Well, another lesson learned in not getting your hopes up too high.  Silas’ back is covered in hives from his peanut allergy test.  His allergy is worse than it was a year and a bit ago.  I guess we’re just really really good at keeping him safe.

The doc said to not come back for another test for another 3-4 years.  I’m sad, very very sad.

I guess the universe didn’t feel like throwing us a bone.

I’m worried about the future.  What does autism + peanut allergy look like for an adult?  I have a feeling he’ll be able to function as an adult with his own home, job, family, etc.  If not though, I hope he’ll be able to at least understand the severity of the allergy.  GRRRR

On Wed, Thurs, Fri we’ll complete Silas’ autism diagnosis.  Once that is complete we’ll start setting things into place.  We want to start finding ways to raise money for his treatment.  My mom is on the job of figuring out how the whole money situation works and finding out which grants we can apply for from different agencies.  I have an ever growing list of treatment options that I would like to try with him.   Some biomedical, some not.  All need to be tried though.  Including traveling to the US to go to a few different places that I think will really help.

Anyway, time to see if the boys will have more lunch.  They’re both so grumpy.  Grr.

Have a nice day!


  1. One of the boys in Lucas’ class at school has a lethal peanut allergy and autism- I know his mother has similar concerns for her son as you do. We all have to be very careful about what we send to school in the lunchboxes for snacks, lunches, and for parties, etc. as one wrong bite and he would die. They have to eat in the room instead of the cafeteria due to this- it is horrible but we all understand and be as careful as if he were our own child. I certainly know how hard it is to keep the peanuts out of the diet as we have to read anything and everything we send to school to keep him safe- I hate it for you though- like having an autistic child isn’t enough huh? I hope the diagnoses testing goes well and you can start some treatments soon- good luck!

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