NAET Allergy Experience.

So yesterday we went off to see the NAET specialist. I had no idea what to expect, I knew we would be doing acupressure. After coming out I felt ok but the lump in my tummy is getting bigger and bigger. According to her diagnostic techniques Silas is allergic to eggs, wheat, oats, chicken, peanuts (duh), goats milk, and vitamin D lactate. She didn’t test for everything right now she tests for the base things and all the things he eats daily. Next week we go in and she’ll treat him for the eggs.

The diagnostic process is extremely odd. It’s somewhat familiar because I’ve seen these things before so I know about it. It all about the electricity in your body, blocked electric pathways, etc. I lay down on a bed and Silas sits on my tummy. I’m a “surrogate” for Silas so she’s reading Silas’ electricity through my body…don’t ask me how she doesn’t read my electricity. Silas or I hold a vial of water that’s been charged with the same charge of the item we’re testing for. I hold my arm up and if she can push it down easily then he’s allergic and if I can hold it strong then he’s not. It’s very weird because when it’s not strong she really can easily push it down. I’ve seen both of these things (charged water and muscle strength tests) in various locations.

She moved on to treating his small intestine because during her diagnostic process she noticed that it wasn’t working properly which makes sense because he’s had to take so many antibiotics lately. During this process I held Silas on my lap and she did the acupressure on me and fixed his digestions. Weird hey?

This lady is a Christian so it makes me a little more at ease with this. She also said she was very skeptical about it herself when she first saw it but then after trying it she started to realize that it really works. She said her daughter who was anyphylactic to dogs can now be around them without….dying. Friends of my sister in law have also used this technique and have seen amazing results in their children who’s behavior has changed and everything. This treatment is used for Autism and ADD as well, along with other things.

During the process I had a few reg flags go up though.

  • Silas was terrified of this woman…Silas fears no one and hasn’t ever played shy. That woman scared him out of his tree.
  • Allergies are your body’s response to protein, she was checking allergies to vitamins…how is that possible?
  • After reading my take home work book I noticed she doesn’t follow the procedure to a T, I’ll have to ask why.
  • A person who’s very interested in making money could easily fool you into thinking you’re allergic to these basic nutrients that they test for. You can only treat one thing at a time so then they could make loads of money off of you because you have to keep coming back over and over again.

I can’t tell if my mommy radar is going off or not. I don’t want to go through this process because it seems like a major pain in the ass. Taking the kids on a 20 minute drive for a 30 minute appointment then having to avoid foods that he’s been diagnosed as allergic to. I’m wondering if these allergy tests have been tested along with traditional allergy tests. What were the results??

I will not stand to believe there’s nothing I can do about Silas’ peanut allergy. I know people have found relief. This process seems easier than him avoiding the base allergies for the rest of his life. I think what I will do is continue on with this and once we’ve been treated for apples then I will give him that apple juice again and look for a reaction. If he’s healed we’ll move on…if not, I’m going to ask for my money back.

It’s hard to decide what’s best for your kids. I am a proactive mom in the way that I’m going to research any health problems my children encounter and try and find the best thing for them. I will not ignore problems as they arise. It’s really hard to keep your child’s best interests in mind, it’s so much easier to just be lazy. I’m really pissed that I’ll be spending money on this and not on getting out of debt.

No Thursday 13 today.

Please, if any of you have had results negative or positive with this treatment, write a comment for me. Also, if you have opinions good or bad please let me know. Tell me of your red flags.


  1. this sounds awfully odd. I think a traditional allergy test would be a good idea. i don’t know. I believe in science and medicine, the woman sounds really weird to me

  2. I don’t have any kids so I can’t comment too much on Silas’ reaction but it seems to me that kids seem to have good instincts about people. Maybe it’s their innocence or their kid intuition but I would be having a mommy red flag if i was a mommy!

  3. Leah, I would recommend Dr. Stephen Barrett’s research on the subject. NAET is not peer reviewed and has failed most double-blind tests.
    However, I wouldn’t worry about any “spiritual” implications, whether the person is “Christian” or not. NAET is a pseudo-scientific derivative of kinesiology. Although the applied practice is no different from New Age or Spiritualist religions, NAET rarely revolves around some sort of spiritual presence.
    (I only know this because I had to do a research paper on pseudo-scientific medicines). Check out Richard Dawkins’ expose on the same subject:

  4. I just don’t know…But a piano mom just told me about a more ‘traditional’ naturopath that she takes her kids to in Langley who specializes in working with children and allergies. I may get her phone number. Apparently they use the same ‘energy’ tricks, but with metal bars, etc…
    Call me 🙂

  5. I think that first of all you need to relax about the whole allergy thing and that will help you a lot more. I know it’s easy to say, but Sophie has an egg allergy and I am not freaking out about it. Some kids grow out of theirs and I think it’s important to let that happen before going into treatments. If it gets worse then it’s understandable, but he is really young and I think that letting his body adjust is the best thing you can do right now, and RELAX

  6. Hey Kristy, just for my curiosity, did you give Sophie the flu shot? (It contains egg components, and I’m curious on how many children it’s affected…)

  7. i think everyone seems to be skeptical about this. i don’t know.. i am also a christian but this just gave me the chills.. in a weird way. if you aren’t totally comfortable with it, i’d take that as a sign. hmmmmmmm. this is a tough one.

  8. I’ve had all sorts of food allergies/stomach issues and have had the sort of testing you are describing many, many times. I saw a naturopath in Vancouver named Dr. Ajina (not sure I spelled that right, it was about 10 years ago) and he helped me immensely. He did testing with a machine and it cost and arm and a leg- the naturopath that I see now in Victoria (where I live now) does muscle testing without any gadgets and is incredibly accurate. It’s almost creepy how correct she is. But it works. That’s all I can say. I’m a firm believer in naturopathy as a compliment to western medicine- I’ve recently been diagnosed as vitamin B12 deficient and am getting all of my blood tests thru my GP but am being treated by my naturopath. After muscle testing to determine which form of B12 would be most effective (tablets, under the tongue drops etc.), she gave me something completely different from what my GP recommended. And it’s working really, really well. I know it’s a bit weird, and I would recommend finding someone that you and you Isaac trust, but I would definitely stick with it as it offers the best hope for desensitization. Sorry this is long, hope it made sense! If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask, I’ve run the gamut with naturopaths!!

  9. My son is currently going through NAET treatments, too. This is at my wife’s suggestion, as she is a big believer in alternative treatments. She feels that traditional medicine is more about treating the symptom than the cause, and I can’t say that I entirely disagree. You get a “traditional” allergy test, and then when you’re found allergic to something, you get a magic pill that makes the symptoms go away (hopefully), but you still haven’t addressed the allergy itself. NAET attempts to resolve the allergy, not just mask it.

    Our son has been to about ten sessions. At a cost of $550 for the series, that’s a lot of money. Naturally, insurance does not cover it. Equally naturally, when a parent sees a child suffering, you’ll do almost anything to help, damn the cost. Hope springs eternal, etc.

    I am not personally a fan of these treatments. I find it odd that people seem to be allergic to so many things when tested by these practitioners. It’s almost as if there are no healthy people on the planet. I would be interested to send 100 people who have never complained of any allergies, ever, to one NAET practitioner and see what the results are. I feel safe in estimating that 95% of them would be made candidates for treatment.

    For me, the biggest argument I have against this therapy is the resistance test. It’s all so very subjective. How hard is the practitioner pushing? Can it possibly be the same each time? How hard am I resisting? The same each time? I mean, if the practitioner wants to find that you’re allergic to something, then s/he just pushes down harder, no?

    Also, there have been several times where our son did not avoid the subject matter for 25 hours as suggested, and still he has “cleared” each week. Heck, there were times when he didn’t avoid the subject for 3-4 hours, and–voila!–still cleared! It makes you think…

    I do not think that our practitioner is knowingly ripping people off. I doubt that she closes the door each day, wrings her hands together, and says, “MWAH-HA-HA! Suckers!” But, I am not sure that I think what they are selling is of any legitimate value.

    The $64,000 question, of course, would be, “Is your son still allergic to the things that he was previously allergic to?” I don’t have an answer for that, because we don’t expose him to those things. I will say that his eczema cleared up after we started NAET, but the itchiness has returned lately, despite his recent visits. I am thinking that there is not a correlation between NAET and his previous improvement.

    Good luck with your efforts.

    1. How did NAET work? We are trying it with our daughter for her life threatening peanut allergy. Just curious if anyone has had any luck with it.

      1. just wanted to say that my youngest child, age 3 at the time, was showing many signs of autism. I was reading everything i could find about treatment and help. Changing diet seemed to pop up everywhere so i started wondering if a lot of these kids are just allergic to some foods (since food allergies can show in behaviour problems). I kept searching and discovered NAET. My son tested with about 5 allergies, which meant a series of 5 treatments. He is a completely different child now — so loving and sweet, when before he was yelling all the time and everything had to be a certain way. It was so successful that I’m now having my 9 yr old treated and am looking forward to getting rid of my life-long milk allergy : ) Seriously, this has worked miracles for my family and i found this site in my search for NAET schools, since i am considering learning how to do it myself. I can’t say enough good things about NAET. AND the practitioner we use has been doing it for 15 yrs… she said it is extremely rare for any of the treated allergies to return (ever).

    2. does he still have his eczema after 2 years. i have heard mixed results on the naet as i am contemplating trying it from my psoriasis and eczema

  10. Hi.
    I cannot tell you enough GREAT things about NAET. When I started, I had CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and suicidal depression, hair loss, unexplained pains in my abdomen as well as headaches every day from sinus issues. After only 3 months of NAET, fatigue went away and the sinus issues were GONE. The depression took a little longer, but after about 1 year, I tested getting off my meds and wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t need them anymore. The abdomen pains mysteriously disappeared. It has really changed my whole life. I rarely get sick now and when I do, I know right away WHY (usually an allergy). My hair stopped falling out also.
    One thing: Some of my allergies came back, which was very disappointing, but overall, most have stayed away.
    I’m just happy to live life without the CFS and depression. Everything else was just gravy.
    Hope this helps. Feel free to write to me with any questions. I want to tell the world about how great I feel now!!! Good luck.

  11. I’ve just started my son on NAET treatments–just one so far which was the initial consultation. He is anaphylatic to dairy and has several other food allergies. NAET has given me hope–which is something western medicine has not been able to give me. Their token response; “maybe he’ll grow out of it” isn’t backed by any scientific data either. Why do some children grow out of their allergies while others do not? As we all know it would be impossible to do observation research on that–but it boggles my mind that doctors who rely so heavily on their research give out this pat answer yet scoff at alternative medicine. My son has had too many close calls at his young age for me to not give this a try. One thing to consider is all practitioners are not created equal–don’t throw out the idea without trying someone else you may feel more comfortable with. I’ll be documenting my son’s progress as well. It’s a bit “out there” to be sure, but my experience with “woo woo” leads me to believe there are a lot of things happening that we simply do not understand. Good luck to you!

    1. i think you have hit the nail on the head. it may well be that the success on naet depends on the practitioner as well as the ‘chemistry’ between the practitioner and the client.

      there is a huge amount of quantum physics or energy based ‘stuff’ that we are so unaware of and that our progress towards knowledge is limited by our current scientific thought patterns.

      1. just want to add that kids sometimes are uncomfortable the first treatment or so because this treatment is working on their allergy or imbalance… so it doesn’t feel so good at first. Even testing can be uncomfortable when they are holding the vile for an item they are allergic to. Something to be aware of.

  12. Hi there,

    I’m 17 and have recently just started doing NAET treatments. My first treatment I couldn’t stop laughing, the entire thing seemed ridiculous, but to humor my mom I stuck it out. You see, we had recently gone to an allergist (My whole life I have suffered from allergies constantly), and they gave me an allergy test (where they inject you with the roughly 92 substances). I was allergic to about 85 of them, much more than most people.

    Now I had an option; I could begin taking nasal steroids (nasal sprays) and pills and begin doing the costly and time consuming allergy shots, or I could look into alternate methods. Something interesting my doctor mentioned about allergy shots is that they aren’t garunteed to work, after 18 months they can usually tell, if progress has occured. Apparrently the problem (and I would assume this would be true in my case) sometimes you are allergic to things they can’t test for, in which case the allergy shots apparently do a whole load of nothing.

    My other option was to look into some more natural methods, and we found NAET. Now I have had about 5 sessions or so, which comes out to about $200, definitely a fair sum, but would it really be so different with all the pills and injections? You mentioned the food avoidance as a problem, and I have seen this other places as well…I am a little confused. NAET only requires you to avoid the “allergen” for 25-30 hours…now how that could possibly have any long lasting negative effects on you puzzles me. I’m sure you accidently do this all the time, or nearly that anyway.

    Now I don’t want anyone to get the impression that I am advocating NAET. I’m still not a believer. However, this is what I do know:
    I’m not taking any harmful (steroids, pressed pills, etc.) substances into my body.
    I’m doing this, but questioning it as I go.
    Since I started doing it, some things have changed, whether they are related or not, I don’t know. I will certainly continue to look into it though, and not immediately slag it off and jump into swallowing known harmful substances because they give me relief.

    As a side note, my NAET practitioner “read my energy levels” to see if I was missing any nutrients from my diet. She obviously had no previous knowledge that idea I am a practicing vegetarian and don’t get my amino acid essentials, and many other things you need in order to grow and be healthy, but she read that. It could be a lucky guess, but that doesn’t really make sense.

    1. Hi Sumner,
      I am a mother of a 3 year old boy who is severely allergic to a lot of foods and pollen. He can’t eat anything made from wheat flour, milk, eggs… the list goes on. I came across NAET online while I was searching for answers for my son’s allergies. You posted that you had just srtated going for your NAET sessions in 2008. How did it go for you? Did you finish your treatment and did it cure your allergies? The doctors have put my son on antihistamines and steroids since he was 12 months and I just know all this medications will eventually harm his health not to mention that they are not helping him much anyway.
      I hope this message reaches you well. Thank you in advance for your response.
      Best wishes,

      1. Hi, I wanted to chime in, as noone else is typing in 2009 to your subject.

        NAET WORKS! I know it’s wierd, odd, “way out there”… but it works!

        It’s “non-invasive”, no pills, no shots, just some “odd treatment”.

        My 13 year old adopted FASD/ADHD son has just finished his 19 treatments. Some of his allergens caused hyperactivity, some caused anger, and some just prevented his body from processing nutrients properly.

        Now, I am going through the program, focusing on my PMS/depression/anxiety.

        You can email me personally for more information.

        This works, don’t knock it, until you try it.
        Susan in Alaska

  13. Give NAET another chance.

    Ten years ago I was looking for another way to deal with my two sons’ health issues of allergies & ADD. I was a biologist & had always accepted our current western medical views. It took years of well meaning MD’s that just kept prescribing more medications & more unnecessary surgeries to suppress our symptoms instead of finding a cause, before I finally realized that western medicine wasn’t working for my children or for me. Looking back, the system was in fact, abusive.

    Necessity forced me to look outside the box. I found NAET & Oriental Medicine! No one was a bigger skeptic than I as Oriental Medicine concepts & the muscle testing used in NAET seemed so bogus to my western science trained mind. I decided to give NAET & acupuncture a 6 months trial. I was so surprised & delighted with the results in my children & myself that we continued treatments. My sons each went to our NAET practitioner/ acupuncturist 2-4 times/month for about 1 year while I continued off & on for another few years. My sons stopped having sinusitis, ear & throat infections, stopped having constant bleeding noses, both were able to stop their ADD meds, & both got good grades in spite of their dyslexia. As all my various seemingly unrelated ailments (chronic vertigo, migraine headaches, early onset osteoarthritis, acid reflux & severe allergies to mangoes & poison ivy) slowly went away, I decided I wanted to become a NAET practitioner. NAET practitioners must first be licensed healthcare professionals. I decided to study oriental medicine & become an acupuncture physician.

    I have never regretted my new view of healthcare. Unfortunately NAET is not a precise science because each patient is different. In addition, some practitioners, no matter how closely they follow the NAET procedures, are just not as good as others at being a detective in figuring what may be triggering a patient’s maladies. The same can be said of all healthcare professionals. A doctor might know how to read diagnostic tests but a good one knows how to trouble shoot too.

    I now love muscle testing & find that it is very reliable. Yet because of my doubtful Thomas science background, I am always testing & retesting again. Besides Oriental Medicine (which is the study of energy pathways & function in the body), I have trained in several other energy medicine systems that also use muscle testing such as Touch for Health Kinesiology & PKP Kinesiology & find all of it more & more fascinating!

    I would like to comments on some of your red flags:
    “Silas was terrified of this woman…Silas fears no one and hasn’t ever played shy. That woman scared him out of his tree.”
    Please give the woman more than one chance. If you were very leery, your child will pick up your negative energies & reflect your apprehensions. If you & Silas continue to feel uncomfortable, try a different NAET practitioner.

    “Allergies are your body’s response to protein, she was checking allergies to vitamins…how is that possible?” Muscle testing is actually picking up disturbances in the flow of your energy systems (as in acupuncture energy meridians/ pathways). When you are exposed to a substance that you are sensitive to, your energy flow is weakened & this can show as muscle weakness. The more experienced the patient becomes, the more they realize other symptoms of weakened energy flows that they have always experienced, but have learned over their lifetimes to ignore.

    “After reading my take home work book I noticed she doesn’t follow the procedure to a T, I’ll have to ask why.” Although I can not speak for the practitioner that you visited, I can tell you about my own practice. As much as possible, I follow the NAET procedure; however, I can not always follow it to a T. The NAET procedure is constantly being improved by Dr. Nambudripad with occasion changes being made here & there. Certified NAET practitioners must attend seminars to keep updated, but there is some lag time. Also the handbook is not current in all details with the most current changes. I have also had to ad lib in circumstances with crying children, very sick individuals, surrogate testing with uncooperative pets, & sometimes just because of time factors. I frequently combine other acupuncture modalities & occasionally other energy kinesiology work in the same session. This may seem to a novice like I’m breaking procedure, but I am trying to cover all the steps during different parts of my patient’s session with me. My goal is to treat my patients as effectively as possible.

    “A person who’s very interested in making money could easily fool you into thinking you’re allergic to these basic nutrients that they test for. You can only treat one thing at a time so then they could make loads of money off of you because you have to keep coming back over and over again.” I also had the same doubts. I use to watch my practitioner closely. She is just a slight, small woman. I could easily be stronger than she! She certainly looked to use the same pressure during muscle testing. Yet, again! my arm would give!! Maybe it was a psychological influence? However almost all the testing she did on me was blind, telling me the results after. Then she would repeat the testing each time I went. It was very consistent. Eventually, as my health improved, I trusted in her & the NAET method. I now know that a client’s thoughts can occasionally influence muscle testing, so I ask my clients to think, “Clear & accurate results” while I test & especially NOT about the fight they had last night with their significant other or how stressful their work day was. Negative thoughts & worries disrupt your energy systems.

    NAET has a much higher patient satisfaction rate (over 80%) than with any medication or western medical treatment. In general, people are looking for quick fixes. They easily believe TV commercials that taking a pill will make their health troubles disappear. Only a very small percentage of medications deal with the cause of a health issue. NAET & Oriental Medicine are not quick fixes. They can treat many of the causes of many diseases. NAET has given hope & improved health back to the majority of those who have tried it.

    Yours in finding good health,

  14. I agree with you on the whole western medicine thing. I don’t tend to go for it often either. I’m not into bandaiding health issues. Perhaps when my son is older we’ll look into it again. From most of the people I’ve talked to that has used it they were helped with a few things like the more minor allergies but never the crazier ones. I’d never get “cleared” for peanuts and then let Silas eat one.

    And we aren’t popping pills for the nut allergy, there is no medicine for it. As for the ADD, I’m trying my best to avoid it through proper nutrition because i know that works for me.

