As Promised

Today I’m going to give you a photo blog.

Oh, I must say one thing. Huggies are now cheaper that Kirkland Signature diapers at Costco and I wondered why but we bought them and it’s because they aren’t nearly as good as Kirland. Just a heads up, Kirland remains the best diaper. Huggies leak a lot more and feel less soft.


Silas keeps climbing into the Exersaucer. He’ll be playing in his room alone and I’ll hear him whimpering and I go in and he’s in there again and can’t get out, silly kiddo.


Brent was cutting in our room…I came to bed and found this. Now that it’s painted you can still kinda see it but I like that. The color turned out AMAZING!


After a bath. I love having the W/D in our bathroom because we get nice, warm towels after a shower. Look at those grey eyes!

Isaac is so fascinated with the camera.



Look at those spit bubbles on his cloths. K this isn’t a very attractive photo but I wanted to capture the drool. He kinda looks like my brother Andy here.


I scared him here, I forget what I did. Poor puddin. he he he


These are one of those drums you get from Costco that are filled with misc. drum toys. This is the only use we’ve gotten out of it so far. He puts it on his head and says “na na na na” and then kisses you through it. I think that goop on it is snot or something.


Writing some important emails.


Look how strong I am Mommy!!


Silas needed his “smushy” during breakfast yesterday. He’s feeling so awful here but he always manages a smile anyway.


Notice the tear in his eye? K I totally sharpened this photo before uploading it, this thing always does that for some reason. He sure loves his Mini Wheats!


Poor sick puddin.



  1. I love the colour of your bedroom- do you have a picture of it completely painted? I think it might be the shade that I’ve had in my head but haven’t found in real life.

  2. Can’t wait too touch those adorable boys. We were at a Reimer function today and saw some kids there that bear a resemblence to Silas.

  3. Love all the pictures. Sorry about all the disruption tonight, but I sure love to watch Lucas running around with Silas now. And that Ikey is such a darling – love and kisses!

  4. Jacob had that exact same exersaucer. That was so cute what Brent did in the bedroom. And Ike is soooo darn cute, love those big cheeks.

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