Medic Alert

We got Silas’ Medic Alert bracelet yesterday. What an odd thing to see on my own little darling’s hand but I think it’s necessary. I wasn’t going to get one just yet but the parents on the allergy board made a very good point. I thought I was with Silas all the time so he didn’t need it but then they said if something were to happen to ME while Silas was with me then someone really needs to know about his allergy…true that!! So Medic Alert here we are. I just think about the first thing someone would give to a child as a snack in a hospital if he came in with me. It’d most likely be a granola bar or something pre-packaged. It wouldn’t be a very safe situation. So my little one now has a little bracelet and he’s mostly OK with it. He’ll need it his whole life so I guess he’d better get used to it now. Well, unless he’s the 14% that grows out of it (Lord willing).

I hate seeing that thing on his wrist. It really is an amazing thing for his safety but I wish that he didn’t have to. No parent wants to see a Medic Alert bracelet on their child.

I’m so happy for that allergy board that I am a part of. No one understand like other peanut allergy parents do. It’s been life saving!

I got some news yesterday!! I have a new niece named Emma Claire and she’s quiet lovely. Brent’s sister moaned and pushed and squeezed her out in no time yesterday. It mostly likely helped that she was only 5 pounds 11 ounces. The third girl for this family. Looks like the rumors about Noel are true 🙂 Welcome to the family Emma!!

I also am about to update my weight loss progress page so check it out. Exciting news on the weight loss front!!


Pronunciation:ˈvench-nəl, –ˈven(t)-shə-nəl
: not conventional : not bound by or in accordance with convention : being out of the ordinary <an unconventional outfit> <an unconventional thinker>
I’ve always been a bit out of the ordinary I think. I really never cared to change who I was for the people around me. I was me and if you didn’t like it then I guess that sucks for all of us. It never occurred to me to try and be anyone BUT me (except when I started this whole “should” thing!!).
I never really wore the latest fashion, I really liked dressing a little different and I often did. In highschool I was a fairly wacky dresser. I liked punk and heavy metal music and I wanted LOTS of tattoos when I grew up (and I’m making that dream come true one tatty at a time :).
I feel very comfortable when I dress a bit different than typical folk, although I do dress more typical these days due to the amount of blubber I’m carrying around.
I have 7 holes in my ears and I have a stud in my lip. I love my lip (labret) ring and no…it’s not in my chin. My grams begged me to not “walk down the aisle with that thing in your chin”. Sorry Grans. It’s so pretty!! My wedding was VERY unconventional. There was hardly any tradition to it…but it was very Brent and Leah!
I have babies in a weird way. I want ALL of my loved ones in the room with me. Looks like Melanie is the only sister (in law or not) that hasn’t seen my Vahoohoo but if she lived here…she just might have. I love my birthing parties. I kinda need another one eventually…maybe. I think my birthing party attendees end up more tired and in shock then I do :).
I think I’m also unconventional in the way I think as well. I don’t just apply something to my life because everyone else is doing it. I apply something to my life when I know it’s a good thing and it’s healthy. There’s just a lot of things that I don’t do like regular folk but that’s OK right? Either way, you do whats right for you right?
I’m unconventional and I like that about me….although it really drove my step-dad NUTS :). He used to wonder why the heck I wanted blue hair and why I wore a yellow sparkly shirt that said “50 and nifty”. It’s only because I was just being me :). (he gets it now)
Here’s some photos from my younger and even more unconventional days
I love Court’s gel soaked hair here…he he he he.
awe I miss being a teenager…and weighing 125…..and that shirt…


  1. The best part about my hair is that is dried like that. That sucker didn’t even move. Boy were we ever unconventional. That’s for sure. I think I can safely say that not one of our inside jokes every really made any sense. not one. I think thats why we got along so well.
    wow 5lbs 11oz is teeny. Emily was 5 ’13’. She was 6 weeks early too. Hi baby Emma!

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