  15. Hi,

    I have been thr’ some of the stories above and felt i needed to tell u about my daughter. We started her with NAET a year back. At that stage she was allergic to 52 of the 75 things they tested her for at the Allergist. She breaks out in Excema if she eats something she is allergic to. I tried NAET and i must thank Dr. Devi from the bottom of my heart. A year ago my daughter could eat only a handful of stuff and not breakout in excema. Today she can eat practically anything we eat at home and not react to it. It really requires a lot of dedication to go thr’ the whole treatment but we have been doing it practically every week and i can say for sure it has helped her a lot. I hope this helps you.


    1. Hi Deepika,

      My son Khedaar is 2 1/2 years old and highly allergic to milk, nuts and peanuts. He was allergic to lot of other food proteins as well but is now able to eat them after taking Ayurvedic treatment. His milk allergy on the other hand is still persisting and does not seem to respond to Ayurvedic treatment. I would like to know more details about this NAET treatment. Can you please share more details about your experience?

      – thanks, Meera

      1. Hi Meera,
        I saw your post on Dr.Girija Sajeevani’s site. How is your son doing now? Is his milk allergy treated or got better ?
        Can you please share your experience.

        1. Hi Uma,

          I am not sure that whether you tried Dr.Girija’s treatment or any other thing for food allergy. If you have tried and succeeded, could you please share the details?

      2. Hi Meera,

        I read about Khedaar’s history in Dr.Girija Sajeevani’s site. We are going through the same with my son’s food allergy and considering Dr.Girija’s treatment. It would be a great help if you could share whether his nut & milk allergy got better with ayurvedic treatment or any other treatment that helped your son.


  16. My Chiropractor practices NAET and I have many allergies, so I am curious if this works because avoiding all the foods I am allergic to is pretty much impossible and that is what my allergist has recommended, along with allergy shots. Most of my allergies are more food sensitivities so when I eat something I am not suppose to my body reacts inside but I don’t notice any ill effects. But there is one thing I am very allergic to, hazelnuts my lips swell and my throat closes when I even have a tiny bit. So I am going to my chiropractor and going to test this NAET treatment. I will let him do his testing and treatment and advise him of how allergic I am to hazelnuts and that’s the first thing I want cured. I am also going to advise him I will have a hazelnut in his office after he has cleared me of this allergy. If this is a hoax I have to assume he won’t let me do this, or he may be calling an ambulance as I will have a fairly severe reaction. If it’s real I’ll know and then will continue with the treatment. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  17. I went to the chiropractor today and he tested me and said exactly what you just did. Out of 12 things he tested he said I was allergic to 11 and he would treat them in that order. He would not treat my allergy to hazelnut for quite a while. I asked if I went for a scratch test after he had cleared me of an allergen would the test show I was no longer allergic. His response was scratch tests are very inaccurate. My sister was in the room while I was being tested and both her and I walked out shaking our heads as to how in the world could I have a response to something in a sealed glass vile. That being said, I am still tempted to try it, because I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and desperately want to go back to work and am willing to try almost anything.

    This chiropractor had told me all of my symptom of CFS are because my spin is out of alignment and that once he fixed that I should be better. Today was my reassessment after 15 adjustments, I told him I have not noticed any difference in my energy levels or any of my other symptoms of CFS that’s when he did the NAET testing, he actually did it without me even asking. I’ll let you know what I decide to do, I am going back to see him on Monday at that time he will have a treatment plan for me. I would feel much better if there was some sort of test I could do after he said I was cured of an allergen to tell if I really was. I am going to talk with my Dr treating me for CFS and the naturopath I see and ask them what they think.

    No my allergist did not recommend NAET he’s thinks it is crazy and does not work.

  18. I went to the chiropractor today and he tested me and said exactly what you just did. Out of 12 things he tested he said I was allergic to 11 and he would treat them in that order. He would not treat my allergy to hazelnut for quite a while. I asked if I went for a scratch test after he had cleared me of an allergen would the test show I was no longer allergic. His response was scratch tests are very inaccurate. My sister was in the room while I was being tested and both her and I walked out shaking our heads as to how in the world could I have a response to something in a sealed glass vile. That being said, I am still tempted to try it, because I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and desperately want to go back to work and am willing to try almost anything.

    This chiropractor had told me all of my symptom of CFS are because my spin is out of alignment and that once he fixed that I should be better. Today was my reassessment after 15 adjustments, I told him I have not noticed any difference in my energy levels or any of my other symptoms of CFS that’s when he did the NAET testing, he actually did it without me even asking. I’ll let you know what I decide to do, I am going back to see him on Monday at that time he will have a treatment plan for me. I would feel much better if there was some sort of test I could do after he said I was cured of an allergen to tell if I really was. I am going to talk with my Dr treating me for CFS and the naturopath I see and ask them what they think.

    No my allergist did not recommend NAET he’s thinks it is crazy and does not work. He wants me to avoid the foods I’m allergic to and also go for shots.

  19. this is just a small update.
    I was recently cleared for vitamin C, and have found since then that I can again eat melons. For about 5 or 6 years I have been allergic, and even if something was just touching melon, I would have a reaction.

    but after being cleared…I was fine.

    it was pretty bizarre.

    of course that’s really neither here nor there as I don’t really like melon anyway, haha. but atleast it was something tangible, and I have a little more faith in the whole process now.

  20. Response to Donna’s concerns,

    Although your chiropractor did not answer your question to your satisfaction, he was correct in his comment in that many of the different types of allergy tests are not as accurate as the companies that sell these tests to medical professionals would like your doctors & you to believe. One of many companies that produces these tests, ALerCHEK, has some enlightening statements about allergy tests on their website.

    The reason many NAET physicians don’t explain the theories behind NAET is that unless your mind is open to Oriental medicine & quantum physics, NAET can sound like pseudo-science. I doubt that all NAET physicians that have a deep understanding of the concepts behind NAET because in this country because all NAET healthcare professionals have been trained in western medicine. NAET physicians have empirically found (on themselves, their family members & latter with their clients) that given a chance, NAET corrects the body’s incorrect immune responses to perceived allergens.

    Even though there is no actual see-with-your-own-eyes proof for most of the theories that our current understandings of chemistry & physics are based upon, we now have many industries based on those theories. (Pharmaceutical trials are just structured experiments in which the results are used to show that a drug caused a predicted reaction. The why of these experiments is actually theory. Many become accepted theories, then called current science, but they are evolving theories none the less.)

    Although NAET has been around for 25 years & many skeptics have tried to disprove its functionality simply because it is not based on the same theories used in western medicine & pharmaceuticals, the reality is NAET consistently works (i.e. NAET procedures cause a highly predictable result of desensitizing allergic responses). NAET is being now practiced by over 7,000 physicians worldwide.

    Your nervous system & brain are even more remarkable than western science has yet imagined. Your nervous system (through your senses) is constantly collecting & sending data to your brain’s database. Your brain processes this data constantly without your awareness. This gives you the ability to sense danger before it happens. Some call it your unconscious mind, some instinct, some your sixth sense.

    For any number of reasons, sometimes your brain tags a substance as an evil evader to your body that is completely non-toxic to the vast majority of humans. Western medicine calls this inappropriate response an allergy. Your immune system is pre-wired to attack any invader once it has gotten through your outer defense barriers such as skin, mucous linings, etc. The first time you are exposed to an allergen, your immune system does not react. However, with repeated exposure, your body keeps boosting its attack response. Western medicine allergy tests are based on different levels of these immune system responses.

    Your body has the ability to sense dangers through its energy systems as well. Your nervous system is also intrinsically tied to the energy meridians that were mapped out thousands of years ago by the Chinese. Muscle testing used to indicate allergy sensitivities is simple a way to show that your energy meridians are weakened by a substance. Muscle testing can actually show what substances to which you are sensitive before your body has learned to have full immune responses. That is why muscle testing can be more accurate than many allergy tests. In Oriental medicine theory, these sensitivities block the energy flows in the body. When energies stay blocked, it shows in the body as disease & pathology dysfunction.

    Many people wonder about the glass vials used in NAET testing. The contents of the little glass NAET vials are similar to the theory of using homeopathic remedies. They contain the smallest amount of the essence of potential allergens. These vials are a safe way to expose most individuals to potential allergens. For reasons that I do not yet understand, glass allows the body’s energy systems safe exposure to the item inside; allowing the body to scan the interior item without allowing complete exposure. (However, persons with known anaphylactic reactions to allergens should not come in contact with such allergens even with a glass barrier. There is a special NAET procedure for treating people with anaphylactic allergies.) Some plastic containers seem to block the body’s ability to scan interior items.

    Dr. Nambudripad found that most allergic patients have sensitivities to basic vitamins (necessary enzymes for bodily processes) and basic foods such as sugars or eggs. Foods with these sensitivities can not be properly assimilated. They can cause a tirade of symptoms & eventually nutritional deficiencies. Most people originally visit a NAET practitioner to be cleared for a single item. However, it would not only be a disservice to the patient, but irresponsible to allow such a person to remain sensitive to basic nutrition. Many allergies are indirectly cleared once the body is cleared to a basic nutritional component in the allergen. For those with remaining allergies, at least the patient is now absorbing basic nutrition & is healthier while waiting to clear for other sensitivities. In is part of the NAET protocol to treat patients for the Basic 15 for these reasons.

    I hope that my interpretations help lend some understanding to the NAET methods.

  21. I did the NAET tests about 25 and at a cost of about $900. I really don’t think they do much good. But…had they worked it would have been money well spent, so I had to try it. This was a few years ago and there wasnt much negative regarding it on the net. Now there is.

  22. Go for it. Stick through. It sounds so dubious, and when I first tried it, I was skeptical (as anyone who’s honest must admit they are to), but now I look forward to my visits.

    My medical history is complicated, and spans about three years at this point, but I’ll sum it up: I had complete body failure (now we’re guessing liver failure, since I still have a bit of jaundice that refuses to leave, but it’s still speculative) and almost died; was comatose for about two weeks, and went to 6 different doctors (2 of whom were specialists at a prestigious state University which will remain unnamed to protect its reputation, but their hospital is very respected). All of modern medicine gave me blank stares after the 15+ blood tests I had run, and said they had no idea.
    I turned to homeopathy for a cure, and with the help of Jordan Rubin and Garden of Life, I became functioning again (mind you, I was taking 12 pills of probiotics a day for 8 months, and would see significant decreases in my energy and functioning level if I lessened the dose).

    Ok, so maybe that wasn’t the short version! Obviously, I am back up to being able to function, and no longer need probiotics to stay conscious. However, I have significant acne problems, have struggled with depression, CFS, high stress levels, dizziness, constant headaches, nausea, dehydration, etc. (name a symptom, I’ve probably had it).

    Late last year, I began seeing a NAET practitioner. I got treated for most of the first 15, and let me tell you, when I got to the grains and sugar treatments, my body flipped out emotionally. It makes sense, as I had largely been avoiding grains, sugars, and dairy as they made me sick. Since these treatments, I’ve had milk and cereal, bread (thank GOD–I LOVE toast!), pasta, cheese, etc. All without feeling nauseas in the least. My energy levels are quite remarkable (in comparison), and the headaches are no longer a 24/7 thing. Come to think of it, the dizziness has been getting progressively rarer…awesome!

    I called my mom yesterday to chat, and she mentioned how I haven’t been “sick” (meaning depressed, nauseous, etc.) yet this year. Last year, at minimum every other time we talked (1-2 calls a week), I would have some form of relapse.

    One weird thing that I’ve noticed is that things that would normally stress me out…don’t. I’m in college, and have an exam tomorrow that I’m flat out not prepared for…and I’m researching NAET on the internet! (OK, so this may not be so great for my academic career, but it’s great for my mental health!) Certain people and people’s mannerisms that used to really annoy me and stress me out don’t phase me anymore. It’s the weirdest thing. But I am excited to continue treatments when I’m home on breaks!

    Also, the practitioner I go to has a son who started to come home from school with intense headaches. Come to find out, they had installed new carpet in the school. She treated him for a myriad of chemicals that are in carpets (including formaldehyde), and the next week (it’s a one-day-a-week program) he came home headache free.

    So yeah. Don’t know why it works, but it does. I think I’m beginning to like these Eastern thinkers, especially since Western medicine would have left me for dead. Go with NAET! (I’ve read on-line that it does not work for everyone, but as with any medicine, there are some people who won’t react positively to it. Some people can’t use Tylenol effectively, and there’s different types of antibiotics for any one disease, since some combinations don’t “fix” some people…you get my drift…But, it’s worth a try!)

  23. Gotta say, based on the experience of my family, I am a huge NAET fan. It changed my life, in that I learned a lot of the techniques involved and have been able to help others (no I am not a practitioner). Was it a paradigm shift for me? You bet. Is it strange? Yep. Definitely, though, find a practitioner that you and your child both like.

    Remember, at first the germ theory of disease was strange at first.

    My NAET practitioner worked on a nurse with severe peanut allergies. After going through the basic ten he had to do a ton of treatments involving peanuts–first the vial, then the bottle of actual peanuts, then peanut oil, then peanut mixed with saliva, then peanut in the mouth. Then the nurse swallowed peanuts and she was over it. But I admit it sounds scary to try this. Someone was ready with an epi pen, just in case.

  24. I went to my first NAET appt this past week. After suffering for yrs w/ CFS, FMS and then horrific malaise, whole body pain and feeling like I was dying of some type of toxic/poisonous status for the last 4 months (told I have chronic lyme, heavy metals, +++) my NAET doc noted that I have lingering viruses that my immune system can not erradicate. He treated me w/ 6 bottles at once. I did feel more energy that day and the next but again now feel rotten. I am skeptical but willing to try almost anything. I have not had any quality of life these 4 months and desperately need to get better. The NAET doc admitted his own health is not good….that seemed odd to me but he admitted he needed to go and see someone himself for trmts. We shall see….. I am a christian and have greater faith that God can and will heal me in His time, manner and will.

  25. It has worked very well for me. What’s more: it worked for my cat.

    I was going to have him put to sleep because of his long-term advanced urinary sand problem, and NAET cured him. After the NAET appointment, he never had the problem again and lived another 10 years.

  26. Did you make sure your practicioner is listed on the actual website? My daughter is currently getting treamtments with a doctor from there and I must say I also too am skeptical but am so anxious to see if her treament holds, we’ll find out on Friday, she was treated for eggs. Good luck and just stick around long enough to see if it at least works.

  27. I have a 15 month daughter that has horrible allergies. Her allergist tested her for the 6 most common allergies and the test had to be stopped because of the reaction to milk, she was so allergic, she had to have benedryl only 2 mintues after being pricked. My Allergist will not even test her for anything else, even though we know she is allergic to so many other things. He said there is not a test more reliable than the “mom’s observation, If she has a reaction..then aviod that food” In the meantime, this child can not have but a handful of things to eat. If any food touched her skin,she breaks out in hives. I told my allergist this when I took her for her 15 month MMR and his response to me was “hopefully she’ll grow out of them and we’ll see her when she’s 3 years old.” I will not accept the fact that there is nothing we can do to relieve this child of her constant discomfort, she is the best natured child and always happy and it breaks my heart as a mom that I can’t fix it. (She has to take benedryl at least 3 times a day). I was given the NAET book by a friend whose daughter has similar allergies and it seems to be working for her.
    I really don’t care if my daughter can eat mac and cheese or even drink a glass of milk, I am just terrified she will get into something that will rally hurt her! I will not let anyone baby sit her and I’d love to ber able to send her to a Mother’s Morning Out program. We struggle with playdates because the other kids have juice or milk in sippy cups and goldfish or crackers in a baggie. I’m skeptical about this treatment, but I can’t sleep at night listening to her scratch her head, hands and ankles until they bleed.
    My question is….if this works, why isn’t this the first course of treatment?????
    Any feedback would be helpful!!!

  28. Michelle, read all the comments on this blog, most people think it works. There’s loads of skeptics. It’s not a first course treatment because it’s not western medicine and can’t really be “proven”. I’d definitely say that you should seek some alternative therapies be it NAET, Naturopathic, or Chinese medicine. All of them will do something for your girl.

  29. For the nay-sayers… the allergy testing through NAET as I understand it, is subclinical. So some things can be caught when they start as a sensitivity before they become an allergy. Our bodies are always changing. What do you think happens when you are exposed to a virus? Your body starts to fight it, and most of the time, you don’t come down with the sickness, whatever it is. NAET could tell my body was fighting a specific virus and it could be located in my nose & throat. One treatment and it was gone. My body might have been able to fight it alone, but with help, it was gone. Same thing can be done with sensitivities. Now with full on allergies, it takes some more work, but I believe it can be done. If I were you, I’d switch practitioners, find one that doesn’t give you the creeps and stick to it for a few months and see. Good Luck!!

  30. I just had to add one more thing… I am SO GLAD someone is writing about this. Thank you, thank you!!!!

  31. I to have been treated using this process. I did not tell the Naet specialist what foods I had problems with and she was able to tell me the exact ones using the muscle strength test. I thought that my husband would laugh at me when I got home and told him about it, but he didn’t. He had seen something on the Discovery channel about it. Thank goodness because I had a hard time believing it myself. I can now have milk anytime and in any form that I want. The only problem is that I am eating way to much icecream. I guess that I need to start looking for weightloss programs.” Ha Ha”

    1. I was diagnosed with COPD with an asthma/chronic bronchitis componant. the docters said they don’t kn ow what causes it, it is progressive, it will eventually kill me, take these 5 meds and it will slow down the progression. Well ,the 5 meds didn’t really help much and I kept getting worse and worse.
      So I went to an accupunturist. As we were working she started to do the allergy testing. Turns out I was allergic to the very things I was juicing with, kale, chard, cuciferous veggies, artichokes, things I never would have suspected. I already knew I had an intolerance to wheat. With the testing it was the worst, along with eggs, which I ate every
      other day. She calls the allergy elimnation kinesiology. She also uses cupping and needles.
      Since working with her I am about 80% better. Instead of coughing 24/7, I cough about 4 or 5 times a day. Since I have been sick my whole life I don’t expect her to cure me immedaitely. But since I feel so much better after every treatment I really look forward to them becasue I know I will feel great afterwards. I have told her at least twice that she is literally saving my life.
      If you are sick, find a practioner who does accupuncture, chinese herbology and NAET. I think it takes a knowledge of all of these to really do the job. Oh, and she charges on a sliding scale. That is a sign of someone who is in it for the healing service, not to get rich. And I can now eat wheat and eggs again.

  32. OK I we just started NAET recently. What I would recommend to everyone posting here is to read the NAET book, Say Goodbye to Illness.

    That way at least you can be on the same page with your practioner, and can assess the quality of the treatments. Reason we are trying this very alternative & unproved method is as many of you we are desperate!

    We have at least 21 food allergies plus many others to food coloring animals, mites, etc..long list. The book rants on & on with incredible stories it read a little like an info mercial, but it helps you understand where it is coming from.

    A good way to know your food allergies is to take the ELISA test. You can do it at a doctor’s office (USA labs) or you can now do it at home. (YORK labs) Costs almost $375 but it is very good much better than scratch tests.

    Take them once a year or so since they do change after you start with elimination & vitamins etc.

    Food elimination is a very good way to determince allergies, & later reintroduction (unless your reaction is life threatening, common sense here) then of course you would not want to do this.

    I took the ELISA and did not show for gluten allergies, one of my biggest allergins. Of course I had been gluten free almost 4 months or more, a bit weird, but that might have affected the test. I dont think it is %100 per cent effective.

    With the elimination reintroduction method I did test positive. Three times. Gluten takes up to 6 months to leave your system I read somewhere.

    What worries me the most is that most Naet practitioners are not accupuncturists, and that is why I think treatments might vary. I am open to it mainly because there really are few options. Main stream, shots that mostly don’t work & make symptoms worse.( I did two years of shots for respiratory allergies, after scratch testing)

    Useless, (try asking for your money back here!) Not only that, they gave me Seldane anyone remember that?? I took it like candy for over 10 years & my body told me get off this stuff asap, heart felt weird. Two years later they took it off market. People were dying from heart attack. I was constantly sick & got worse after each injection, fever, fatigue, swelling, sneezing, I was told that was “normal” & part of the treatment.

