Wooot Canucks!

I love my Realtor.  He just called us up today and gave us Canucks tix for tonight.  Maybe we’ll see their first win since…like 800 years ago, who knows.

So tomorrow Silas spends two hours with a speech therapist who is part of the diagnosis.  I dunno what she’ll do with him exactly but she needs to say he has autism in order for him to be diagnosed.

I think I’m really coming to terms with it all.  I still can’t believe how far off he is developmentally.  I’m just baffled.  I’m the youngest child, I haven’t really been around kids before.  I have no clue what a 3 year old should do and say.  Silas is all I know.  It’s just so weird.

I’m reading this book right now called The Elephant in the Playroom by Denise Brody.  A really good book that makes you feel not so alone in this crazy life.  It’s been really helpful in making me feel less isolated.  Other parents that write in this book have messy houses and they also scream and cry.  They’re also jealous of other “normal” kids, they’re also dealing with feelings of resentment and anger.  Glad to know this is all part of it.  I don’t have to always be shiny and rosy and perfect.

Anyway, good book, I’d recommend it.  I’ll report back after Silas’ appointment tomorrow.  Send me mental hugs.


  1. its amazing how more at ease things feel when you start to understand just how not alone you are.
    love you dear friend.

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