Breast Crawl

I saw the strangest video today.  It’s all about the breast crawl.  They’ve found that a newborn baby will find it’s way to the breast within 10-60 minutes if placed between the mother’s breasts.  Apparently the process is really important in these people’s eye.  I thought it was very interesting.  If you don’t mind seeing a pair of boobies then give it a watch.  I kinda wish I’d tried it.  Looks natural and instinctual and um…I can’t find the word…someone help me out.


Anyway, I think I’m started to get a sense of humor about this whole clump of crappy events.  I stubbed the same toe last night, it hurt hella bad.  Then Brent kicked it in the night last night and I woke up yelling “OUCH!”…what a jerk hey?  Ha ha.  But I guess it’s all kind of funny in a way anyway, especially because it only hurts when it’s bonked, otherwise it just is a bit achey and tingly so I’m not too jaded about it.

Silas is having some issues.  I was near his one ear today and it smelled SO awful that I almost gagged.  If I were pregnant that would have sent me worshiping the porcelain god.  Terrible, just terrible.  So I went fishing.  Silas really likes it when I clean out his ears and I always do it with a flashlight and I’m SO careful to not push anything down.  The first ear I dipped into had some blood in it, I dunno if I did that, I was very gentle.  The other one I hardly stuck the thingy in there and he screamed.  He usually makes happy feel good noises when I go in for ear wax surgery.  Anyway, he was devastated.  I know I know I know I’m not supposed to go in there with a Q tip.  I’m always gentle though and I usually can get his plugs out unless they’re hard and then I just leave them longer until they’re softened with oil.  His ears plug up with wax like every week, it’s gross.  Anyway, yesterday he had a fever too so I’m suspicious.  Brent took him to the walk-in like a week ago and he said nothing was there but a lot of wax.  I think the stench is awful and un-natural.  His ears have always been stinky but this, this is like something crawled in there and died.  Yucky.  I’m dying to get all that wax out of there though but I shant.

Ikey is doing well.  He’s always so stinking happy.  Even when he’s aggravated I can still make him smile so easy.  He can pick stuff up now but kinda has a hard time bringing it to his mouth so it can easily end up in his eye.  Yesterday he sucked on his thumb a bit too…really cute.  He’s also rolling over when he wants to which isn’t often.  On his tummy he’s easily holding his head up.  I took some cute photos of him doing that last night that I’ll post tomorrow.  He’ll be 4 months tomorrow, hola! Oh ya, and he’s NINETEEN POUNDS!!  Fatso.  He’s getting rocked to sleep by his daddy right now…he’s crying…poor puddin.  I wish falling asleep was fun.



  1. Interesting video …. instinct is strong especially when it comes to survival I guess. Isaac just wants to grow up fast, tell him he’ll be grown up most of his life.

  2. I’ve seen this phenomenon before ~ I was practically cheering the baby on!

    RE: the ear ~ bad smell, fever, and blood (yikes!) – I’d definitely make another trip back to the Dr.

    Over the summer, my son had a persistant cough that the DR told me was nothing more than allergies. A few weeks later when it hadn’t gone away, I took him back to learn that it had developed into bronchitis and an ear infection.

  3. The hard, stubborn earwax thing that Silas’ Grandpa (me) has always had is not much of a problem to deal with as an adult. But for little Silas, I don’t know what the solution is. When I was a boy a Dr. told me to mix Hydrogen Peroxide 50/50 with warm water, lay on my side and put it in my ear for awhile. It worked. Almost immediately I heard ‘crackling’ sounds in my ear.

    As far as bad odor, has he seen an ear, nose and throat specialist? (I don’t trust GP’s very much anymore).

  4. I put hydrogen peroxide in my ears every once in a while and just let it sit there for 5 minutes and bubble, sometimes I do it several times in a row. The over-the-counter 3% solution is fine – you shouldn’t have to dilute it. The only problem would be getting him to lay there for any length of time. I use a little dropper and drip it in until it’s full. HP dissolves wax. I use it to clean ear plugs that I’ve worn for nights and nights in a row – it bubbles right off.

  5. my son stuck tiny beads in his ears once. the wax hardened around them as his ears tried to get rid of them. we did the daily cleaning, but in the end had to have them dug out by a doctor. one bead had finally shifted and hit his eardrum which caused severe pain.

  6. wow. great video. I was nearly cupping my own breast though, I so badly wanted to help that babe latch! My kids would have been hollering blue murder in that period of time though…

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