Thursday Thirteen #10

Thirteen Things that make me giggle
  1. When I’m driving behind someone and they put their blinker on to go around a sharp corner.
  2. Watching contestants on The price Is Right.
  3. Memories of hanging out with Courtenay in high school.
  4. Seeing someone pick a wedgie in public after they’ve looked around to see if no one is watching.
  5. Sticking my tongue out at kids who are in cars beside me and seeing them react (sometimes they’re scared..he he he).
  6. Silas isms.
  7. My  own jokes
  8. Startling someone has got to be the funniest thing ever. I used to lurk about waiting to scare my siblings and just giggle at the anticipation of scaring them.
  9. Isaac, he’s just so dang jolly.
  10. When one of my kids gets a whole wad of drool on someone else, especially Jules.
  11. Ellen (watching it right now).
  12. Hearing people talk in their sleep. “it’s a music stand
  13. Dane Cook


  1. On #8, we can’t be friends – LOL! The husband is lucky I’m still married to him. He does this to me TOO much!

    On #1 – GUILTY! Well, guilty on any curve if I happen to be out of it, that is. Then I remember and quickly turn it off and hope no one is laughing at me. Now I know YOU are 😉

  2. I’m guilty of #1 when I’m really in the zone. Nice to see positive vibes comin’ out of you despite the universe’s conspiracy.

  3. I believe I’m the victim of #3, #8, and #12. Ill admit they all made me laugh too. Funny that we chose the same topic for today. I forgot I even did one cause I set it up last week. Great minds think alike!

  4. Wow….I had a really hard time concentrating on your list because I first read your peanut allergy post. Wow. Wow. I am hoping that those are just little teenaged posers writing those things. Good Lord.

    Okay: your list. Sticking out your tongue at kids IS fun, though there was a whole “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode where Larry David did that with, let us say, catastrophic results.

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