Ikey Is 5 Months Old!

Ikey Okie Oh is 5 whole months old today.  Man, time goes by fast with baby #1 but with #2 it’s like WAAAAYYY faster.  Because time is already going fast with #1!  I really can’t believe we’re at 5 months.  One more month and we’re half way done this whole baby thing.  What a bitter sweet feeling.  Babies really are a major pain though, aren’t they?  The only thing they’re really good for is squishing, kissing, chewing on, and filling your heart with warmth.  Other than they they’re really rather bothersome.

Ikey has moved up to size 4 diapers.  He still manages to leak all over his sheets (and mine) in the night.  That boy pees up a storm at night.  I don’t want to change him in the night either because I don’t want him to wake up.  Grrrr.  At least he’s been sleeping better (with the exception of last night) and I am able to put him down when he’s awake but sleepy and he usually falls asleep.  He doesn’t like sleeping in my bed anymore and kinda isn’t enjoying nursing in the night either.  I bring him to bed and he sucks for a while the rolls over and either cries of blows raspberries, 3am is no time to be blowing raspberries.  This Friday Brent and I are starting the sleep training process.  I think I’ve done a good job at preparing him for it.  No more night nursing after Friday.

Yesterday I woke up to my Darling Isaac with a nose full of snot, some very bright red cheeks and a rosy nose tip.  I guess that means teething.  He’s been chomping and drooling and crying and sleeping awful.  I haven’t given him any pain killers because he pukes when I give him meds.  He still has his tongue thrust reflex so spooning him anything doesn’t work either.  His poor little mouth though, I don’t see any teeth cutting very soon, I hope it happens fast though.  Gotta love having two kids teething at the same time.

Silas’ canines came in right smack dab in the middle of where his canine and pre-molars need to be.  There’s no room for any more teeth in there now.  My mommy even confirmed that there’s not any space for teeth but she says there’s 80 year old people with their baby teeth still logged up there somewhere.  I guess we’ll just have to take this one in stride.

I’m trying to come up with a good idea for Silas’ birthday party.  Hopefully he’ll appreciate this party a lot more and not be a grump the entire time as he was for his first party.  This whole peanut allergy thing takes away my dreams of DQ ice cream cakes…mmmm.  I think we’ll just keep it casual.  I’m excited to spend his birthday money though.  I’m going to get the sellers kit from Discovery Toys for him.  We have a few of the toys in there so we’ll just gift them to other people.  I really want to get him the dress-apiller too.  It’s a caterpillar with all the snaps, buckles, laces etc.  He’ll enjoy that, he loves buckles.

Brent and I are having a big money talk tonight.  Making some plans and financial goals.  Since he’s gotten this raise, and with Ikey’s Child Tax Benefit and Child Care Benefit, we’ll have a lot more cash coming in.  Time to streamline the paying off of debt and time to open a savings account so we wont have to use our visas for emergencies anymore.  Once our money situation is more organized I’m going to feel a lot better.

Anyway, I’ve gotta pee soooo badly…so here’s a photo and I’m off to make some lunch!


poor teething baby…this photo doesn’t fully capture the redness.  I think it’s offset by his sleeper…haha.



  1. we started cailyn on sleep training the day she turned 5 months old and it was the best thing we ever did. she went from fussing for 5 minutes before falling asleep, to now sleeping at least 5 hours straight a night.she will wake up to eat after about 5 hours and then go back to bed for a few more. it’s been nice. she knows when to go to bed now. she doesn’t fuss as much when we lay her down.

  2. happy five months, Ikey 🙂
    yep, teething…lovely stuff! deeder popped in his first tooth at four months, those first couple are the most work!

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