Peanut Allergy Haters?

I came across a Facebook group last night as I was searching for a group of parents who had kids with peanut allergies. The group is called I Hate People With Peanut allergies. I thought the group might just be kind of silly but much to my dismay, I came across these things:

“I’ve got a great one- I had this friend, what a fucking cunt- we forced some peanuts down her throat even though she was “allergic” and then her throat started swelling up. She shook a little bit, and gargled for her stupid shots. We didn’t give them to her, and then she fucking died. it was awesome. show them, right! lolololo”

“oh, also, at the school i used to attend they used to put pictures of the peanut allergie kids up outside of their classrooms and in the staff rooms. i think the teachers felt bad for the rest of the kids and wanted to let us know exactly who to beat the shit out of a recess.”

“Oh wait. No. I really dont. You’re just ANOTHER pathetic mother who wastes her time trying to convince us to care about her genetically deformed child.
No thank you.”


I’ve reported the group in hopes that it’ll get deleted. That’s just so awful. I was crying for my dear Silas last night. Even if these people are joking, a kid could come across this and think they’re serious. I hope he never has to encounter such ignorance and hatred. I can’t believe people would say the things they said on there. This world really ticks me off sometimes.

I can kinda see that people would be put off because they can’t bring peanuts products into schools. I’m not the kind of mother who’s going to petition the government to try and get rid of peanuts or anything. I just don’t see why people would say such disgusting things. It’s just a freaking NUT. If it’s going to kill someone then do what you have to do. We don’t carry things around that are going to kill people. I’m not going to say “too bad” to someone who accidentally runs into my machete as I carry it around a mall. It’s not like a person with a peanut allergy just gets itchy, they could die. I have allergies to anything with fur but I see that as my own issue. I don’t get mad about people who have animal hair all over them, I think it’s gross but I’m not going to bitch about it.

Anyway, if you’re part of Facebook please go and report that group. I really don’t want kids coming across such things, it’s awful.

My Thursday Thirteen is below and much more light-hearted. Enjoy.


  1. I think you’ve already given wayyyy way too much time and attention to those jerks. I don’t care what the topic is, anyone who writes a piece about murdering someone and laughs does NOT deserve the attention they’re craving. Just click the little red ex and move on with your day, content that your life actually has meaning and purpose 😉

  2. Wow that’s friggin ridiculous! I’m ragging inside for you and all the mothers and children who have to deal with such self-righteous idiots. I’ll for sure report them.

  3. I reported them and their hateful, violent group. It’s one thing to debate whether or not schools should be peanut free … this is something else.

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