    The really weird thing is that during all that time & all those doctors no one told me … gee maybe we should test you for food allergies….A bit weird. I had to come to that conclusion 20 years later on my own when my son got sick. I am convinced no one knows your kids or yourself better than YOU. So you have to observe & play detective, a journal helps here…

    We also looked into another alternative treatment, some one else talked about it above where they inject homeopathic dosages of your allergens, etc Regular MD’s are experementing with this…came out of england & they banned it herre but thorugh a loop hole you can get doctors to make a remedy just for you at the pharmacies….downside is large doses of antifungals, & major food elimination, very long & expensive treatment…

    plus even thought it helps some people, I did some research on line & some people actually got much worse…..too much risk, we can’t get anyworse. Tha tis not why it was banned by the way, turns out FDA banned it due to label issues, etc, really silly reasons. Mainlybecasue it was a British company making the money on it, & big Pharma could not get their foot in the door fast enough,,,but doctors got around it with the loop hole. Has an acronym, but I forgot it now…

    They say it has been around for 30 years not true, testing on rats yes…using it on people no…I think has been aroud 10-15 years or less on people…too new for me. When my kid is older & if he wants to experiment that is a different they also do mega vitamin dosages & detox methods.

    The thing I like about Naet, is that #1 it made my kid happy & have hope, and from what I read from people it is very safe. I know it is not going to increase his allergies, and I have not read anyone say things got worse, either they got better or they got nothing out of it…no harm done, well only to the billfold…

    it goes without saying that people with many allergies, suffer from poor immune systems, CSen, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromalgia, etc…these are all conected.

    I agree with Naet that all these are reactions to allergies. We are different, and we react differently to different substances. Is there really a benefit to taking away chem allergies? I mean mine protect me from toxic environments. Downside is can’t keep a job since most offices now are toxic, too many fumes that were not there years ago, like sprays & candles, & xerox fumes..etc….Do I want to be able to inhale this & not get sick? This worries me a bit.

    Well we are trying this for a while & we will see. My kid is very excited to try to eat some of his old foods again. If it does not work his body will let us know.

    His depression is worse than his allergies….even if it is only placebo affect, or spiritual healing or chi adjustment…dont worry about it, if it works.

    I worry about it not working and the effect it will have on him emotionally. At least the babies dont really know yet. If he had only one or two allergies I think we would not worry about it.

    But so many you can’t travel & can’t go out, cant have a normal life. I already have a ton of env. allergies. I have noticed that good quality vitamins at high dosages, & veg. juicing make a huge difference in my energy. That is why she is always talking about mega B vitamin supplementation. I think that alone could cure alomost anything. SO is it the supps? or the treatment?…a question no one asks.

    I used to poo-poo homeopathy…but now I swear by it. Can’t cure everything but for every day ailments it is great. I used to think it did not work & for the first few years it did not, mainly because I was not savy enough to find the right remedy, it is not a user friendly method. When you get the right remedy it works great….but that is the tricky part, still not accepted here but it is used by MD’s & Pharmacists in europe.

    I am also thinking of using homeopathy for food allergies, but have not heard too much on this.

    My biggest fear is that the Naet will not work esp for the gluten allergy. I really dont think anything can cure that one. It would break my son’s heart. So I am keeping quiet for now & I would love to do some treatment’s myself. Thing is I keep saying if this worked so well for gluten wouldn’t the Celiac community be all over it?

    I have gotten rid of many ailments that I was told by doctors could only be cured one way yet I found a better one but no one belives you….so all I can say is I am open to it…something also to consider & read is the book called Sibyll (sp?) about the woman with various multiple personalities, in some she needed glasses in others not in some she was male in others female, in some she could play piano, in others speak french….same person, completely different body memory and health.

    I once also spoke to a woman, she did energy work etc. who said she had horrible allergies to cats, & that she went deep into her subcons. & cleared her energy & it went away & she lived with a few cats now with no problems. She ended the conversation with I don’t expect for you to believe me or understand what I did. I had no reason not to thought…so things like that stick in your mind.

    We did egg this week & off for round two…would love to hear more stories. Thanks for this great website.

  33. You ask for positive feedback, and all I can think of is YES! NAET works. Its amazing. It took 10 months of hearing about it before I took my son in. It just sounded so bizarre. Who’s allergic to Vitamin C? Well, he was. (Was) When you have a kid with severe allergies to things like milk, wouldn’t you try just about anything? When Dad told him someday when he was a big boy he’d get to have birthday cake and ice cream, he started eating all his vegetables. Then he said “Dad, I’m being a big boy, can’t I have some soon?” He really believed his dad, and that meant we had to do whatever it took. So I made the appointment. So overwhelmed with new information, I went home from our first visit with so many answers that VALIDATED my MOTHERS INTUITION intuition. Because we’ve moved a lot, my boy has had many different doctors who didn’t even address that this milk thing was real. They readily dismissed it and gave me a cream (later found to cause cancer in small children, ahhh!) Each visit I went tons of questions and always received more than adequate answers. Always. Her explanations were clear and made more sense than I had heard in a long time. So I checked out the books, started the treatments, and have never once looked back. I would pay the money all over again for the results I’ve seen with all three of our boys. It’s phenomenol!
    Sounded crazy at first, but after thorough reading of the “Say Good Bye:” books, questioning, deep analytical pondering and discussions with our NAET Doctor (who my kids love and ask to go see- so find another if possible) all I can say is – Nothing I’ve been exposed to in western medicine has come close to making this much sense. If you read the information- it really does make so much sense.
    My son finished his treatment the night of his dads birthday party, and we gave everything to him. Pizza, ice cream, cake. More dairy in one night then he had in a year. My skeptical family told us to just try a very little, just in case. I already knew.
    The next day his skin was softer than it had been for two years and we hadn’t used any creams. I still can visual how much healing had happened in just 24 hours. You can’t tell me NAET doesn’t work. I’ve referred so many people to my doctor and they love that they have answers and that its working. My twin two year olds each have their own amazing stories. Josh with severe anxiety, couldn’t be more than 4 feet away from me, and his pediatrician said there was nothing I could do. He also freaked out at bedtime and we couldn’t get him to stay in his bed. We did NAET, shortly after needed to leave the kids for a few days. When we got back I expected to “pay for it” for a few months in his anxiety. Nope. First full day back, life was literally back to normal. He can be left any time now and asks for his kisses before we leave and he climbs in his bed and waits to be tucked in. Nothing changed except for NAET!
    Jamesen struggled since he was born, and has had many therapists for two years. Just before his treatment for organs (his organs tested to be weak which I knew before the Doctor even asked his history and tested him) A week before this treatment his speech therapist said we need more frequent therapy because she couldn’t get him to say a word. Which was true. Then he had his treatment. After he finished, I immediately noticed an increase in speech, but thought “I’m just seeing what I want to see.” My husband, still more skeptic about NAET, brought it up a week later that his speech had improved. Then the s.t. came and after her visit said we would probably discharge him from s.t soon, that whatever we were doing is working. He was speaking simple sentences.
    Miracles, miracles, miracles. All of it. And everything runs off the same theory. All our problems stem from the same thing, and can be taken care in one method.
    Me, my first March with out my head in a fog, and sneezing, itchy eyes, and runny nose!
    To me, it just makes sense.
    Hope this will help with others evaluation of the method before trying.
    Good Luck!

  34. Neat is the most amazing treatment in the world and I am truly indebted to Dr Nambrudiped For working this all out. My life has radically changed thanks to this treatment.It has given back a healthy and pain free life.
    If you are sceptical just put this behind you and go for it. You will never be sorry.
    I have actually trained in the Naet way and now I have the wonderful priviledge of seeing many many people become well and happy. This is indeed a wonderful mode of treatment. It is entirely uninvasive and without drugs,so many of which so many of us are allergic to.
    I could go on and on about this subject, but I will stp hoping that I have convinced you aboit it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  35. I went through the NAET treatment 2 years ago and all the allergies I suffered from are still at bay!
    I no longer even carry an EPI Pen. I eat everything I want and am not living on antihistimes for my inhaled allergies.
    I was skeptical with this treatment at first, too, but was desperate to try anything after I discovered I had many food allergies. I had many inhaled allergies, pollens, grasses, trees, etc. since childhood, but it wasn’t until I had to go to the ER because of anaphylactic shock and almost died that I really started searching for help. I got the RAST blood test that revealed several food allergies I never knew I had. Milk, wheat, corn, most nuts and soy. I also had a severe allergy to mucor mold. They never could pinpoint exactly ‘what’ caused the anaphylactic shock. Two months later, I was in the ER again, in anaphylactic shock and this time came very close to death. I heard the nurses saying they can’t always pull people out of it. My airway was so swollen and closing more by the second, I couldn’t get enough oxygen and when they tried to get an IV hooked up, my veins were already collapsing because of lack of oxygen. I’d also received two shots of Benedryl but that didn’t seem to be doing it’s job fast enough either. I just wanted to close my eyes as I was getting really dizzy and felt as if an elephant was sitting on my chest. I knew I was close to death, but fought to keep my eyes open. As I did, they got the IV in, the Benedryl must have also kicked in and slowly my airway started to have an opening again. Thank you God…it wasn’t my time to go!
    From then on, I was living in fear everyday. I came so close to death twice and still didn’t know what was causing this reaction in me. I am so grateful I found a NAET practitioner near my home.
    I tell everyone I know about NAET and how it has helped me. I literally feel it gave me back my life! By the way, I have concluded that mucor mold spores were present in old pancake mix I had that was still in the paper packaging. It had probably been exposed to humidity over the course of the year I had it in the pantry.

  36. Has anyone had an experience with getting sick from sunlight and/or heat, too? Has NAET been helpful with this? Thanks so much!

    1. My sun would develop severe headaches after being in the sun. He was treated through the NAET program for the sun in the summer in the heat. It worked. But, during the winters he would be playing out in the sun in the cold and he developed headaches. Once again he was treated for the sun but this time when it was cold. Now our 12 year old son can be in the sun no matter if it is hot or cold and not develop headaches.
      I would recommend the NEAT program for treatments of sun and heat allergies.

  37. My story may help some of you…I did something similar called Bioset 4 years ago in Marin before we moved to Roseville, CA. After a life of skin, intestinal, autoimmune, neurological issues, giftedness but also considered inattentive in my school years, itchy nose, sinus surgery, text book psoraisis, severe life threatening allergies to shellfish, bee stings and cats and intense allergies to mold, outdoor and indoor allergens, I am the only person in my family who does not complain during allergy season, except for the things I never got to. I still carry an epi pen and struggles with yeast related issues but I did not finish my treatment and could not find anyone until my
    big name brand pharmacist recommended NAET after allergic reactions to various meds, including a rash reaction to the preservative in b12 injections that my primary doctor swore I could not be allergic too but my pharmacist sees all the time and also to the chemicals in birth control I was put on for hormones( I now take natural bio identical and have no rash and am better…and now here is the story regarding NAET and my son, soon my daughter. My special needs son has been in every kind of therapy and intervention since 9 months, for low muscle tone, severe speech delay and disorder, coordination problems, balance, motor planning, and as he turned 4, serious behavior issues which we could not understand because he was always so mellow. He started preschool the year before and his diet changed. I studied the leaky gut theory but our primary team are world recognized in the field of autism( not his diagnosis, but with many characteristics including toe walking, hand flapping as a toddler.) so I did everything western for him. I could not risk playing with alternative when time was ticking so all of my efforts went into physical, speech, occupation, music, horse, water therapy, while the brain was pliable. As his behavior issues reared, we sought experts in that area..and then my pharmacist told me about NAET and It all finally clicked in my heart, even after years of not wanting it to be that simple. I went in hesitant and desperate because my son was spinning out of his 5 year old self skin…
    That was January. I remember our practitioner, a former chemist, calmly touching my son, who layed quietly for her( but pulled her room apart earlier) and she tapped him and said that soon, everyone who know how smart and wonderful he was…she said it in a confident loving tone. My son has been in a special day class since 3 and we are terrified of him transitioning into k without support. It is April and I will share with you that my son had his 1st bowl movement on the potty the first week, his scalp began to clear the second week, his bedwetting improved, his language improved, fine motor skills emerged, his behavior is more regulated and the former president of the American Pediatric Psychiatry something or other said our son is a genius, and to never let anyone medicate him and whatever we were doing, keep it up. He encourage continue speech, ot and social but saw that giftedness (which we do not lean on but are greatful that the discussions are not heavy with deficits as much and what are sweet boy is not)
    He is sleeping again and slowing having better and better days. Our 2 year old has significant exzema and her behavior is escalating beyond age appropriate 2-ness, cannot nap or sleep, is loud and bouncing off the walls, so you bet I will be starting her in the summer when she is able to do the elimination …
    I will tell you her allergist saw egg, peanut and oats in her scratch test and had no suggestions. She is also followed by my son’s doctors in a sibling program and is developmentally very bright but is off the charts in her behavior struggles day and night and I am so thankful that we have something to work with.
    Lastly, for those who are still skeptic, I was dx with a severe nerve problem 10 years ago, told by my doctor od 3 years who has also treated the best 49er quarterback in history for his back, that I would never hold a child of my own or play tennis again…and I found an accupunturist who gave me back my back, neck and arm in 6 months..I went from hiddeous medications, weekly injections and a sense of helplessness to graduate school, gardening, remodeling a home, marriage, two children and life of advocacy work.
    Also, I am a Christian and have always struggled with new age practices and even yoga but I know God wants me to be healthy and that as long as I do not have false Gods, I can get healing. I have had caring Jewish doctors, agnostic practitioners and amazing Christian OB who prayed with me for my pregnancy..
    Whatever you chose, be well.

  38. Sorry about my previous typos as I rushing out the door and the family is waiting because our son’s 25 hours are up and he gets to pick his foods tonight.

  39. My 12 yr old daugter went for her initial appt. yesterday. She was told by an allergist that she has NO allergies when she was 5 yrs old. After I old my pediatrician this, her response was that the allergy testing is not accurate (then why did she send her for allergy testing?) and put her on Zyrtec. Her symptoms were runny nose, itchy eys and ears, post nasal drip, etc… Well, over the years she has had to double her dosage and add Singular during the spring and fall. She is NEVER off her meds.
    A friend told me about NAET. Her son had many food allergies and ADHD. When he was put on Ridalyn she decided to do SOMETHING. As a faithful christian, she spent many hours in prayer about it and soon met someone that told her about NAET. Today, her son is off medication, his behavior is completely different (for the better) his allergies are gone and he’s doning well in school.
    What have I got to lose besides some money?!!
    IF I have a chance to get my daughter off theses medications, why wouldn’t I? The worst thing that can happen is nothing.
    Is it weird? Yeah. But I’m not going to let that stop me from trying to help my girl. I’ll keep you updated.

  40. My daughter and I have been trying NAET for the past 3 months now and I have to say, I’m still a sceptic. Our NAET administrator is a licensed accupuncturist, and I have no doubt about her accupuncture skills, but the NAET treatment thus far has not provided my daughter or myself with any tangible benefits. My daughter has a sever peanut and pine nut allergy, and has had eczema all her life. I’ve used her eczema flare-up to gauge the effectiveness of NAET and thus far it has not shown any remission. If anything, due to the record pollen levels here in San Diego, her eczema is at an all time worst. We will continue with the treatments (we are fortunately covered by insurance) but will remain skeptical until proven otherwise.

  41. Naet has worked marvelously for my daughter and myself.
    I had Lyme disease and was treated by homeopathy. It was not doing much. I had five NAET treatments for Lyme and it disappeared totally. I also received a treatment for “Tick” on an emotional level to eradicate all parts of the illness and am now totally free of symptoms. I had a blood test that came back negative to make sure it was not a fluke.
    I am surprised at how most people expect a result or a new feel in the body after one treatment…it does not work that way, in my experience it takes time for the body to get back into its original balance.This is not the magic pill ! Your body has too many cells to clean up for you to see results right away.
    My daughter was having horrible headaches in chemistry class. Our practioner tested her for the chemistry book and she reacted postive. Since the treatment, the headaches are gone…and she got an A in chemistry!
    I had been plagued with a nagging pain in the left hip, an on and off dull pain. I saw Chiros, cranio sacral therapists , Acupuncurists, I spent a fortune getting a bit of temporary relief. Finally, I talke dabout it with my Naet person. She did the Q and A and we found out it was emotional, related to my father. Then she asked if she had the vials for the treaemnts, in what kit they were etc… turned out that I had to be treated for ” quarrelsome” and ” restlessness”. That took place last Monday. Today Sunday I still do not feel any pain in the hip and cant believe it, after 10 years or more…
    No need to say I am a convert and will keep getting weekly treatments until I feel totally free to eat and use products without reactions… (food coloring, shampoos, make up ) are on my to do list.

  42. We started carrying our son (8 years)to a NAET practictioner about a month ago. It has been a miracle. He had started having seizures about two years ago. We put him on lamictal last october. In january he started having severe intestinal bloating. We went through xray’s and fecal testing and nothing showed up. It was like you could watch him deteriorating physically and emotionally. We found out about NAET thru a friend. At the first treatment he was diagnosed with an allergy to lamictal and treated. The afternoon after the first treatment (on the way home) , my son complained of severe stomach pains. When we got home he had a bowel movement and passed some strange looking green pooh with an extremely fowl smell. After that his stomach has been completely normal. He has had three more treatments since for the usual things. After each treatment he is stronger and happier. I thank GOD for NAET.

  43. Does anyone know what NAET does for back problems? I have a herniated lumber disc, and traditional treatments haven’t been working. I really need to find a cure and I’m open to looking into alternative methods at this point…

  44. Somebody recommended a woman who does both. I’m skeptical, but my friend has nothing but praise for the treatment. It sounds like wierd treatment, but I definitely don’t think my friend would mislead me. Most practitioners don’t really seem to know much about it – I even asked an accupuncurist and he didn’t even know much. The only people that really seem to know about it are the people who practice it and the people who get treated by it, and all the patients that I know seem to be thrilled but I’m still a bit skeptical…I’d still like to hear from anyone who knows anything about NAET and accupuncture as it relates to back injuries.

  45. Hello all who are seeking an acurate assesment of your health issues. I am a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and can attest to the accuracy of clinical kneisiology to uncover the root problem. I want to help as many mommies and daddies as I can take good care of their babies. Childhood allergies, asthma diabetes and cancer rates have been totally out of control in the last 50 years to understand why go to google video and watch for free “in lies we trust” by Len Horiwitz. Let me also explain the allergy issue as steming from Antibiotic use. Even if you don’t routinely use them, they are in the milk, yogurt, cheese, chicken, beef, soy, and GMO foods that you are feeding to your kids without realizing it. This sets up a very long root like structures called Rhizoids that pierce through the mucosal membranes of the intestinal walls that then allow undigested food to enter the blood stream causing a histimine reaction (allergies) and eventually are the root cause of most auto immune disorders and comprimised immune function. I routinely see clients in my office who have not had any success medically treating their problems, who experience complete relief from severe allergy issues after detoxing the intestines of these pathogenic fungal forms of candida yeast. The Rhizoids also morph into a spore form wich can produce both mold or yeast. In order to get perminately rid of Candida you have to get the rhizoid roots that can be dormant. If your child has had thrush(yeast) as a baby, cradle cap(yeast) or chronic diaper rash(yeast) chronic ear infections (bacteria & yeast) constipation issues(yeast induced) They may have quite a number of colonized rhizoids present. I do not believe that Candida is the cause of all problems, but I have found it to be very prevalient in the average allery sufferer.

