Poor Silas

Silas woke up today with a fever of 102 in his armpit. Brent and I took him to the doctor who said his ear was VERY inflamed. Gosh, another ear infection. His last one was just in July. Stupid ear infections. Right now he’s cuddling with his Daddy and listening to our Germany Choir sing The Benediction over and over and over and over. He only slept for an hour and he woke up pretty sad. He’s glad to be cuddling. I feel so bad for the little guy. Such high fevers don’t feel good all by themselves let alone the pain of the ear infection. Funny how a week ago I knew it was coming, the Dr. just couldn’t see it yet.

Last night I took a hilarious spill.  I was kinda hyper and I was walking by Brent to the computer to Google why people throw rice at weddings (you know that whole exploding bird thing is a total myth?) and I stepped on a toy and my feet flew out from under me.  I went from laughing really hard to crying because I apparently clawed Brent’s face, back to laughing really hard again.  It was totally funny, I have this great big scrape on my arm now.  So this week I’ve kinda fallen down the stairs, stubbed my toe twice, fell flat on my arse and then at 5am this morning I stepped on Silas’ truck and almost took a spill with Ikey in my arms.  Clumsy much?

Anyway, I feel too busy to be writing right now. Sorry, no photos as promised 🙁


  1. I would love to cuddle Silas the poor earsick boy, I wonder if he’d allow that. Have you figured out after all the falls and trips that maybe you should slow down on the liquor dear. I’m going walking now.

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