One Step Closer

So we’re back from the speech therapist now.  She wasn’t able to do a full assessment because part way through, Silas ran screaming to the other side of the room and began smashing his head on very very hard things.  He’s been doing it all day…he’s forming a welt.  I’m considering another ear infection.

Anyway, she didn’t need to do one, she just observed and we were in there for less than an hour.  She mostly talked to me about beginning to get a recovery program in place for Silas.  She said her and the psychologist wouldn’t have much discussing to do.  The fact that he has autism is clear.  I loved her though, I wanted to take her home with me.

Another professional telling me it’s clear he has autism.  Another dose of reality.  It’s sinking in.  My heart knew he had autism…my brain is catching up.

She did tell me some knews I may not have ever thought I’d get.  We were talking about how structured his brain is and I mentioned how I just have no clue what that’s like because I have ADD so my brain is all over.  Then she said something crazy, she said that’s going to be good for him!  He needs non structure to get out of his structured way of thinking!  I have a feeling he’ll be good for me too…perhaps we’ll both end up in the middle where we belong.

Anyway, I have to put together a program for him.  I have no idea how to put together a program for him.  Lord help me.


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