  46. Hello,
    We started NAET treatments a little over a month ago. Originally we started looking into it in hopes that we may have found something to help our 6yo who has anaphylactic reactions to even very small amounts of peanut protein. It took several weeks of research and anectdotal evidence from trusted sources before jumping in. I’d been told peanut allergies are usually life-long if they don’t disappear by her age. I didn’t want to give her false hope or subject ourselves to a pointless drain of time and money. I must admit I’m still skeptical but I don’t particularly trust the ‘Western Medicine” approach either. And the more I see of NAET’s results the more I have to believe there is something to it. We started with my hubby who was very lactose intolerant. Something we could test directly through our own observation and would be pretty obvious as to whether it helped or not. 25 hours after treatment he drank an entire 12 oz glass of milk and no problems. . . there was no way he could have done that before, not even with lactaid pills. He has since been back for other treatments and we just took our daughter in for the first time today. I went as well since I have CFS and a huge number of other health problems that have thus far eluded traditional doctors. We shall see. So far ‘modern medicine’ has done little but offer shrugging shoulders, pills and innacurate tests. In my opinion, there is enough evidence of benefit to give NAET a concientious try. If the practioner continues to make you or your son uncomfortable I’d definitely start looking for another. And good luck with your son! I hope it works for all of us.

  47. We started with NAET about 9 years ago – because we were desperate. Our family physician could find nothing “wrong” with my 1st 2 kids – one of them was unbearable – behaviour wise. So, there began our journey down the alternative path.

    We have had mixed results. What I mean by that is – I believe with all the treatments we have recieved we are moving in the right direction and sometimes we can see a real black and white difference. There are times, though, that we don’t quite notice anything at all. Sometimes underlieing ill health conditions are not noticable either. So, I’d really like to think that we are helping out our whole body and preventing illnesses in the long run.

    Everytime we remove an allergen we are boosting our immunes. Time will tell just how well we all are doing.

    Naet can remove all kinds of other things besides the common food allergies. If you think about all the chemical responses from emotions, etc. – which can settle in various organs, etc. – these can be addressed as well. I have been treated for two big emotional issues – and now I feel peace. My daughter is being treated for fear.

    I am still always the skeptic . . . . . but, we are getting results so we are continueing with it.

    Someone asked about other therapies for back issues. We also have tried craniosacral therapy – with good and very interesting results – so I would recomend that as well.

    You must find a practicioner that you like and TRUST.

    Be well.

  48. Just found this post and have read the comments from others. I’m considering NAET treatment for my 5-year-old daughter who has suffered from eczema since 2 months old. She’s been allergy tested three times and only shows a slight allergy to dog. Yet, her arms, legs, eyelids, etc. are covered in eczema.

    I’d be very interested, as this post was originally published in November, in hearing if the NAET treatment is helping Silas. Have you seen any improvement at this point?

  49. Well, I’m doing a little research because I want to PROMOTE NAET. I started it about 5 years ago, and was instantaneously cured of both allergies to cats (which I’d had my whole life) and an allergy to estrogen which had caused me SEVERE depression during my mensus (and western physicians put me on Zoloft to curb). It was dumb luck that led me to an acupuncturist whom practiced it, and I wouldn’t live without it. My husband, parents, and friends use it… and so does my 2 year old son. My son has no allergies. He was born VERY healthy, and only sees the NAET practitioner when needed. He has been treated for soy, bananas, and a reaction to one of his vaccinations that were required by his Montessori school. My mother is a cancer survivor and has only used NAET-no traditional medicine.

    It is my personal opinion that many adults have an abundance of layers with regard to their allergies which they need to shed with time. Yes, I suppose it could be considered expensive, but I see that many people find no problem spending money on things that DON’T benefit their health, and IF OUR HEALTH care were just that, maybe it would cover preventative medicine that elliminates SOURCES of illness instead of just covering it up with drugs or surgically removing things… but I digress.

    I am an absolute supporter of NAET. I am grateful for it, and feel very strongly about it’s benefits. I suppose it might be possible that a child that is uncomfortable around a practitioner could be reacting to their parent’s doubts… or… maybe that practitioner isn’t comfortable working with children.

    Congrats to those of you who have tried it and found success.

  50. I have a son who just turned 10 and has been severely allergic to milk since birth. He is also allergic to peanuts, treenuts and dogs. I have seen the best allergist in the country, but even the “best” doctor cannot cure my son. I read the “NAET” book and became quite interested. We had our first visit last week when the practitioner told me that Stephen was allergic to eggs too. We didn’t know that…he eats eggs every day. However I have to tell you that after the accupressure part was done and he was “clearing” the egg allergy….suddenly my son felt really sick to his stomach! He NEVER complains and is never sick. I really believe that something was happening inside his body. I told the practitioner and he said, “You think he felt sick today….wait till you see how he feels when the milk allergy is clearing”. I am a college graduate with a masters degree and beyond. I am not usually open to this type of thing, but my instincts are telling me that there is something real going on here. Albert Einstein used less than 6% of his brain! I believe that there we humans are complex organisms and there is soooooooooooooooo much more to us than bones and blood. There is an energy flow and I believe it can be blocked. I will let you know how my son does with future treatments. If he is ever able to have a glass of milk, I will somehow have his story told on CNN or at least the Oprah show. More people should know about these treatments so they too can be free to explore their options.

    1. Geri,

      I am interested in what happend with your son’s NAET treatments. I checked to see if you had any more posts. My son started NAET in October and we have also experienced some very strange reactions. He was cleared of all the basics and we have moved on to Dust, Pet Dander, smoke and now we are clearing fabric softener which he is apparently reacting too. I have to say that as soon as we clear one thing he starts reacting to something else we hadn’t cleared yet and in the way he is worse not better. The reactions to the uncleared allergerns are worse than they would have been before he started NAET. I hoping once we clear fabric softner he will start to show some improvement.

  51. Hi again, Ok now it has been over two months since we started. I was hoping to read the website host experiences but you stoped going too bad…..

    Two months, and several visits a week I sadly do not see these wonderful results, with my child…..we have been working on the gluten thing for at leat six visits, & nothing still gets sick….and no we are not running out to eat a whole pizza…..a few bites shows us he still has problems, altough we have been told repetedly he is cleared.

    I mean if it works it works & if it doesn’t it doesn’t right? why so much variance in results?

    I even ask patients doing it in the office if it has worked and I have yet to find anyone who says they have removed the allergies a “real live person” not who know who posting tall tales on line.

    Most people say now they know what to avoid, & their symptoms have been reduced (due to elimination) but if they go back to eating the allergin it returns, so it sounds like they are doing the elimination diet & calling It NAET. Elimination works very well.

    So for us it has been not much improvement, nor incredible effects after treatment as promised I might add…I also did some visits and really did not feel anything at all. Still have all my allergies.

    The Naet constant diet of white rice & potatoes is horrible for the Candida, and actually got us sicker some days. I agree with the naturopaths assesment that almost everything is caused by candida. In fact my son started his life with four very strong antibiotics…&still the candida flares up today….I would like to know what type of detox is recomended? I mean for kids this is hard? Olive leaf? Grape seed? I battled it for two years on a very strict diet that is not kid friendly.

    Also I think that perhaps going to an accupuncturist that practices Naet might be best.

    Any show of hands here as to how many people are using needles & how many not using anything?

    Is anyone out there getting the treatment without the accupuncture?

    Some people above say accupressure? others have said manipulation? My practitioner uses a light beam? or sometimes nothing? This is a huge difference in treatment methods. Please state in your email exactly what the tretment was this will help others determine which if any work.

    Is anyone other than the inventor of the Treatment doing any studies on this? the only people who are are all connected to her…..?

    we are reluctantly hanging in there….but so far nothing….there is another blog similar to this & the host also did many visits & had no results

    plus at the office I see all these people that supposedly are “cured” coming back for regular treatments so if they are cured why do they need to come back regularly?!???

    I always ask can you eat your allergins? So far they have all said no. Symptoms have somewhat improved. ( I attribute this to the elimination)

    So far I would not refer Naet to anyone….I think my child is loosing faith….for lack of any other help we are hanging in there. The emotional placebo effect seems to have worn off for my child. We were made many promises that he would be able to eat everything…..

    Also trough Naet you are supposed to be able to clear all the candida & yeast which he has done & trust me he still has very high candida. So that did not seem to work either. Supposedly cleared of eggs &that is not going to well.

    anyway will touch back in a few…

  52. Interesting cc!

    I’d go to someone who’s an accupuncturist. From what I know, you need to use accupressure for it…I’ve never heard of the light beam. I’d change docs before losing complete faith in it. I’m just about to ask a friend how she did her candida yeast cleanse because I want to do one one myself. I’ll get back to you with that one.

  53. As a NAET practitioner, I feel the need to interject from time to time (you can read my past comments above). Since I am acupuncture physician, I am biased towards an acupuncturist’s approach. However I know of other healthcare professionals that are very competent NAET practitioners. There are many ways to stimulate acupuncture points: needles, massage, pressure vibration, and laser. As long as these methods are done at the correct location, all should work. (Get your practitioner to teach you the location of the 4 basic gate points & massage them twice daily yourself for about 30 seconds each, to help promote your own healing. The NAET books do not detail these points well.)

    Clients need to remember that NAET is not a magic bullet that targets a pathogen like yeast & shoots it down like conventional drugs. Our bodies have innate self healing protocols built into our DNA. What NAET does do is help a body to heal itself by: enabling it to absorb nutrients properly, unclogging the energy systems to send life energy (Chi/ Qi) where it is needed, & freeing the immune system to do its job appropriately. This does not happen over night. It took years to a lifetime to create most states of ill health. The miracle is that it usually only takes several months to a year to bring health back into balance. Be kind and patient to yourself and treat your health with reverence.

    How many treatments it will take to see improvements depends on the state of health of an individual, how many sensitivities they have, how poor their nutritive absorption is, how high of opportunistic parasite load they are carrying (yeasts, molds, worms, bad bacteria), how much external stress they are under, whether they maintain a healthy lifestyle, & (probably most importantly) their willingness to be healthy.

    Most people do need appropriate health cleansings or detoxes with nutritional support. If your healthcare provider is not trained in these areas you should get a referral to see someone who is (such as a naturopath or herbalist). [It took years to get my body to keep A. candida in check. I had sensitivities to almost all sugars as well as many vitamins (A & the B’s). Originally I was cleared for the mix vials for sugars & vitamins & I followed with appropriate diet (low carbs, high fiber, moderate protein), nutrition, detoxes and rebuilding healthy gut bacteria. I improved but not completely as I had to be very careful about my diet & managing stress. What seemed to do the trick for me was being treated for individual sugars (especially fructose – fruit sugar) and B6. I became more proactive about my health & I just did not give up.]

    Even when all NAET procedures have been followed to the letter, a client may have some unconscious emotions or self sabotages that must be dealt with to enable them to heal. Sometimes a few treatments with another energy kinesiology system (PKP, EFT, NET, NMT, etc) that deals more deeply with psychological aspects are needed to help an individual that seems to be stuck. Personally I am partial to PKP (Professional Kinesiology Practice). However, I feel EFT can be very beneficial as it is applied by a individual on themselves, empowering the individual in their own health quest.

    Remember to put your precious energies that you waste on worry instead into becoming a healthy and whole person. Trust that you will be lead to where you need to tread. There are many destinations on your path to health.

  54. I meant to address other of CC’s concerns.

    Once a sensitivity is cleared 100%, it should not come back. Ask your practitioner if they are checking that an item has cleared on all levels. I have found that if there is any sensitivity less than 50%, the muscle test will be strong but an item is not completely clear & can show up latter, usually under stress (such as exposure to multiple allergens at the same time). (After I check all the NAET levels, I muscle test the body if there is any sensitivity 1-50 % to double check.)

    Gluten is not just in wheat but in ALL grains (oats, spelt, barley, etc), the staples of our western diet. Your son may need to be cleared for some individual grains as well. Many people may be okay with grains or glutens but sensitive to the yeast used in rising breads, or to the simple sugars that starches break down into, or to the enzymes needed to break them down, or corn syrup or other sugars used in sweetening them, or in the whitening agents used in making flours whiter, or other additives such as preservatives, or even the form of vitamins or fats. I know it is very frustrating to figure it all out, but worth it when you finally do!

    I strongly encourage learning how to muscle test your family members so you can check each other before ingesting anything suspect. Touch for Health is a wonderful energy kinesiology series designed for the average lay person. Although you can order books from 2 websites (Touch For Health Kinesiology Assoc:, or the inventor’s site:, the info can be overwhelming, & accurate muscle testing is a skill that really needs hands on demonstration & supervised practice. (You can learn to play the piano with just some books & alot of trial & error but it would be sooo much easier & faster with a good teacher.) Both websites list upcoming classes throughout the US. Level I will teach you all you need to know for accurate muscle testing.

  55. i have a son that went through the Naet treatment in 06 for several food and environmental allergies. i too thought it was bizarre, but continued with it because it is a healthy alternative to controlling his allergies. To date, he is free to eat a lot of the other things he couldn’t before, and can be outdoors without getting a rash in the spring/summer… it isn’t perfect though, he still can’t be around dogs or cats, and has to watch how much flan he eats… do i care? not at all, this is nothing compared to how things were when he had to take all those medications. i totally recommend it.

  56. It’s Geri again. I am the one who has the 2 allergic children. I had to take a break from NAET because my practitioner was so far away and as a mom of 3, it was often tough to get out there. I have since switched practitioners. The new one we are using is also an accupuncturist, however he uses accupressure since my son is only 10. Stephen is my 10 year old who is very allergic to milk and nuts. The new practitioner attempted to “clear” him of the “calcium group” which contained milk an other things. Again we had a weird thing happen that night which leads my skeptical mind to say, “Yes there is something happening here”. At 11:00 that evening, my son literally could not stop sneezing for over 50 minutes straight! It was becoming scary because we couldn’t stop his sneezing fit and he was getting nervous. He rarely sneezes. The naet guide states many “reactions” that could occur after a treatment. Sneezing is one of the things listed. My logical mind says, “How the heck could this weird practice of holding a glass vial in your palm as the practitoner applies the accupressure at specific points, actually do ANYTHING to the body?” It doesn’t make any sense to me, yet my son has had 3 treatments and 2 out of 3 times…something quite out of the ordinary happened. I also wrote to a local newswoman (I’m from Long Island) who did a piece on naet. She wrote back to me and told me that her sister was allergic to almost every food on earth and after completing naet treatment…she now eats every food. She also told me that the success of any energy work depends, in large part, on the practitioner you are using. I am seeing our new practitioner once per week with my son. I will try to keep you updated and remember…I’m the one who said I will have my son’s story told on national TV somehow…if this actually helps him. Because if it is real….the world needs to know about it! Geri

  57. I read with interest your experience with your NAET practitioner, because I am waiting for an NAET practitioner to call me back to schedule my first appointment. I am just a regular person who has read lots of books and articles on alternative health issues, but with no formal training in any of these areas. My bottom line is not, “do I understand how this works,” because when you think about it, we don’t understand how an MRI machine works, or an EEG or an EKG, but would you refuse to take that test because you don’t understand? Or would you assume that the doctor knows what he’s doing? Because he has received training that we haven’t. So my bottom line is, am I getting good results? Can I now eat these foods without getting the bad symptoms? Am I feeling better now?
    In my experience, most of the alternative treatments, though sometimes more expensive and more work for the patient, work better than the medicine and surgery you are going to get from a regular doctor. Yes, you can take allergy pills, and you can take antacid, but isn’t it better to find something to “cure” the allergies, rather than trying to avoid exposure, or trying to mask the symptoms.
    So bottom line, do you feel better? Since most of us don’t understand most of the tests our medical doctors order, why worry if we don’t understand what the NAET practitioner does while testing and treating us? Look for results, and go with that. “Alternative” treatments will win every time. And usually they do not require toxic things such as exposure to radiation or toxic chemicals. Going “alternative” just makes more sense.
    So don’t let the AMA line, saying that anything not supported by the AMA is hogwash, influence you to hold back from trying something new. Remember that many treatments formerly used by AMA doctors are now found not to be effective, and many procedures still in use by AMA doctors have never been found to be useful. Yet there are many things that AMA doctors are very good at. Reversing degenerative diseases and allergies are just not on that list.

  58. Hi
    I am looking for a good naet practitioner near fremont, san hose or oakland. My daughter is allergic to most of the foods. She is five right now.

  59. Hi all,

    I’m researching on NAET on the web because my DAN! Doctor had made the suggestion. My son is only one, and he has severe food allergy with anaphylaxis to Gluten. I’ve read several blogs, and it seems to me that gluten allergy is a hard one to treat. Can someone make a referral to a practioner in Los Angeles area? or is that not allowed on this website. Just curious. I would much rather go by recommendation instead of choosing randomly from the NAET website.
    thanks in advance.


  60. I am enjoying the interaction on this board. I have a recommendation of jeannie elmstrom in the westside of los angeles. specializes in kids, lots of training in naet. let us know how it goes for you.

  61. We started the naet treatment for our two and half year old daughter from March in Eugene, OR. She was allergic to milk protein and Wheat. She was getting runny nose and hives, rashes and nausea when she touches or drinks milk. She was treated so far for Vitamin C, Grains, Base mix, oils (all types) and bean mix. Now She is now able to eat wheat cereal after the grain mix treatment in April with no reaction. But she is still allergic to Milk. We are just waiting to treat the milk mix.

    It is a long treatment. I think it is better to try it out rather than wait for 5 years as the Pediatricians say by the time she will get over it. We searched for all types of treatment and going to allergist is not an option for 2 year old kid. We atleast have some hope now of getting over her allergies by the time she goes to School. Now we cannot travel long distance due to her allergy. She eats only home cooked food, and she showed big improvement over the last 3 months eating Wheat cookies (Milk Free) and potato chips. Her improvements are keeping us on course.

  62. It’s Geri again. Today was the first day that our NAET practitioner attempted to “clear” Stephen’s milk allergy. He said it could take several treatments, however I should know if this works or not within the next two weeks or so. I will keep you posted. If it does work, my other son has Celiac disease and cannot have any gluten. He will be next if all goes well.

  63. Hello,
    I am intrigued by NAET and want to believe in it. I know someone whose daughter had an analphylactic reaction to Peanut Butter, and was cleared and then ate a small amount of it to test her reaction while in the office. I thought that was pretty risky of the practitioner to allow that test to take place outside of a hospital. Also, when she went to the allergist, she still tested positive for a peanut allergy, so she still needs her epi-pen and now the child is more confused.
    I wish there was more scientific evidence to back it up, rather than anecdotal. I am tempted to have my son go through the treatments just as a safety precaution, but still never allow him to eat peanut butter.
    I would be interested to know if anyone has any specific knowledge of double-blind tests and validity of NAET. Thanks

  64. I want to let you know several years ago I was treated with NAET using ACUPUNCTURE–not accupressure. The person who performed it on me is Monika Rukus in Chevy Chase, MD. She is a highly qualified practitioner and was the FIRST person on the East Coast to learn and use this technique. It worked very well for me and I’m so much healthier today as a result of her treatments and then follow-up with a natural healer. You must choose a qualified practitioner. I’ve heard that accupressure is not as effective, but that is ONLY what I’ve heard. I’d check very closely on the NAET site and see exactly how much training the person who is treating your son has had.

    I wish you the best.

  65. Thanks for your help. I wish there was more of a correlation with traditional medicine and NAET. For instance, my friend whose daughter was cleared for peanut allergy using NAET, says that she is not sure she trusts the traditional allergy blood test that her allergist gave. She said there are often false positives. But I feel there is not much scientific evidence to back up whether her daughter is allergic using the NAET test, which tests arm strength.
    What worries me the most about NAET is the testing of the allergy by giving the child peanut butter in the practitioner’s office. The epipen was on-hand, but the child had already had a severe analphalactic reaction to PB once, and her next reaction could have been worse. I feel like if NAET is for real, they should have the evidence and double-blind studies and research to back it up. It is difficult for me to just “trust” someone with my child’s health and well-being.

  66. hello still not sure,
    so what happened to the child when she ate peanut butter in the office? did the child have a reaction?

  67. still not sure, there has been double blind tests done I believe…I believe that NAET failed them miserably.

