So I Drank About It

Man, yesterday I WANTED to be writing about how my cutie pie Ikey rolled over and is starting to reach for things now.  The bad news got the best of me.  I ended up drinking about it and I’m not feeling too hot today.  What an awful way to cope, seriously, I thought people did that because it works.  I didn’t even intend on having too much to drink.  I just did it too fast and then I kept feeling it worse and worse.  I’m not one to drink a lot at one time so I have no idea what my limits are.  Wine sure can be powerful.  Lets not do that again anytime soon.

Brent came home early yesterday because I was freaking out.  I needed to do that.  I freaked out for a day, drank about it, and now I’m ready to be strong mommy.  We’re on a waiting list with a natureopathic Dr who specializes in allergies.  Thanks Andrea!!  I’ve emailed most of the people in Silas’ life so they know what’s going on and the severity of it.  I’ve purchased his epipen and some more allergy medicine for his diaper bag.  I have a reminder note on the front door for his epipen and I have a reminder on the outside of the door telling visitors that this is a peanut free house. Brent and I have a plan of action in case of an emergency and we’re ready to make a major lifestyle adjustment.  I still need to do A LOT more reading but I was feeling very reassured when people who are dealing with this commented on yesterday’s post.

I’ve read that there’s peanut components in the vaccinations that children are getting.  I called the public health unit and the nurse told me that she hadn’t ever heard of that.  I’ll do my research but for now I’m not going to immunize Isaac.

Anyway, I feel very uninteresting today.  I’m exhausted.


  1. so, i wanted to have a drink the other day. conor bought me these fancy wine coolers.. and i thought “oh since i have to wait 2 hours for the alc to leave my system, i’ll just give little one a bottle, no biggie” she hates the bottle. i was in such a delimma. does ikey take a bottle, whether it’s breastmilk or formula? she will take neither.. not even a paci. i’m so stumped. i just want a glass of wine once in a while.. or maybe even a margarita. ha.

  2. Just have a drink girl!! Yes there will be some alcohol in your system but there isn’t any known negative effects of drinking and nursing. Of course doing it all the time would put some pressure on their liver (especially under three months old) and of course you don’t want to make your baby drunk but it’s OK to have some booze. Do it RIGHT after you nurse her if you’re worried. I only nurse Isaac every 4 hours so I’m never too worried about it. It might be better for everyone if you just had a drink ha ha.

  3. haha. i did read on kelly mom that not very much gets into your milk. they say if you are okay to drive, you are okay to breastfeed. i hope that 7 hour stint of sleep she had last night is a beginning thing for her. so ready for that.
    i like that you put that sign outside your door. i found this blog that you might be interested in:

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