very dirty as I had picked him out of a field.  I was sad because when I had picked him he was almost completely green and now he’s almost fully orange.  Poop.  Anyway, Brent was totally uninterested in the carving festivities until I cut the thing open.  He started giving ideas and being very curious, he carved the mouth for me.  He says he’s never carved a pumpkin before…what the heck?  Anyway, the pumpkin is now outside, I guess I’ll have to light him up soon.  I never know what time people start coming though.  When it gets dark?  5ish?  No idea.


 I love him because he’s so imperfect and he’s all lumpy and bumpy and greenish.

Weight Loss Wednesday 

So I guess today is Wednesday and I must do my weight loss report.  Things have gotten worse.  I just want to fill my face full of every sort of food.  The Halloween candy is tempting me, the cheese is tempting me, everything tempts me.  No progress and no exercise.  I was hoping to get running again next week but now my toe is broked again and so we’ll have to see.  I am going to run the Vancouver Sun Run with my step-dad Mark so I need to get to 10k soon.  I’m so excited for that.  I feel as though my home is unorganized and therefore I just can’t deal with losing weight.  I need to do this.  I don’t know what I found in myself before to do it, I guess I took baby steps.  Here’s to a few baby steps this next week.

We went and saw the allergy specialist today, I’ll talk about it tomorrow as this is getting to be a rather long bloggy blog.


  1. I always felt that the ‘scary” costumes were the ones that helped us face our fears of the unknown and death. I don’t mind them myself, unless they’re gratuitous. I mind the trampy costumes more…

    greenish pumpkins are the best. 🙂

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