    I don’t like “studies” the outcome can be so different based on who is doing the study. Those tests could have been done by a drug company who sells allergy medication. Who the heck knows right??

  68. I agree that the drug companies tie-in to these studies can be suspect. It makes me even more confused…
    When my friend’s daughter had the test in the practitioner’s office, she put a very small amount of PB in her mouth (am not sure if she actually ate it)and did not have a reaction. This was encouraging. But then, according to the blood test given later on, she was still allergic. My friend feels that NAET did cure her daughter, but is too scared to say she does not have an allergy when she goes to school. So she still carries an epi-pen, and the child is confused too. She(the daughter) was initially very reluctant to try the peanut butter because she had been taught for so long that it could kill her, and had had such a scare with the anaphylactic reaction.
    So, at the end of the day, they are not sure if she still has the allergy b/c the NAET test and the blood test used to measure it are different.

  69. Hi
    I have a son with tree nut, milk and egg allergies. I would like to ask Geri if the treatment she started for her son worked. I live in the east coast 2 and would like to know whom she took her son to…

    thanks in advance

  70. I took my 4 month old daughter to a NAET prac. after she’d had bloody, mucusy stools for over a month. Since I’m breastfeeding her ped. started me on an elimination diet which didn’t work. Now I know from NAET it was because my daughter was reacting to so many other things I was eating, besides the milk and egg, etc. they told me to avoid, like avocado. Anyway, she’s been treated twice a week, every week using acupressure by cool laser. Unfortunately she still has blood in her stool nearly every day, BUT is also still reacting to new foods in my breastmilk. I’m back to eating dairy, soy, wheat/gluten, and eggs and still she ONLY has a tiny spot of blood every day. So, I think it is helping since she should be having lots of blood based on my diet.

    So, we test the foods I’ve eaten in the 24 hours prior to the appointment (if anything different), and treat the next thing on the priority list. My girl did have a few days of no mucus, and only one small spot of blood in 3 days, until I drank a Coke…..bad diaper the next day.

    I’m not convinced it is going to work for her in terms of completely stopping the blood and mucus, but know it works for some people. I want it to work for my daughter so badly. She’s had blood in her stool for over 75 days. Don’t be alarmed, even the Ped. said it’s not enough blood to really harm her. It’s just a red flag for food allergies.

    Additionally, my 3yr old son has anaphalaxia to dairy, egg, and some tree nuts, with a long list of additional allergies as discovered through IGE blood testing. We’ve recently started his NAET treatments on dairy. In fact, today was the first test of actually ingesting a little cow’s milk (organic, of course). He did get hives from a microscopic amount on his inner lip. So, we treated the baggie of milk I had with me again. My pract. tests sometimes using my plastic baggies of specific foods.

    I’m going to ask the NAET lady about the yeast thing; and ask our naturalpath. We see mainstream Ped., an allergist, a naturalpath, and this NAET Chiropractor.

    Despite my skepticism I’m driven to keep going with NAET; especially after reading so many success stories here. I have to say, it just feels good to be doing something tangible to try to help my kiddos. All I have to lose is some money and time. Mainstream medicine offers nothing for food allergies.

    Someone above mentioned an alternative allergy treatment that started in Europe 30 years ago. We tried that too with my son, then 2; the Dr. said he was just too sensitive to his allergens to be treated at this time. Here in the US it’s called Low Dose Allergen treatment.

  71. I am going to try a chinese remedy from Dr. Li from Mt. Sinai hospital. They are having clinical trials for older kids and working on a vaccine for kids with peanut allergy. here is the link

    I have an appointment next month but she said it is a long drawn process so be prepared for the wait.. Hope this helps for all of u out there. Good luck.

  72. DO NOT waste your money on this…..we tried it we were cleared for many things, we were promised this works, with 100% certainty…..we were happy & we were very disappointed.

    We reintroduced things into the diet to our detriment. The body kept saying no!

    If you really want to heal esp immune issues use vitamins , herbs, elimination, & greens greens, greens… bring up your PH…..reduce your stress, & reduce the toxins in your life….heal your intestines which is the reason you have all those allergies in the first place. We wasted lots of time & money…I cant see how all those practitioners are still practicing with a straight face knowing what they do is not making a difference….the original positive emotional effect of some one telling you you will be cured eventually wears out when reality hits…….Look on the net more & more people are trying it & it is not working. We try many forms of alternative therapy & so far this one has been the most useless. I really want to get a hold of that NAET woman & give her a piece of my mind.

    Every one I talked to who has tried it, says that they still continue to eliminate their allergins even after treatment. I have not spoken to one actual person (this means a real flesh & blood person not internet )who has been healed by this.

    I went in with an open mind & wallet don’t do the same!!! This could prevent you from getting some real help from some real alternative practitioners.
    Not to mention most of the time you spend eating fried foods & sugar get real.

  73. Hi Bee!
    It’s Geri. The practitioner my son has been seeing is named Chris Lorentzen. His business is called “Earth’s Way” and if you would like, I will give you his phone number. He is still unlisted, but I think you could find it on the NAET website under practitioners. I really trust this guy. He is bright, sincere and has helped many people to lose their allergies. He started “clearing” Stephen from his milk allergy a couple of weeks ago. THere are several components in the milk that need to be cleared one at a time so we are not there yet. I will let you know how it goes. He is allergic to peanuts and treenuts too, just like your child. He goes to Dr. Hugh Sampson at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NY City. Does your child go there as well? Is that where you learned about this new study for older children? How old is your child? My son is 10, do you think he would qualify? I will follow your link and check it out. What is this Chinese treatment all about? Does it bear any similarities to NAET? Thanks for the information and keep us all posted. Also let me know if you need Chris’ phone number. Take care.

  74. Geri

    Thanks for your reply. I think your son would qualify for it. No my child does not go there but I used google 😉 The chinese treatment uses mushrooms and few other traditional chinese herbs. It has worked on mice so far. So take a look at it. My son is too young for the clinical study. If you want Dr. Li’s number I can pass it on. Take care and good luck.

  75. Hi There,

    I just wanted to say that NAET is both a science, and an art – not everyone is equally good at it. There are very good practitioners, and not so good ones.

    My son and I have seen two different NAET practitioners, and spoken to one other. One lady I didn’t like at all. The other I liked, but he was not really good at the muscle testing, so he was saying that we were clear on things that we were stronger on, but not cleared on. I know how to test myself at home on things, so I knew we weren’t clear all the way. I finished the treatments we pre-paid for with that guy, and then switched to another lady that I really like.

    The lady we are going to now still does the muscle testing, but does it with one hand on you, and tests the muscles in her own hand for strength vs. weakness. This seems to be more accurate as you have a feel for your own hand’s strength and weekness better than someone elses (each patient’s strength level is different – 80 yr. old grandma, vs. 21 yr. old athlete, but your own remains constant and more distinguishable). I seemed strong if I cleared the allergy to at least 50-60%, and I did better with the item, but didn’t feel totally ok with the item untill I cleared it all the way. Checking the percentage of how much we had cleared before continuing was a huge difference for us. Also, the NAET vial may not contain exactly what you’re item contains. Some apple juices have more or different additives than others, so you should make sure your ok on your specific juice before you re-introduce it. Combos can make all the difference.

    Well, we have been going to this new gal for a few months, and I am way better on some things, but have a ways to go. My son is not in danger of going to the emergency room around cats anymore, and can have apples with out the peel, some corn products, and chicken with out triggering his asthma. We still have a long ways to go as our allergy list is long (we had traditional scratch tests done also – our allergy list was long on that one too), but I am seeing enough positive results to continue. As far as the costs go, the prices for NAET here range quite a bit – by as much as $40 a visit. The lady I didn’t like was the most expensive – go figure.

    As far as an allergy coming back, that has happened to us on some things that we didn’t clear 100% before re-introducing them. I also feel that we would hold our treatments better if we did a liver detox, but we can’t do that till we clear our allergies of the stuff you use to do the detox. Thankfully, with NAET, at least I know that we should be able to do that in the near future. This is much better than a life doomed to avoidance.

    Well, good luck to you and God bless. I hope this helps. Thanks for listening.

  76. Hello Again, Bee,
    Thanks for your reply. I would be interested in the clinical study for sure. I visited the website but it was a bit confusing in terms of contacting anyone about it. If you could be so kind as to give me Dr. Li’s number, I would call and see if my child or perhaps both of my boys, could take part in the study. Thanks again and good luck with your son. Also if you need any “milk free” fun and easy foods for your son, I am becoming a pro since I’ve been at it for 10 years now. Also let me know if you still need Chris’ phone #. Thanks for all .

  77. Shell,
    I found your blog insightful and interesting. I agree 100 % that the success of NAET depends in large part on the skill of the practitioner. I also agree that it is worth looking into as many people have had their allergies eliminated through this seemingly weird method. My sister is a speech pathologist in Michigan and she just happened to mention this NAET treatment, that I was looking into, to her colleagues at lunch. As it turned out, the music teacher got all excited and told my sister that her two children had serious food and environmental allergies and these allergies were completely resolved by NAET. My sister almost fainted because she thought it was ridiculous when she first heard of it! Now she calls me every day and asks how the naet is going because she trusts this woman completely and she believes that there really is something to this method of kinesiology! Keep the faith and continue to keep us posted on your progress!

  78. Geri
    Thanks a lot. I would love to get dairy free recipes but I don’t know if I mentioned this – he is allergic to eggs too. So if u have any recipes, do pass it on. As for the trial here is the info-
    Sharon is Dr. Li’s assistant and u need to call/ email her to fix an appointment:
    Telephone: 212-241-4661
    If u need more info email me
    Good luck

    and yes I would love to have Chris’s #

    p.s. Thank u very much for this blog. V.much appreciated

  79. Hi Bee. Great to hear from you so soon. I believe that this type of “networking” is what it is all about. I will email you will Chris’ phone #. Also I will check for egg free foods because fortunately for my son, Stephen, he outgrew his egg allergy at age 4. It is the darned milk that is so severe and is not letting up. I’ll email you later and again thanks for all of the info. on the study!

  80. Geri,
    I live and southeast Michigan and have a daughter with autism and many food, enviromental and chemical allergies. (She is allergic to wheat, egg, milk, soy, all meats except chicken, all veggies except broccoli and most fruits). We are seeing a naet specialist we found at
    We recently finished naet basics and are doing naet’s autism protocol. We have deviated from this recently to work on my child’s severe egg allergy now. Can you check with your sister and provide me with the name of the naet specialist that has had success here in MI?
    Thanks a million for your help.

  81. This blog has really helped me in my decision to use NAET for my son’s allergies. Thank you very much for your time and effort.

  82. Ya me too. We might start up again once my husband gets his medical, he’s starting a government job soon!! So I’ll see how much of it is covered. Hopefully lots and lots and lots. I might try it on myself first to see how well it works. I’d love to be cleared for animals…oh that would change my world. And I wonder if I can get cleared for Salvation Army…ha ha I still feel sick since going in there the other day. Bad allergies.

  83. Hi Kathy,
    I just called my sister to find out the name and phone # of the naet practitioner her colleague used in Michigan. She said that as soon as she sees her at work, she will ask her and get the information to me. As soon as she does, I will get it to you. Good luck with your daughter. She is a true gift! My second son has Down Syndrome, celiac disease and life threatening peanut/treenut allergies. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t thank God for him! Special needs children are so precious and they can touch our lives and help us to arrange our priorities in such an extraordinary way! Enjoy your little piece of heaven and I’ll get you the info. asap.

  84. Thanks Geri,

    I agree, all kids are special gifts…you are so right! I have learned a great deal from my daughter and I love her so dearly. Thank you for checking with your sister for a successful NAET practicioner.

    So far on NAET, I’m happy with the result of our ‘clearing’ chlorine. (Laura used to get hives after swimming in a pool so past summers saw little of this.) This summer we’ve done quite a bit of swimming. Also, historically…99% of Laura’s mosquito bites swelled to the size of a golf ball or larger. Some were baseball size. The last 4 bites after the mosquito treatment in early July were just regular small mosquito bites.

    Egg will be a challenge for us. We have a bunch more egg elements and combinations to try and clear. I’ll post to keep everyone on the board updated on our progress. Milk will be another serious allergy to clear later.

  85. Hi Kathy,
    My sister just got the info on the naet practitioner. His name is Greg Saunders and he is in Adrian, Michigan. She said that it is near the Ohio border. I hope this helps. Good luck to you and to all who have children with allergies and other special needs.

  86. Dear Matriarch,

    I just got through with my second Bioset “treatment” and will continue to go because I am open minded, not well, and Western medicinal practitioners have proven just about useless.

    Did your NAED practitioner turn Silas’s apple allergy around?

    Steve Slaton

    P.S. Anyway, I found your blog doing this yahoo search:

    bioset allergy elimination and bad experience

    And their homesite is:

    P.P.S. Before I discovered how badly big money had corrupted medicine I used to work as a toxicologist supervising 65 people in the pharmaceutical industry, and killed a drug because it was, well, toxic… Reading some of the comments, someone was mistaken that allergies are only to proteins. Allergies can be to be just about anything. While I have not been able to find any research confirming alcohol allergy, consider that alcohol could chemically react with something more complex and this new complex becomes an allergen.

    P.P.P.S. I estimate that Western medicine misses testing for roughly of the allergy reactions possible because they only test for antibodies that cause histamine release, which is a positive reaction to their 15 minute stick tests, called ITS (immediate type sensitivity). Severe anaphylactic shock to say peanuts is caused by severe histamine release associated with DTH (delayed type sensitivity). NIH has made it illegal for doctors to test for DTH, and most DTH is not anaphylactic, and consequently I guess that half the allergies go undiagnosed. They will try to tell you that your reaction is psychosomatic, or an intolerance, and prescribe you medicines to treat symptoms that will not go away. They become drug pushers and you the duped. The only exception DTH test allowed is for tuberculosis. Since TB can be safely tested for so could any other DTH…

  87. I started NAET treatments several months ago for asthma. I was on several inhalers and they were not working well. I was told in the first session to avoid dairy by the NAET practicioner. I didn’t listen and I continued to consume dairy as it was organic so I figured it would not be a problem. I was wrong and realized it after having several major attacks after consuming dairy. I gave it up and I do not need inhalers anymore. I am being treated for the basic 15. I have issues with about half of them. I was treated for calcium and sugar and can now take small amounts of milk ( in my coffee). I look forward to having dairy again in the future. NAET is working for me so far. I feel better in general and as others have reported have a sense of well being following treatments.

  88. Hi. I didn’t need a Ph.D. to see my 8 year old son has ADHD. I took him to a phychiatrist who recommended I give him medication to help him concentrate in school and not be so impulsive. As a substitute teacher, I have seen too many kids on meds who have made them seem to be in a catatonic state. They can concentrate alright. But they have absolutely NO personality left in them, and they just sort of stare off into space. They could just be on the wrong medications, I don’t know. But I decided I wasn’t going to subject my child to that and try an alternative method of treatment. So my son began treatment under the NAET method. Cost was not an issue, and my husband and I knew we had nothing to lose after trying this. More importantly, it would NOT harm him. I was already familiar with the kineseology chiropractic methods, and knew those worked for myself, and was hoping would be the same for my son with allergy issues that could be related to the cause of ADHD. My son has had 6 treatments so far. So the progress we have seen has actually been evident, even to those who don’t know we are taking him to this treatment. After the first treatment, my son was able to make it through sitting at the table for dinner and have a full conversation without getting up, needing this or that, interrupting, etc. My husband, who didn’t even know our son had had his first treatment even asked me after dinner, “What happened? He’s so …… still.” So now after 6 treatments, we have seen that he is less impulsive (doesn’t lash out at his big brother any more), can sit through a meal without getting fidgety, and he can sit through an hour of class time without getting worn out. Last school year he had too many reports from teachers of his inappropriate behavior such as pushing kids and spitting at them. He would move his clip on his behavior chart in class down to where he had to miss recess. So far in 4 weeks, he has not moved his behavior clip even to the warning level. No issues with any teachers or kids. OK, so his behavior is different in a good way. I cannot attribute these changes in such a short amount of time (approx. 6 weeks) to anything else. We have not changed his diet except for the days he is to avoid certain foods for 25 hours. He has returned to his regular eating habits. He has the same friends, same home and school environment. I do think it is the NAET treatments that helps. Hopefully with further treatments, he can focus better at school. But we’ll see. Could be he’s just totally not interested in reading word maps where you connect a consonant with a long vowel, another consonant. But hey, who is interested in that stuff? He’d be much happier with a lesson plan that tells him how to assemble a car. Whoever is reading this, keep any open mind. BUT- I do think it’s important that you find the right doctor that can do this. There probably are some chiropractors out there who don’t have a clue how to do this properly and take advantage of that, and just take your money. Find a reputable one. If anyone is in the San Diego area and would like a recommendation, I’ve got one.

  89. We are using NAET for autism and allergies. My 5 year daughter is a highly allergic child who also has autism. We started NAET in April and are continuing. The treatment is a slow one for us. We have logged 35 visits to our chiropractor for NAET. My child’s immune system is serverely compromised (we’ve known this for years from her traditional allergist).

    On a positive note, I’ve seen my child become more social and having short conversations with folks she meets for the first time. Before she wouldn’t think of talking to them. She is also initiating play with other children in the neighborhood and at school. She used to just be near her friends but not interact so much. Our DC said she commonly sees positive changes after treatment for minerals and magnesium. I thought our daughter was less ‘foggy’ after those treatments. I don’t want to exaggerate our progress. It is slow and she still displays autistic traits.

    I think our daughter ‘stims’ more now. (i.e. flaps arms or hands) I’m told this will diminish as she clears more treatments. Our DC expects to see more leaps forward when we finish clearing vaccines.

    Right now, we paused the autism protocol and are in the middle of trying clear a severe egg allergy. It’s taken 8 treatments so far with different combinations. Our DC even had to consult with Dr. Devi’s clinic for instructions on how to proceed. I’ll keep you posted on whatever success we see. NAET is, at least, an option for us. My daughter was allergic to our DAN dr.’s biomedical approach.

    Take care and good luck.

  90. Just a quick note…My son is the one with the food allergies, however our practitioner noticed that my son had attentional issues (yes he was diagnosed with ADD last year) and since the school year was about to commence, he suggested that we deal with that and take a break from the food allergy clearing for a few weeks. I have had two different people tell me how much Stephen has grown up, he is a better conversationalist, etc… He just started 5th grade and the teacher said that he seems to be doing well. He got very high marks on the tests administered thus far. Yes, I do think that the NAET treatments are doing something positive for my son. He just seems more confident, more secure and mostly..more FOCUSED. If this continues to go as well as it is going, I will start my other son, who has Down Syndrome on NAET. Will keep you posted.

  91. I was also skeptical at first, but NAET worked extremely well for me. It eliminated symptoms of minears disease, which my doctor couldn’t help me with. It also relieved my symptoms of IBS, acne, high blood pressure, repeated urinary tract infections, chronic fatigue syndrome and hayfever. My insurance only covered 15 treatments a year, however, and I needed more. So I began studying acupressure, and discovered how to eliminate my own allergies. My life was improved so dramatically by this experience that I enrolled in a program to earn my doctorate in holistic ministry. I’ve written a book about my experience, with instructions for people who want to learn my allergy-elimination technique.

    For those of you who are skeptical, I understand. But you should know that the National Institutes of Health are funding NAET research projects. This is a U.S. government institution, and they do not invest in clinical trials for any protocol unless there is strong evidence of its effectiveness! Try googling “NAET testimonials” and you will find more than 70 pages worth of people with stories similar to mine.

    I would love to have you visit my Allergy Elimination blog here on WordPress. You’ll find it at

    Wishing good health and blessings to you and your son.

