Adlor Acres Is Always Fun

My hands smell like dog, even though I washed them with soap.  But I don’t mind.  It reminds me of putting a lovely farm dog into bliss as I scratched all the right spots.  I’m a good doggie scratcher.  Apparently I know all the right cow spots too because the calf I was petting was really enjoying me as well.  I’m sure I got strange looks when, in my best petting an animal I love voice (low and loving), I was saying things like “oh cow, you love this, yes you do, oooooo good scratches, oh that’s so nice, you love scratches”.  I never care though because I think everyone else is crazy when they don’t get right in there and hope the cow licks their cheeks with it’s large scratchy tongue.  Who WOULDN’T love that?  Jeepers people.

The little piglets didn’t want me to pick them up and I was like “LET ME LOVE YOU” but they rejected me.  Lucas giggled as one chewed on his pants and Silas freaked out when we tried to keep him away from momma pig.  Momma pig could get angry.  It was cute and sad to watch the baby Llama dance around the cage.  He doesn’t want to be pet, I would have enjoyed him more if I got to see him dancing around a field.  His mom looked ready to spit on me so I backed off.


The massive bull looked like he couldn’t see anything because his horns curled around in front of his eyes.  I think if I stood on my own shoulders I would just have been as tall as him.  I gave his neck a scratch but bulls make me uneasy, I don’t care if they’re in a petting zoo.  He was along side a gigantic clidesdale (however you spell it) horsie who I didn’t dare to touch.  My lips would have puffed up because if I had touched it, I would have had to kiss it.

The goats didn’t care about me at all and the sheep were sleeping.  The turkey came near me and I had my fighting fists ready.  I don’t like turkeys anywhere near me.  Same with roosters.

I picked up a bunny and brought it to Silas who instantly stole it from my hands…




Another lovely day at Aldor Acres.  If you live in the Lower Mainland of BC, you’ll really want to make it a tradition to go there.  Kids have a blast….but I have more of one.  “you yummy cow, gimme kisses….ooooo you’re so nice”





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