  92. NAET worked miracles for me. you can be sceptical until you become cured of what you are having troubles with. For me it was really bad headaches, stomach indigestion, rhuematiod arthritis symptoms ( hands), fatigue, brain fog…..I could go on! You have to find a practitioner that you are comfortable with. it’s energy work and you have to have good energy with your practitioner. I was treated 8 times, was convinced, flew to LA twice to learn the technique and am still learning, and now I practice this miraculous technique and am finding it can do wonders. Very sick people take a lot of treatments, but they get better and there are NO drugs with side affects. Good luck…I hope you try it.

  93. I have just started NAET here outside of Detroit with my 8 year old son. He has had eczema, puffy eyes, has a hard time getting up in the morning, hives, scratchy eyes, itchy throat, all signs of allergies. He was determined to be allergic to EVERYTHING (dairy, wheat, gluten,soy, corn, tomatoes, melon, seaweed, etc. etc. etc.) Some things, like melon, we knew he had problems with because he would get a scratchy throat when he ate it. But most of the others we didn’t know he had problems with. Blood tests and EDS testing confirmed the things that he was allergic to.

    Everyone I talked to wanted to direct me to speak with friends or read websites on how to live with food allergies (how to shop, how to cook). But we Don’t Want To Live With Allergies. We have been very open minded because honestly, we just cannot live this way.
    We started with the first 15 and cleared for Eggs. When he went in to be treated for Calcium, she put the vial in his hand. Within minutes his right ear became incredibly red and burning hot. His face became pale and he got a super stuffy nose. Our practitioner made note of it and told me it was an allergic response. The red ear is something that my son and my husband both experience and we never connected it to an allergic response. Yesterday, we went to check that we had cleared him of the Calcium. We had. The interesting thing to note is that when he again held the calcium vial there was no red ear or stuffy nose.

    Later, we moved on to the vial for Vitamin C. (potentially his problem with melon). Once he had that in his hand, the ear turned as red as a tomato within 20 seconds and the stuffy nose returned. I am a believer in Eastern medicine but this helped to completely destroy any lingering doubts. The contrast of that ear was remarkable. I did some more research last night and discovered that hot red ears are a symptom of milk allergies.

    My son has also had issues with staying focused during a long day of school and his teacher is noticing a striking difference in his ability to concentrate and get his work done. I am an absolute believer. My husband who has had similar problems as our son, as well as, asthma from the age of 4 will be starting his treatments soon. We have seen such a difference already.

    Working your way through NAET takes dedication and a lot of hard work to stay away from a sometimes exhausting list of food for 25 hours. It is not easy, but very worth it.

    Tomorrow, I am going to give him a bite of melon and see what happens.

  94. Hi all –
    I am taking my daughter to her consultation at an NAET practitioner today (Geri — I am on Long Island too). She had sensory integration issues as well as feeding issues (not quite sure if they’re allergy related yet). She’s had many feeding issues since she’s a baby. She’s currently receiving services for some of her issues, but I heard about NAET and can’t wait to see what it’s all about.
    I’ll keep you all posted.

    Thanks for this blog!!xoxo

  95. I have had terrible chronic hives for the last 6 months. I went to see an allergist and he said that I have idiopathic hives (no apparent cause). He ruled out food and other allergies, saying that chronic hives that last for months usually aren’t attributed to hives. I’ve been doped up on Benadryl, Zantac, Zyrtec & Allegra. It helps temporarily, but today it isn’t working- my hives are horrible- I can barely type my hand is so swelled up. I took 2 more Benadryl and feel like I’m going to pass out. Even though the allergist said it’s not a food allergy, I think it has to be SOME cause for these debilitating hives and itching.

    I am SO happy to hear about NAET- I looked up on and there are NAET practicioners in my area! I live in the Twin Cities- any recommendations?

    Also, why was it so hard to find out about this? I’ve never heard of it before today! But I have other health problems too (depression, anxiety, fatigue, stomach issues…) That would be AWESOME to rid myself of all of these problems!! It seems to good to be true. I admit I am a little gullible, because I like to think I can trust people. But I know there are bad people out there that cannot be trusted. But anyway, I’m going to do more research on this.

    Anyone heard of autoimmune disorder? I think that could be my problem//

    1. Moonchild, please update on your progress. I suffered from the most debilitating chronic idiopathic urticaria for about a year – 24/7, emergency room visits, every drug, nothing worked. I had days when my hands were so swollen I could barely type also! NAET has been a miracle for me. I am hive free, but still working on some smaller, swelling issues here and there, I don’t need to take any drugs. It took a while, and one thing I note about all of the previous posts, it is critical that the book be read before beginning treatment. Almost all of the questions being posed are covered in the book. My practitioner (in Rockland County, NY) requires it before treatment. Anxious to hear if you are better…

  96. I’ve just started NAET. I’m interested if some of you who are experienced with NAET treatments would tell me in detail the steps involved in your appointment.

    Since I am new to this, I don’t know if the practitioner I am seeing is experienced and following the protocol or skipping some important details/steps.

    Some questions I have are:

    I have “The NAET Guidebook” and after each item to be treated is a section entitled “Combinations needed.” Are all of these combinations to be tested at one appointment before I receive the treatment for the item?

    Is it ok for a person different from the practitioner who muscle tests me and puts the needles in to remove the needles when the treatment is over?

    Also, after the needles are removed, something is rolled up and down my spine while I am taking a series of deep breaths and panting. Is this a standard part of NAET treatment?

    Once that is done, are you then observed for 20 minutes or are you then able to leave the office?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  97. Linda,
    My experience is a little different in that the treatments that they use on my son involve accupressure and not accupuncture. So I cannot answer as to the needles. Maybe someone else has more experience to answer that portion.

    We are not tested for combinations at each visit. As we work our way through that guidebook, we start with the most recently cleared allergen. If it has cleared, we move to the next item in the guide.

    At that point she places the potentially “offending vial” in his hand and does the muscle testing. If he shows a weakness she then proceeds with the treatment.

    Because of the risk of the treatment “jumping” to me–which is part of the voodoo that I don’t comprehend 🙂 — I leave the room for the accupressure. When he is done being treated, we sit in the room for the 20 minutes with the vial still in his hand to make sure that he does not cross his meridians (limbs). After the 20 minutes we are free to go.
    Tomorrow we go in to go for the B vitamins (as long as we cleared the Vitamin C), which is a pain to stay away from. Look in the guidebook at what this kid has to avoid for 25 hours to clear B vitamins. AHHH
    small note – i haven’t given him the melon yet, we will try it this weekend.

  98. Well I am glad I didn’t try the Melon. We went back for NAET today and my son had not cleared the Vitamin C. He tested only 90-95%. Again the ear got pink (instead of the previous red) while he was holding it, but it was crazy, only half of the ear got pink. He also didn’t get a stuffy nose or stingy eyes like he did during the last treatment for Vitamin C.

    They do tell us in the guide that if an allergen doesn’t clear, you can have side effects or even get sick. He actually had a couple of his worst days at school and had the worst bags under his eyes that I have ever seen on him this week. We retreated and will move forward from here.

  99. I hope I am not monopolizing too much of this site with my own story. I am hoping my experience is helping someone else that is not sure about NAET.
    I went in to check that my 8 year old had indeed cleared the Vitamin C (the second time because he didn’t completely clear it after the first treatment). He has cleared it now and his ear (previously turned red and hot when he held the vial) stayed completely normal. He has just been treated for Sugar, so hopefully we are through because that was hard going – 2 days after Halloween.
    On another note, we saw our M.D. , who is the one who recommended the NAET procedure in his offices, yesterday for our follow-up appointment. My son’s blood work is back and confirms his strong dairy and wheat allergies. What was interesting (and also a pain in the butt for me) is that he didn’t suggest that upon clearing we should just throw those cleared allergens right back into his diet. In contrast, he suggested that we feed him a dairy and gluten free diet for the next 3 months ( 🙁 ) . That despite his belief that the NAET is doing what it needs to do, his body still needs time to heal from the years of exposure. He explained as well that his immune system needs time to rebuild and that adding it all back in right away is not the way to go. He has prescribed a total of 4 homeopathic remedies that my son takes 3x a day as a compliment to the NAET. He suggested that these remedies will help his immune to rebuild and may also cut short the amount of NAET he will have to do. I am new to all of this, and as much as I want NAET to be the magic bullet, I accept that I must work to get this kid’s whole system working properly. After all, isn’t that the point of our efforts. He said that as he is clearing on the inside he may have an exaggeration of his eczema and to not be alarmed. We will see if that happens.

  100. Momofboys,
    How is your son’s treatment going? I also live outside of Detroit and I am interested in taking my son for NAET treatments. Are you happy with the way his treatment is going? If so, would you recommend where you are taking your son & his allergist. Thanks

  101. We finally finished Basic treatment and then milk test for our daughter. The chiropractor treated her for Casein, Milk Mix, Whey, Yogurt mix all together one time. She tested positive for all of them. She tested negative for Milk fat (She was eating butter for long time with no problem), Cheese mix, Lactic acid. She used get severe allergic reaction even from touching the milk products and Yogurt. She was getting runny nose, watery eyes and swolen lips and throwing up prior to the treatment. We put the milk and yogurt on her skin for 3 days and nothing happened. We gave her one teaspoon of yogurt and nothing happened to her. She slept well and no sign of swelling and hives. We will continue to give her small quantities of yogurt for some more days and monitor closely. We are planning to test for Wheat products and Gluten mix one more time, though she was cleared off the Grain mix 4 months ago. She is eating wheat cereal once a day and eating whole wheat crackers without any problems.

  102. My son is doing really well. We got up to the grains in the basic treatment list and haven’t cleared them yet (due to time/school constraints more than anything.)
    After this holiday weekend we will pick it up again. We have been really strict with the diet in regards to the wheat/gluten, dairy and corn. The Dr. recommended that he be free of the wheat, gluten and dairy for the next three months for his body to “reboot”, (my words, not exactly his).

    I will say that we let him loose on a day of a friend’s birthday party, he had pizza and birthday cake and let me tell you, What a nightmare!!! He had HUGE allergy shiners the next day and couldn’t focus on his sports.

    I have also found, as they tell you in the workbook, that now that we have begun the process of clearing the allergens, he is more sensitive to things that are yet to be cleared. He bit into shrimp the other night, a food that he has only mildly responded to in the past, and he had one of his worst reactions. Hives in his throat that made it impossible to swallow and he had big red eyes. No more shellfish until we get that figured out!
    Susangn, I really have been very happy with my doctor, and the practicioners that I see. They are hard to get into as a new patient but very worth the wait. They are the Center for Holistic Medicine.

    My last comment is that I have become very aware since beginning this journey why so many don’t believe in it or stick with it. It is a drastic life change, a major pain in the butt, a grocery store time warp, and it forces you to be the bad guy so much of the time. You have to be the one that keeps your child from having a donut , birthday snacks at school, a slushie at the movies etc.
    I hate how many hours I spend going to 3 different grocery stores to get things that he can have and it makes me all the more determined to be free of this at some point.
    When you have more than one child it really stinks to keep them from treats that the others can have. It would be much easier to just give him a pill or a shot to deal with his issues. That being said, what I have witnessed when we adjust his menu assures me that as much work as all of this is, it is the right path for us.

  103. Seshu,

    My daughter is allergitic to milk, egg, nuts. Who is your chiropractor ? Could you give me his phone number/address ?

  104. Hi Rani,
    Our chiropractor name is Anthony P. Desienna. He lives in Eugune, OR. He has a web site link in the NAET official website if you search by the Zip code or City and State. We live 70 miles south of Eugene and drive up every Saturday for the treatment. He is a kind Gentleman has a lot of patience. He opens office just for us on Saturday.

    My daughter still has minor wheat allergy and allergic to Gluten also. So he is going to treat Gluten next week. She turned 3 last month. we started giving her a table spoon of yogurt every day and gradually to increase quantity over the next couple of months

  105. Seshu,
    Is your daughter showing any skin rash or hives with the yogurt? We are proceeding with my son’s treatments for multiple allergies but the MD wants us free of gluten, wheat and dairy for 90 days to let his body recover a bit.

    Also, EVERYONE,
    Have any of you experienced a drastic increase in appetite of your child after beginning treatments. My son was always the one that ate the least of my boys. His is my middle son. He eats so much more now and his teacher told me today that he gets 2 snacks (ie) homemade snacks, or special allergen free snack bars or fruit out of the cupboard that we use in the classroom because he says he is “starving”. I have noticed it at home as well. Don’t know if it is WHAT he is eating or that now that his system isn’t so poisoned if he has gotten a greater appetite.

  106. momofboys, I didn’t notice an increase in appetite for the egg treatment, but for the calcium my 3.5 month old was up every two hours to nurse at night. He hasn’t done that since he was a newborn! I thought maybe we hit the 4 month wakeful period, but last night he went back to his normal twice a night feedings, so it must have been the calcium treatment.

  107. My daughter is not getting hives or rashes after eating the yogurt. She was a picky eater and used to gag a lot prior to the treatment. But she has improved greatly over 6 months period since the start of treatment . Now she finishes her meals and snacks much faster. She also eats 3-4 Multi-Grain crackers a day whenever she feels hungry between the meals. She still does not like the milk. I read somewhere that people allergic to Milk are also mostly allergic Vitamin C. She was treated for Vit C in the beginning of the Basic list. Now she likes and drinks a glass of Orange Juice daily.

  108. I just wanted to comment on your child’s fear of the NAET practitioner. I cleared all but 3 of the top 15 allergens during my pregnancy with my daughter. So if you are treated during pregnancy your child clears them as well. She had 3 left to do after she was born. With every treatment she would have a meltdown. Very odd for her as she never had ANY meltdowns at any other time (yes she is a mellow and easy child). My practitioner said that children have such strong energy that they are very sensitive to any energy treatments and during the treatment they always have an emotional release. So I feel that your child’s reaction to this lady was most likely due to the nature of the treatment.

    Also interesting to note is that my sister just got certified as a practitioner and came to visit me in the past month. If my sister would try to assess me in the same room as my daughter my daughter would start to flip out and run over and cling to me. She is never like that. She could be engrossed in a Wiggles video and I would lie down 15 feet from her and out of sight and my sister would go to test me for something and within 30 seconds my daughter would come running frantically over to me and clamor to climb up on me.

    I take from this experience that children have such a strong sense of energy and can detect any changes in the energy around them so much so that it can bother their homeostasis during a treatment but in my experience it only lasts during the brief 15-20 minute treatment and once she clears an item she no longer displays that behavior when contacting the item for re-testing or in the future.

    Just my two cents worth on your original post!

  109. Momofboys,
    How is your son now? Has he been treated for milk? We just started the NAET treatment for my 11 year old son who is allergic to milk, eggs and peanuts as well as many environmental things. He is getting treated for eggs first and did experience upset stomach after the treatment and he said he didn’t feel good. But he was fine the next morning and all day at school. I am to give him the back massage while he is holding a boiled egg at home once a day for 5 minutes everyday until we go back in a week. I did that yesterday and again his stomach became upset and he said he just didn’t feel right. But then he is fine this morning and looks great. So something is going on. This NAET doctor was recommended by a neighbor of a friend of mine whose son was treated 3 years ago and now his milk and peanut allergies are gone and he has been doing great for the past 3 years eating everything. I am curious to see how your son is doing since he is close to my son’s age.

  110. Hello,

    I am new here. Everyone talks so much about food allergies. Have anyone gone to this practitioner for NASAL allergy treatment? I am severe chronic allergy to most tree, grass, and weed pollens. Let’s hear from you before I spend my hard-earn money for this alternative allergy treatment.


  111. Hello there!~

    My son has had 2 NAET treatments, both using a “surrogate” for our practioner to do accupressure points on while my son holds the vial. (The surrogate and my son have to be touching, though.) Has anyone else had this experience?? Also, my son got a fever after the calcium treatment, is this possibly related?

  112. Michelle,
    I am sorry it was so long before I responded, I just saw your post.
    My son has been treated for many things that make up milk, ie. calcium, vitamins, but not for Milk per se. We were working up to that with the process, however, after we started the grains, we got really busy and I haven’t been back for a while. It got really hard to keep up with going back every week and then, depending on what he is clearing, keeping him home from school on days that he is supposed to be avoiding. I will be going back next week and we will continue to move forward. We will hopefully start eating some dairy again this summer if he is doing okay and watch for any signs of the allergy. I will say, since we started this, he has had mild itching on his arms where he usually gets eczema rashes but has not had the actual rash. Typically in the winter he scratches to point of scarring himself and this winter it has been very minimal. This has definitely been an improvement. He also does not get the shiners from the dairy (but he is still eating gluten,wheat,dairy,corn,peanut, almond free) We did reintroduce egg, sugar, salt, vitamin C that he showed allergies to prior to NAET.
    We did not have to hold the egg and do the massage that you did for egg, how did that work for you? We just waited the week, after the 25 hour avoidance, and he was cleared after that. He has been eating egg ever since. What about your son?

  113. I’ve been carefully reading through this whole board and have been very interested and fascinated by all of the stories. I have a couple of reactions to it all.

    I have a multitude of allergies to fruits, vegetables and nuts. Anytime I eat one of those, I get severe oral itching and throat swelling. I’ve been to the ER once for a tomato allergy.

    As a skeptic, I’ve been looking for specific kinds of testimonials and dismissing others. I’ve seen lots of testimonials about children, however I’m apt to dismiss these because children allergies tend to diminish over time anyway. I had asthma up until I was 15, for example. No miracle cure for me, I just stopped taking my asthma medication one day and I was just fine. I don’t mean to diminish the cures that people have experience. Anything that gives hope is wonderful.

    Second, I tend to dismiss the second-hand testimonials “my friend did NAET and was cleared of…”. It seems very easy to mistake hope for a friend’s cure for the cure itself. More credible is “my friend went to the hospital after eating peanuts. Then they did NAET, and last week I watched them eat a peanut butter sandwhich”.

    Then there’s the testimonials from practitioners. Very helpful, but I’m careful about those since the practitioners have the most to gain monetarily.

    Beyond that, there are still some interesting and convincing testimonials, but I still would really like to hear from someone who couldn’t eat peanuts, did NAET treatments and now is eating them every day (or any other fruit or vegetable for that matter).

    It looks like NAET is really helping a lot of people with a multitude of symptoms. I’m hoping to find out if it is the right treatment for me, without putting a thousand dollars towards it. I could easily put a thousand dollars towards a good naturopath and a litany of vitamin and pro-biotics if that offers more hope.

  114. My NAET practitioner is also an MD as well as a Nutritionist (That should dispel any notion of VOO-DOO Practice). He was trained originally as a pediatric allergist. Now He still practices Pediatric Allergy, but he is specializing mainly in weight reduction using the NEAT technique to achieve weight reduction in his patients.

    The way he simplified it to me, is that each person has his or her own characteristics regarding different foods. He says that certain foods were not efficiently digested or metabolized by the body and were stored as fat, regardless of the amount you ate. So if someone’s diet was composed MOSTLY of the foods they had resistance or allergies to, regardless of how little they ate. That person will be putting on weight regardless, as time went on, even though that person might be dieting and eating smaller portions to lose weight. In fact the whole dieting exercise turns to be rather a futile exercise, since at the end of that arduous diet, that person was going back to eating the same inefficient foods.

    He also says that SOME of that resistance is developed by the body if you eat constantly certain of those foods, and that by weaning then or cutting them off completely for some time that resistance will disappear.

    I was a grossly overweight 60 years+ diabetic, with rheumatoid Arthritis of the hip joint, which was making me live in constant daily pain all over my body, mostly due to my weight. I tried to lose weight on my own, by signing up with a nutritionist that was preparing and delivering my food for 6 months with minimal results, until recently, when I Started the NAET inspired diet in December 2008, and now in March 2009 (4 month Later) I have lost 45 pounds, and still going down. Most of my pains have diminished or even disappeared, thanks to that system.

    It is worth noting that while waiting my turn at the Doctor’s, I have been privy to hundred’s of testimonials from women talking to each other, over the last 4 months, testimonials about loosing pound upon pound, rather effortlessly, after trying unsuccessfully to do so the “TRADITIONAL, WESTERN” Way, (It seems that Doctor’s Patients are mostly women). Also worth noting that this doctor is so successful, that he is giving in March 2009 NEW appointments for January 2010…….

    It is also worth mentioning that several years ago, I was also grossly overweight (about the same as last Dec.) and over a period of 18 months, I managed to lose 75 pounds by using the Weight Watchers method. And it was a daily uphill battle winning some weeks and loosing some others. UNTILL I finally lost the WAR by regaining all my lost weight back, due to several factors too long to list here.

    Now with the NAET Technique, I’ve lost almost two thirds of the 75 pounds in 4 months, and it has been straight down, No Battle At All, except the battle of will to stick to the plan, which for me is nothing, compared to going back to my previous agony.

    All I can say at this point, Leah, is that IT WORKS. I do not know how it works, and I don’t care to know how it works. All I care about is that it is working for me……
    You do not need to know how the computer works to be able to use it, and enjoy it. Neither do you need to know how the other myriads of electronic gadgets work either. All I can say to you is: Sit Back, Relax, and enjoy the ride. Why spoil it with all those red flags, Especially that conventional Western Medicine has not been a panacea AT ALL………

  115. To Matthew,
    I was skeptic like you before we started treatment for my daughter. I have researched many websites for treatment, googled it for almost an year for effective food allergy treatment since 2006. I read the experiences and then visited NAET site. I find this blog is the most genuine blog of all NAET experiences and I started the treatment right away after reading this blog. The results were wonderful after 6 months and we are still continuing treatment even after the milk allergy is gone. The statement about kids overcome allergies when they grow is a double edged sword. What if they don ‘t? Don’t we have responsibility as a parent to find out if there any cure? Obviously the treatment is long term and money is required for every visit ($45-$75) based on the city or the reputation of the Doctor. But overall the treatment costs are lesser than the total ER, allergy medication costs. I don’t think the people in this blog are advertising for NAET, instead we are sharing our experiences and progress with the treatment. Most of the posts are about their own experiences. It is up to you to decide whether you take the treatment or not as it’s your money and health. No one is going to reveal their names on the web. So you probably not going to find people face to face. I was like you in early 2008, but I decided to give it a chance. Regarding Naturopath option, we decide not to go for any enzymes or naturopath treatment for a 2 year old. We started Homeo treatment since she was one year old, but it did not help much with food allergies, but it helped the occasional fevers, colds etc.

    As far as my daughter’s treatment goes, she is eating small amount of yogurt mixed in her food since December, now she is eating full serving of Whole wheat meal or Tortilla without problem. She is still not liking the milk taste, so she takes one or two sips and gives back. She had minor irritation last week with a cube of hardened cottage cheese (Indian Paneer) due to high protein. The protein in one small cube of Paneer is equivalent to around 8 ounces of whole milk. So we are taking her back for testing with Paneer and see how it goes after that.


  117. Hi, and thank you so much for this blog!

    I’ve just begun to realize that i have an allergy problem (duh) but never did until now–unless perhaps it was so minor. However I started having huge stress in my life, …. now itching all over, begun having earaches (never had before), hives…

    After talking to a good friend in Houston, who swears by NAET after having huge success with this approach over the years, i looked up NAET and found this informative blog.

    I’m eager to begin, does anyone know of a good practictioner in or near Santa Cruz, Ca.?
    Gratefully, Le’a

  118. I was VERY skeptical about NAET at first. I thought it was a bunch of crap. We tried it just for the heck of it. Nothing else was working, so we just HAD to try it.

    My son was allergic to almost everything under the sun. He had a horrible eczema since he was 2 month old. It was heartbreaking. I was nursing him, so I couldn’t eat anything either. He was allergic to soy, milk, peanuts, apples, grass, trees, cat, egg whites and wheat. I was spending hours at grocery stores reading labels…

    Well, anyway I thank God for NAET. We started the treatment when he was about 7-8 month old and by the time he was gone most of his allergies (except dairy were gone).

    Medical doctors told us that based on his RAST test, his allergies were so bad, that there would be no way he would outgrow them within 3 years.

    They can’t explain why my son is not allergic anymore, but they don’t want to admit it was NAET. They can be in denial for as much as they want. I don’t care. My baby is healthy and happy. he is not scratching himself to blood and he is eating everything everyone else eats.

    If anyone is interested, I wrote my testimony in my blog

    If you have any questions, feel free to message me. I still don’t know how NAET works (I am not a science person), but I know that it works. 🙂

    I think the key is to find a qualified practitioner, because amateurs, who don’t know what they are doing are giving this amazing treatment a bad name.

  119. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease two years ago, and have been doing NAET treatments since the end of January. While I thought I was only allergic to gluten, I found that I am allergic to much more. Sugar & Iron have been my two hardest so far. While the treatments have help dramatically, I am curious if any of you have been able to fix the gluten/wheat allergy, and if it was truly an allergy or something simlar to celiac.

  120. Nicole, my son was officially diagnosed with wheat allergy (RAST tests confirmed it), by medical doctors and then allergist, and NAET took care of it.

    Link to our story is in my post above.


  121. Hello,
    Thank you for all the posts about NAET. I have started my 6 yrs old daughter on it 2 wks. ago. She has several food allergies, asthma and eczema. We had our initial visit in Dec ’08 but stoopped going because her milk allergy was not resolved even after the treatment. The practitioner gave us the money back w/o hesitation. During this initial visit, we were told that my dd was allergic to corn and potatoes-i dismissed it completely. Now, 4 mos. later we are back to continue the treatment because of her worsening asthma. I realize this when she started wheezing after eating popcorn/fries… It has been two weeks and today she actually blew 260 on her peak-flow meter. w/o albuterol. Her norm is 180 with albuterol. I can’t explain this but i am a bit encouraged. I am so happy to hear about the success of some of the posts! I think the key to getting results w/NAET is sticking with it. Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. We haven’t gone back to our NAET practitioner since the last time I wrote….not because we didn’t believe in it, but we’ve been overwhelmed with other things in our life. We plan on returning to the NAET in a few weeks. I am the one who said that I’d shout it from the rooftops when my 10 year old son was able to tolerate milk without a life threatening situation. We started treatment around this time last year and went pretty faithfully until last November. My practioner kept asking me to go for an allergy test with my son to see how he was doing and we just did that. The RAST results were awesome. It appears that my son may just have outgrown this allergy, though we still have to go for the “milk challenge” in the doctor’s office. My son was showing no signs of outgrowing this allergy. The doctors thought that he may just be one of the people who would never outgrow this, since most children outgrow a milk allergy somewhere between the age of 3-6. He was 10 and still highly allergic! I am so hopeful right now that perhaps the Naet did work and that maybe my son will be able to enjoy a slice of pizza or have an icecream cone one day soon! I will return to naet because he still has allergies to nuts and dogs. I just wanted to ask AAgape why she left her NAET practitioner so quickly after the milk was not outgrown. We kept going for about 6 consecutive months and for most of that time, he was working on the different components in the milk. I will keep you posted on how my son does with his milk challenge. We probably won’t do it until the summer because my son is so afraid to try milk (he has had some scary reactions in the past) and we want to wait until school is out.

      1. Hi Geri,

        When i went to see the NAET dr in Dec ’08, my dd was treated twice and was told by this dr to try giving her milk. When i did, her lips swelled. The dr stated that she will need to be cleared for more things in the milk and asked me to continue with him w/no charge but i stopped and asked for my $ back, which he did the next day.
        This time, i broke down every part of the milk (lactose to vitamin D to minerals) and he cleared her for all this. This weekend he is going up to Tulare,CA to get samples from dairy farm about what the cows eat and hormones they get..
        My dd also has dog, nut allergy as well as others.
        Please keep us posted about his skin test results.

      2. Hi Aagape,
        I am curious how your dd did when you went to the dairy farm. Is your dd going to try to ingest some of the milk products at their purest level (from the farm)? I wasn’t sure. Now that you have broken down the different components and were cleared of each of them, do you feel more hopeful about your child outgrowing the milk allergy? How old is your child, mine just turned 11. He is so allergic to nuts, dogs and other environmental items. If he lays on grass for a minute, his back breaks out in hives..It is sad really. However the milk is the one that makes him stand out with his peers. He feels so different at parties and at school when kids are giving out cupcakes, pizza, icecream and even most cookies and because they all seem to have some milk protein in them….he cannot have any. So I would be okay to live with all these other allergies if he could just outgrow this milk allergy. I am so excited since his rast tests looked so promising, but he is old enough now that he has developed a real fear of milk. He won’t go for the milk challenge at his doctor right now. I could drag him there, but I will respect his feelings and take him in July. I will keep you posted. Please let me know how your child is doing as well. Take care!

  122. This is a really helpful blog–or is it just a blog post! a really long one!–about this subject. I have just started going to an NAET practitioner in Seattle for my toddler with sever eczema–picked at random from the official NAET website–and I like him, but am just wondering if anybody has used someone in the Seattle or Bellevue, etc. area whom they’re happy with (and hopefully, saw effects fairly early on!). Thanks for any help you can offer. Good luck to everyone!

  123. Hello! I have had great experiences with NAET.
    When they say “allergy” really you should look at it more like “reactivity” or “sensitivity” and not the literal meaning of a physical allergy – which you are right to say can only be caused by a protein. This is all on an energetic and current level. I can’t vouch for your particular practitioner, but can vouch for the process itself. I hope it’s going well for you!

  124. Hello! There are a few things to consider for you:

    I have to agree to go with your instincts as a mother. I’m a Chrsitian, but there are Christians who are weird and we don’t feel comfortable around. Go with that. Also, if Silas is used to seeing a doctor, this new technique could’ve weirded him out a bit.

    I’ve seen NAET work for MANY of my friends…I can count 10 right now that have had positive and extremely helpful experiences with the treatment. My husband and I are about to go ourselves.
    I suggest to try seeing someone else for NAET.

    Also, I’d suggest continuing to be more proactive about your and your child’s health before you find yourself really sick and scrambling to figure out what to do. This is in response to your comment about not wanting to pay and the debt that you need to pay off. You may not be able to get ahead with the debt you owe, but when you get extremely sick, you’ll have even more debt!
    It’s always good to do upkeep on your body rather than to wait until there’s a problem with it.

  125. I just found this post, and hope I am not too late to respond!
    1. My son is through the basic 15. He was on 30 supplements a day from a holistic Md prior to NAET. He had also had the blood IgG test to determine allergies. He was found to be allergic to 37 items. The holistic Dr. recommended that I remove all allergens from his diet for 6 months. I asked who would write the headline when my child starved to death – literally. We turned to NAET skeptically, but like others figured there was no harm that would be done except to the checkbook.
    2. My son is not the same child after having completed the basic 15. We have not even started the ADHD/Autism kit yet.
    3. He is now taking only 8 supplements per day. Yes, the NAET was VERY expensive, but the supplements were too! (As are Epi-pens and ER visits!) Add to that the interminable nature of the supplements.
    4. My son loves his NAET practitioner. If the practitioner is the issue, seek a different practitioner with whom your son connects better. The other thought is that maybe your little guy was picking up your nervous vibe – ?
    5. Your practitioner should set up a “monitoring” schedule after the basic 15 where she TEACHES you how to clear your son’s reactivity at home to various combos of the 15. As it is, with a child that young, she should AT LEAST teach you how to “clear the gates” every two hours.

    I have come to believe that the crazy hocus-pocus that is NAET actually has much merit.


  126. This is all so interesting! I’m glad to know that even though the thread was started a few years ago that it lives on!

    I just wanted to briefly mention a couple of things to anyone questioning validity of NAET.

    1) In my experience we’ve been turned away by our Pediatrician, ENT at local Children’s hospital and our Asthma/Allergy specialist. We were told to wait out her allergies. We are not impatient, when you see your child suffering you want to do everything possible. Why not try NAET? We tried Western Medicine first.

    2) We are Christians as well. NAET has nothing to do with faith. That’s the beauty of it. It either works or it doesn’t. That’s not contingent on MY faith in IT.

    We’ve been trying NAET for 3 months or so. I don’t know if it’s working or not yet. Not even sure if it will. Yes it’s expensive and our insurance is not covering it. At least I can rest easily knowing I’m doing everything possible to make her comfortable. If it doesn’t work, is it any different than anything else we’ve tried?

    Food for thought…

  127. Are you people serious!?

    My wife sees a NAET “practitioner” twice a week, a whimsical point of contention between us. I think a small bit of clear thinking here is in order. I see words in the comments like” I think it helped” “I hope it works” and most appropriate “God”. As a religious person myself as well a scientist I see NAET for what it is, a pseudo-religion that requires mandatory membership payment weekly. Which is no problem if you believe in it, it’s your money but to me its blasphemy.

    Does any body know the requirements to become a NAET practitioner? A whole 16 hours of “intensive” study! Check their website I am not kidding With such a simple course, they should teach it in high school and we would all be able to treat each other (think of all the lives saved)!

    There is not one study supporting this stuff. Debunking a Applied Kinesiology, the underlying foundation for NAET testing is easy, see here

    Lets be clear, these faith healers are doing what they do to make money (I have not seen any NAET missions to Africa to treat the afflicted). Don’t think it’s a business? why is the word “NAET” trademarked all over their website? you don’t see the word “pediatrics” trademarked do you?
    For the 50-100 dollars per session that they can charge now, they could triple with a single, successful, double blind study. Why wouldn’t they do that? They would be able to accept insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and have mainstream acceptance.

    I am sure there are conspiracy theorists that think the insurance companies and doctors have a cabal and are scheming to keep us sick, so put your tinfoil hats back on, the black helicopters are coming.

    “Dr” Nambudripad, is a person who knows that those afflicted with ailments are vulnerable and easy to exploit. Perhaps she learned that when she got her MD from a well known diploma mill in the Caribbean. It is no doubt painful and difficult having an afflicted family member or be afflicted yourself and people want to believe in these things. Without evidence however, you can save a few bucks and get your cure from another faith healer, Peter Popoff .

    I am happy to admit I am wrong, but show me evidence that uses the scientific method. With out it……it is all God and you have just chosen a new religion to channel him though.

  128. Clearly this has worked for some people, regardless of how and why. Rather than argue about the legitimacy of NAET, we should be more concerned about identifying legitimate practitioners. This legitimacy should be based on successful outcomes, versus our understanding of why it works.

    1. Huh? Are you serious? Are there legitimate fortune tellers out there? No, because it is not provable with Scientific evidence.

      Let me ask you this; Does anyone know of a NAET Practitioner that test to eliminates the glass (from the test vial), the rubber (from the stopper), and any contaminates that have been in contact with the vial (i doubt their rooms a sterile), as potential allergens before they start testing? If not all Allergy test are flawed and maybe caused by those and not the so called “contents” of the vials (which is pure water I checked).

  129. Hmmm…looks like I am joining this conversation a little late 😉 Hello, is anyone still out there? If so, I have to tell you that I can relate 100%. But, as it turns out, we have found huge success with NAET treatments. I will search your blog and see if you followed up with more or not, but just had to post real quick. BTW, we were referred to this dr by our m.d. who swore me to secrecy because she said that she does not believe in any kind of alternative treatments. What made her a believer? Her son can now eat peanuts without a side order of an ambulance. Hope you found a treatment that worked!

  130. I’ve been going to a NAET Practitioner, Chris Lorentzen, for about four years ON and OFF! I started with stomach issues, which he was able to cure in one session. Another time it was a pulled shoulder muscle which was not getting better with physical therapy after 6 weeks. Chris cured it in 3 treatmetns. When diagnosed with fibroids, I did not want to have surgery. Chris was not sure he could fix them, but after 4 months – there was no sign of them and my doctor could not longer refer me for a sonogram as he couldn’t feel anything. My life partner was having serious back issues, being sent for x-rays and physical therapy, even had cortisone shots to no avail. After one treatment with Chris, he was able to turn his head, and by the next day – he was pain free. It turned out it was a mold allergy – who would have thought that? I guess it depends on the practioner themselves as well as the discipline. Chris also cured me from my chocolate and dairy allergies. The downside to that was that I gained 20 lbs because I could eat them whenever I wanted!

  131. I so wanted NAET to work! My 6 year old daughter has asthma/allergies and basically has coughed constantly for the last 4 years. We have done about 20 NAET treatments and she has not improved one bit. So now I am of the belief that it is a scam. Bummer. Don’t waste your money.

  132. Did u bring in samples from home? What about water that has sat outside for two days to collect allergens? That is what worked for us.

  133. I just wanted to follow up on my earlier post in Feb 2009. I took my 11 yr old son for NAET treatments for about 3 months to clear him for milk, eggs, peanuts, grass, tree, weed, pollen and dog (labs). I was a bit skeptical at first. The allergist said it would be years before he “might” outgrow his milk and egg allergies because they were so bad. When he would take one bite of something with milk, like a hot dog, his lips would begin to swell and mouth would itch. He got hives from being around labs. And he always had eczema on his arms and hands and legs. I was to the point that I would try just about anything to help him.

    He was first treated for eggs with the NAET treatments and now is eating eggs freely with no reaction for 7 months now. It took over a week after treatment before he could eat it without a stomach ache. But hasn’t had any problems since. He was then treated for milk. But that one took a while. He was still having a small reaction a week after treatment but the doctor said to be patient. I continued to do the back massages and accupuncture point massages daily for another week or so and then just kept him away from milk. We were busy with summer and I just forgot about trying milk. It has been about 6 1/2 months since his treatment and he has actually been eating things with milk for the past 2 weeks, like homemade cookies and frosting, sherbet, homemade pancakes with milk with no reaction at all. We are all so excited! His eczema is also gone. He can go over to his best friends house who has labs and doesn’t get hives any more. His skin looks beautiful!

    And, he used to be soo allergic to peanuts that he would get hives if he touched anything that had just a trace of peanut oil. I put peanut butter on his hand a couple of weeks after his NEAT treatment and no reaction.

    Also, his asthma is much better. No asthma medication since his NAET treatment.

    It seems that some practitioners are better than others. NAET has worked for us but I think a lot of it is due to the NAET doctor we use. Our NAET doctor was recommended by a friend who used her with great results as well.

    I just wanted to share our results. I remember when we were first starting NAET and I couldn’t find much about the results of children like my son with the severe food allergies so I wanted to share our results.

  134. We have been seeing NAET Dr. Sue Anderson from Ann Arbor, Michigan for the past one year based on direct recommendation from NAET Head office in LA. My son was allergic to so many thinks including Tree Nuts, Channa Dal and Environments. He used to have severe bad eczema all over his body and used to take Singular to prevent cough at night time. After 1 year of treatment (1 a week or 2 some times) 90% of his eczema is totally gone and he does not need to take Singular any more. 2009 summer was great for him to due to eliminated environment allergies. We have started working on his severe allergies and hoping to eliminate those too. I have recommended several of my friends to Dr. Sue Anderson from Michigan.

    Yes it is expensive, yes it is time consuming, yes it is difficult to understand but IT WORKS!!!. That is what matter for parents like me. I am glad that there is an alternative treatment which works. The secret of making it work is to find an experienced, well-trained doctor.

    All the best.

  135. Hi all,

    I know it’s been a while since the last comment, but I am hopeful someone will reply. I am looking for a good NAET practiotioner in MA, Boston area. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks, and good luck.

    1. Dr. Sampson is a good one in Boston area. I wish I could go to him, but I am located too far. I am looking for a good doctor in NYC – Long Island area. Any suggestion, anyone?

  136. Very interesting discussion! My 3 1/2 YO son is allergic to just about every food under the sun except for meat, rice, and water; he also has numerous environmental sensitivities. We started NAET on the recommendation of his pediatrician and now have 5 treatments completed. The DO that we see in Ann Arbor, MI says he thought it was hocus pocus when he first saw NAET, but needed to investigate various methods to help the autistic kids in his practice. Currently he’s treating 63 children, of which 60 have very positive outcomes. The other 3 had very little room for improvement to start with. I’ve also been able to speak to parents of other patients and their stories are very encouraging. I can say that after the egg treatment that the constant rash on my son’s abdomen (it’s been there for 3 years) disappeared and has not returned (it’s been 6 weeks.) I’m still hesitant to feeding him egg (or any of the other allergens), but am told each treatment should continue to desensitize. I am cautiously optimistic, but when you have nothing left to lose and the medical community has told you they are unable to help your child then you do what you have to.

    PS–Sam, I’m very interested to see your post on Dr. Anderson. I’ve heard of her before. If this works for my kid, I’m going to send my husband to her to help with his allergies and asthma. I wonder how her prices are? From what I’ve gathered in this blog I’m paying at the high-end for the DO.

  137. Naet has worked for us. This last august ragweed has our family suffering constantly. All four of us were on over the counter allergy mess which didn’t completely take care of the problem – and they cost us about $30-40 per person every four weeks -plus my kids take daily breathing treatments, I had daily headAches, and my husband and I would get steroid allergy shots from the pcp. On top of that, I get sinus infections every few months – triggered by allergies. I always have at least one in the fall; at least I have for the last ten years or so. Within days of our first naet treatment, we were all able to stop any meds. Same story this spring. Tree pollen was starting to kill us, but no longer. I can’t explain it but it works for us and many others I know. Heck, isnt it worth a try?

  138. Hi.
    My 5 yrs old boy was diagnostic with ADHD, Oppositional disorder, speech delay and developmental delay. He was on focalin ex 10mg since august 2009 and was kind of working for control his impulsivity at school. But around january this year he was playing with a latex glove in his doctor office, blowing it like a ballom. When I left the office I noticed his cheeks really red, this same night around 2:00 am he woke up coughing and weening so bad that I almost call 911. But I give him his respiratory therapy with albutherol and he gets better. Next day I ran to the doctor office again and the dr prescribed him a epipen and reffer him to an allergist. After this he start behaving bad at school, but when he start the rast test on his back, he turns in an horrible. Teachers called me and said i need to pick him up from school because he was hitting, spitting, telling to shutup his teachers, was a nightmare and he was on his focalin medicine. So his doctor try a high dose of focalin and he get sick, them they try adderall and he complain of headaches every day. Them they try another combination of focalin and came back with dark circles under his eyes and like a zombie. I was so desperate, Im a christian person and I ask a lot of people to help me in a week of intensive praying for my son. The third day of the praying week i found in internet info about NAET, I found a practicioner in Ocala Fl and i visited him. My son is allergic to latex of course and also calcium, sugars, and other stuff… he treat him for calcium and my son was so hungry when we came back, but everything he wants to eat, have calcium…so was kind of hard to tell him no because the 25 hours of avoidance of the allergen treated. he was craving foods high in calcium. I took him to his naet practicioner on tuesday for first time and on thursday the teacher told me my son was a lot different since last week. She was surprised and I am too, because I didnt think this can work like that fast. I cant wait to take him to his next treatment. I’ll let you know how his doing. Im so gratefull to God first off all, to the NAET practicioner and for you guys and all the info that I founded on Internet that make me try this.

  139. Okay I guess I’m very very late to this forum. I haven’t read through all of the responses so maybe my question is already answered. But does anyone know of a good NAET practitioner in Los Angeles, specifically the west side? Can you tell me your experiences with him/her? Thanks.

    1. MisterLarrypants. The NAET headquarters and training center is in Buena Park and their Number is 714-523-3068. If I lived that close I would definitely go to their onsite clinic.

    2. MisterLarrypants,

      did you find anyone in LA. I’m looking too and would feel better if I had a strong successful recommendation from someone.


  140. Austin, TX– did they test her brain chemicals? My son has asthma/allergies and after all the nutrition/enviromental clearings he needed brain clearings as well to balance his body. Just curious if they tested for that?

  141. hi all. i am from Singapore. i have cleared 80 – 85% of my eczema which i have been suffering for 30 yrs since i was 8, using NAET. i have gone for about 35 sessions and as i went very regularly (3 – 4 times a week) i have seen my condition clear up over a 3 month period.

    I have been to all the top western dermatologists in my country and all of them said its incurable – only telling me to use steroid creams, antihistamines and regulating my lifestyle and that i have to live with it.

    NAET works quicker for children as they have less allergies than adults as adults have been exposed to many more differnt foods/environmental factors for longer period, but it does work for adults too (me!)….

    my advice is to find a good practicioner and be patient and committed that you want to cure your disease.

  142. I am becoming a little frustrated with Naet. My son has now had close to 30 clearings for nutritional/enviromental/brain and still is having problems. I keep waiting for the day he doesn’t have allergic reactions to something. Before NAET his allergies were not this bad. Now they seem worse. At the moment we are at a loss to figure out what is causing him to react. He has cleared every enviromental allergen they have for testing. It seems like it has something to do with our cat even though he has been cleared for the cat. It when our cat comes home from outside he starts sneezing. Has anyone else had this experience with NAET?

    1. Hi, Haley!

      I’ve noticed the same thing with Dom. Here’s the thing: even after being cleared for one thing, he may still be reacting to that item in combination with other things. For example: Dom is fine eating eggs but reacts with flu-like symptoms when he eats fried rice that contains eggs. We haven’t started combinations yet as environmental is necessary at this time of year in Virginia, but Dr. Seleme thinks it’s probably a combination problem, and she suspects eggs and acids. It sounds like your boy is experiencing something similar. It’s not the cat and it’s not the environment, it’s what happens when the two are combined. Try keeping kitty indoors or giving him a bath when he comes inside until your son can be cleared for combinations.

  143. My son is 13, and I have watched as his health has decreased year after year. He is always stuffed up, and, yes, I’ve taken him to reputable allergists. They say the same thing–he has allergies, give him Benadryl, here’s a script for Allegra, keep the house really clean. We’ve tried every single suggestion his doctors have made, and nothing works to reduce his symptoms. I have recently started taking him to a NAET practitioner and have seen small improvements. He is currently being cleared for eggs. A couple of days ago he had some chicken nuggets from a fast food place. He had been feeling pretty decent that day, but the following day he was as sick as I’ve ever seen him. The chicken nuggets are bathed in an egg wash before they’re fried. We’re being more careful now and he should clear eggs next time.

    We’re at the point we’re willing to try anything. He is sick every day, all day and has been like this for 10 months. I’ve taken note of how he feels after eating certain things, and our NAET practitioner is right on the money about what he is reacting to. The allergist simply said that he has a certain amount of “sensitivity to his environment” though he didn’t pop positive for anything but cats and dust. The doctor didn’t know what it was Dom was reacting to because he couldn’t test for “environmental sensitivity.” Well, I found someone who could.

    The main thing I’ve noticed is my son’s attitude has improved and he has more energy. Most days, he’s been sleeping 14 hours, is exhausted all the time and has trouble staying on task. We’ve had to take him out of school because he’s too tired to go. The pediatrician says he’s lazy and discounts the fact my kid has skin and dark circles a vampire would envy. Apparently it seems normal to the pediatrician for a half-Latino child to have skin the color of milk in the middle of the summer and be too “lazy” to go to King’s Dominion or the community pool. I know my kid; he’s not lazy, he’s sick, and now he’s really being treated properly for what he has–allergies.

  144. Hi. My daughter has Interstitial Cystitis and Ulcerative Colitis/Crohn’s disease. Has anyone had NAET treatments for either of these? Thanks.

    1. Jessica – I was wondering how your doctors came to this diagnosis? My two year old has Crohn’s symptoms but they “docs” have not been able to give any type of diagnosis.
      I am also looking at NAET – my concern is multiple. First, my darling needs as much calories as possible and I can’t afford to not give her some high calorie foods. Second- at such a young age I worry about her reaction. She is not capable of telling me is something is working or hurting. Furthermore – thru all the allergy tests (RAST -skin prick – and specific tests) she has ZERO allergies!
      I’d love to hear more about what you have learned.

      1. Have you heard for LDN (low dose naltrexone) for Crohn’s? There are very impressive studies coming out of Penn State on this medication and Crohn’s (in addition to many auto immune illnesses, including allergies and autism.) Check out

        Also, my son is a NAET patient. He’s HIGHLY allergic, was avoiding most foods except meat, rice, and water. We’re making headway with NAET. It’s been a very slow process for us, but he’s gaining weight (5 pounds since he started last Dec.) and eating more foods without reactions. His body seems to be processing nutrients better since starting NAET. The food avoidance is only for 25 hours, so it may be a small price to pay for a positive outcome. My son has had some feverish reactions to some treatments, but for the most part he’s his normal active self. As for allergy testing, reaction always trumps those tests as they’re not that reliable.

  145. I’ve started going through a NAET treatment for allergies that have been giving me asthma. I just wanted to say that I can fully understand your skepticism about the treatment, as I feel similarly. Yet, I have been experiencing pretty good results for my NAET treatment. Oddly enough, when I was treated for a vitamin C allergy, I actually felt almost instantaneous relief from bad congestion and my asthma got about 60% better. Even if it is a placebo…I feel like, if it gets results, that’s all I care about.

    My mom also has a friend who was cured of a severe corn allergy through NAET. So I would say, if you’re desperate to help your kid, which it sounds like you are, it couldn’t hurt to try it. It might cost some money, but the money I’ve spent on my NAET treatment is already much less expensive than my hospital bills for asthma. It could end up being cheaper in the long run to try it.

    Either way, I hope you figure out something for your child’s sake. Allergies are not fun!

  146. Hi Everyone,

    can you believe it I have read every comment here and have been enthralled!

    Has anyone had any success with NAET treating salicylate sensitivity and also preservatives and additives? My son is 8 months old and I can’t eat much without him reacting, I have lost so much weight due to my restricted diet and breastfeeding and just want him to be able to experience eating fruits and veges like other normal kids.

    We are currently doing NAET and nearly finished the major groups (none of which directly impacts our diets yet). We are doing salicylates next week and nervous that my hopes for new foods for us will be crushed.

    1. Eloise,
      Keep us posted! My son is now 40+ treatments into NAET and seeing good results, but it’s taking more time than I would like. Salicylates are on his list to treat for, so I’m curious how that works for you.

  147. Hello everyone,
    Has anyone been treated for gastroparesis with NAET? I am seeing a chiropractor that does NAET and he thinks he can help me but I don’t know that this condition has anything to do with allergies?
    Thanks in advance.

  148. Finding a good NAET practitioner is key. Look for someone who does the Basic 15, in order, before moving on to other allergens. Make sure the practitioner gives you a workbook and provides you with other literature from Dr. Nambrudripad. There are too many “rogue” practitioners out there, doing their own thing and calling it NAET. They should be able to answer all of your questions satisfactorily and reassure you that they are following Dr. Nambrudripad’s protocols. I wasted a lot of time and money because I didn’t know any better and trusted this person, without good results. Since then I’ve been retreated, starting back at square one, and can honestly say NAET has improved the quality of my life 100%.

  149. Hi,
    Not sure if anyone is still reading this but we are located in the Tampa/Clearwater area of Florida and are looking for a NAET practitioner.

  150. We did NAET for our 4 year old in 2009 due to her stomach issues. Naet practioner started with 15 treatments and we completed almost except 2 because after that allergist scared us saying that T cells and Killer cells are elevated.
    Also she developed everyweek one infection more than previous year and this made us think that may be NAET has agravated her system. She also developed hives after viral infection and later it developed into peanut allergy. She had peanuts before but developed when she was 4 3/4 years. We tested antibodies for peanut allergy and came back negative along with skin prick test. But whenever she encounters peanuts hives are breaking out.
    I was confused actually and stopped naet and switched to Homeopathy. It helped to reduce the frequent infections but have to see about peanut allergy and hives sensitivity in future.

    But Naet had helped her to overcome stomach pain with milk. I am thinking of going back to NAET reading all the above posts.

    1. I would be very careful going back to NAET. Before we started treatment from a trusted practioner my son had mild allergies and mild asthma. His skin prick showed him allergic to animal dander from the allergist. He was 8 years old when we started and very healthy. We have botha cat and dog and thought it might be a great way to get rid of his animal allergies. We completed over 30 plus clearing from all sorts of food, enviromental as well as brain chemical and emotional clearings. Its been over a year and he is not any better and I would say he is much worse! He is sick more now than ever and his allergies and asthma are much worse. He is on daily medication for both and the last asthma attack almost landed him in the hospital. It got to a point where I kept thinking after every clearing it would get better and it seemed as thought it made him even more sensitive to other things he had never been allergic too before and much more reactive. I wish I had never ever done NAET. I urge to be careful!

      1. We’ve had a great experience with NAET, although I can tell you there were times when I thought about quitting due to strange reactions along the way. My 4 year old son is now eating foods we never dreamed possible based on past reactions and allergy testing. We are now 60 treatments into NAET and his eczema has totally cleared, prior to starting NAET his allergist wanted to hospitalize him because his skin was so bad. I’m just counting our lucky stars that it’s worked for us.

      2. You need to first read the read the book “Goodbye to Illness” by Dr.Devi who discovered NAET. You can buy it on the NAET WEBSITE. There are alot of practitioners that don’t follow the NAET protocol. It is very important to do it the way Dr. Devi teaches it to be done. If done properly, NAET is very successful.

  151. This is an update to my previous post. It took about a month of treatments for Dom to be able to say he felt pretty good about half the time. Dr. Nambudripad says there are five levels of sickness, and Dominic registered at a level four. We went for treatments two to three times a week that included NAET clearnings, acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments. We started in late October; it is now late February. He no longer has many of the symptoms he had when we started. He isn’t congested anymore, Kleenex is no longer making a stunning amount of money off us, and Dom, who used to say he never felt well, now is happy to report feeling great! I have been more than thrilled with the results of NAET and with our NAET practitioner, Dr. Venus Seleme.

    I wasn’t expecting miracles from just one or two treatments because my son was so ill and had been for a such a long time, and I was right. After two weeks of treatments (6 treatments), he started experiencing a few hours here and there where he was able to breathe through his nose. After another two weeks, he was having a couple of good days a week. By Christmas, he had color in his cheeks and the dark circles were much less vivid. Now, we’re still going because it took him several visits for some items. Clearing eggs took three treatments as did acids and minerals. We’re through the 15 and are beginning the environmental allergens, then we’ll move on to combinations.

    I would urge every parent of a sick child to keep an open mind, find a good NAET practitioner and give these treatments a chance to work. As with other posters, my son did not pop positive for an egg allergy, but once I started paying attention to what was in the foods he was consuming, I could see for myself that eggs were a real problem for him and were affecting his health.

    NAET is not a cure for every disease out there, but it is a wonderful alternative treatment when the doctor’s answer is to simply load you up with anti-histimines or antibiotics. My experience with Dr. Seleme has made a believer out of me, and my son owes his health to Dr. Devi, the originator of NAET, and to Dr. Seleme, a very gifted NAET practitioner and chiropractor.

    The National Institutes of Health is completing a longitudinal study on the effectiveness of NAET, and the results should be published later this year. NAET is a great fit with chiropractic medicine as they both have the same goal: allow the body to heal itself.

    By the way, Dr. Devi Nambudripad is a chiropractor, but also has a Ph.D. and an M.D. There are also several medical doctors in the United States who practice NAET–look them up online!

  152. A request – I would like to get in touch with the person ‘ Seshu’. Would you mind sending him/her an e-mail and provide my e-mail to him/her.
    I would appreciate it. Thanks very much.

  153. this is a follow up to my post in Oct 2010. i have since gone for a total of about 85 sessions to clear off as many things as i could identify. alot of time, effort and money but the results are worth it!

    some items which were identified include – 10 of the basic 15, chicken, pork, lamb, fish, strawberries, avocado, orange, apples, pineapples, yeast, pollen, garden soil, heat, my own sweat, uv rays from the sun, fabric softeners, disinfectants used in floor cleaners, clothes dyes, food dyes, weeds, food additives, herbs (rosemary, thyme etc), fruits, canvas, polyester, nylon etc etc.

    so the bottomline is – that it could be anything that could upset your system and cause health issues. for someone like myself who have sufffered eczema for 30 yrs, many allergies develop and build up over time.

    my eczema is so much much better now. on my face, it has cleared 95%, and on my body, abt 85%. i get occasional outbreaks, but almost all the time they are due to emotional factors – stress, anger, sadness etc.

    other anecdotal evidence is that there is no more dried flaky skin, blood stains on my bedsheets anymore, as i stop scratching during sleep, and my nails do not have dried blood and skin in the mornings. itch levels have improved 90 – 95% from before.

    for the skeptics who think its placebo, – 30 yrs of western medicine using powerful steroid creams and various strong drugs which did not work with my condition worsening over the years, vs 8 mths of NAET which has shown huge visible improvement in my eczema – bring on the placebo if that works!

    1. I read that link prior to starting NAET because quite honestly I was extremely skeptical when starting NAET at the recommendation of our Pediatrician who is an M.D. with a PhD in genetics. He’s quite a brilliant man, which is why I agreed to try NAET. His attitude is “Western medicine does not have all the answers and sometimes we need to look elsewhere.” At the time he had 63 patients that fell at various places on the autism spectrum undergoing NAET. 60 of the 63 were getting very favorable results where the kids were actually being mainstreamed into school. NAET has been the answer we were seeking, and I’m forever grateful that our M.D. was open minded enough to try it.

      It’s clear the author of that link is highly cynical and has not tried NAET, nor would even consider the possibly that something we don’t understand could work. His statement of “Its recommendations for dietary restrictions based on nonexistent food allergies are likely to place the patient at great risk for nutrient deficiency”, is not well researched as the restrictions are for 12-25 hours after the treatment. There’s no way that would cause nutrient deficiency. I can also tell you that we had muscle testing for allergies done first (as our allergist didn’t want to test, his answer was “if you think your kid’s allergic to something, then avoid it.”) I kind of rolled my eyes when the practitioner told me what my kid was allergic to via muscle testing, but 6 months later we had a RAST blood test done via the allergist’s office after I demanded one and low and behold, the muscle testing was spot on.

  154. NAET has worked miracles for my family. My youngest son is no longer suffering from allergies and asthma, my oldest son is off his ADHD meds, and I have been cured of my allergies, asthma and (oddly) of PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome.

    The treatment sounds irrational and crazy. It took a large leap of faith for me to try it but I’m so glad I did. And it isn’t cheap, but neither is all the meds we were on. Plus, how can you put a price on feeling good? What is the cost of the stress you are under when you are constantly afraid your child will die from a peanut allergy? Frankly I feel sorry for the people who dismiss it out of hand.

    And while it’s true that a double blind study hasn’t been conducted, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work it just means it hasn’t been studied.

    But I am concerned that your son doesn’t like your practitioner. If possible I would find someone else. Plus, our practitioner will test my children through me but does the actual treatment directly on them.

    1. NAET changed my grandson’s life. We started taking him to a practitioner at age of 2 after reaction to his MMR shot. He lost his ability to talk. Took him to 2 neurologist and one said he would never talk and the other said he may say 2 or 3 sentences. After the MMR he was drooling heavily, staring in space, and unable to speak. Shortly after starting the NAET, he stopped drooling, and symptoms eventually went away. He now is 5 yrs old, talking up a storm, and completely normal child. I would recommend NAET to anyone

  155. I love this thread about NAET. I was a NAET patient first and then became a NAET practitioner a few years into my treatments. NAET changed my life. I think the good and the critical comments on here are nice to have for those who are wondering what it is like. Remember that if you are not doing well with a providers treatment try another provider. Finding someone whose practice style suits you and your health is most important even within the same field of practice.

  156. Hi ,

    I found this site yesterday and so far have read all the post line by line.
    My daughter 5 yrs is allergic to everything except fruits and some vegetables.
    We are vegetarian and she is hardly getting any protein.
    She has constant cold cough and hives.
    I woul like to start her on naet and would like to know if there are any good practiciners in Los Angeles,ca area.

    We would like her to be cleared of milk and wheat so at least being a vegetarian she can eat that.
    Please let me know
    Thanks a lot.

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