I’m Bummed

So now what?  What do I do about Halloweens?  What do I do about Silas going for sleepovers with his friends?  What if his friend’s birthday party is at a restaurant he can’t go to?  What does he say when kids make fun of him because he’s never eaten at McDonalds?  I’ve read a few cross contamination horror stories about that place (I kinda boycott that place because of the crazy stuff they do to get hildren eating their food).  What do I do with poor Ikey who’ll have to miss out on things because of Silas as well?  I feel so bad about all of this.  I’m pretty bummed actually.
I was so sad in the grocery store today.  So many things I pick up and read the label and Silas can’t have it.  His favorite crackers are out now, Annies All Natural Cheddar Bunnies.  Man, I thought this only happened to people who fed their kids crap, used chemicals around the house, didn’t breastfeed.  I’ve done a lot with Silas.  He only ate organic the first year like they recommend, we don’t use harsh chemicals and we don’t eat them either.  All natural soaps and shampoos.  I guess I need to keep telling myself that was all worth it and he could be much worse if I hadn’t done those things.  That boy still has a killer immune system, it just doesn’t like peanuts.

Anyway, it just sucks for everyone.  I’m tired again.


  1. Hey you!
    Awwe, sorry to read you have had a hard past few days:(! I feel for you, I would be worried sick aswell:(!
    About all the missing out on everything and getting made fun of, I am sure that will all be ok, it seems like in the past few years they have taken alot of steps to make things just a tiny bit easier for those with peanut allergies, it seems like resturaunts are starting to become a tad more aware aswell, (prob due to law-suits) and who knows, maybe the naturepath will have some good answers and treatments, eh? 🙂

    I just wanted to say though,I am so sorry to hear you are so bummed and stressed:(, your an awesome mom though and I know you will learn everything you need to about his allergies to make Silas’ life as full of fun and yummy food as possible, despite stupid peanuts:)!lol!
    Love ya! and you guys are in my prayers:)

  2. As has been said, you are an awesome mom – you’ll make really fun things for Silas and his friends to eat, you’ll find lots of great substitutes, you’ll pick out the candy he can’t eat at halloween. You’ll deal with this new reality like a pro, because that’s what you do. You’ll inform other people, you’re gonna make really good decisions about his treatment and all of you will eat and live a super healthy lifestyle (as you already have been doing). You can do this! Love ya. Sorry you’ve been having a hard time. Wish I could take it away.

  3. It’s a heck of a deal for you 🙁 Sorry Just remember you’re a good Mommy and you’ll deal. It’ll just be different. Just like everything else in life – you learn to deal and it all works out. Hang in there hon!

  4. For Halloween, you could just trade him the non-peanut-free candy for stuff that he can have. Or maybe you could have a party for him and his friends, where they dress up and come to your house where you can control the food/candy and you don’t have to worry about it.

  5. It’s not exactly the same thing, because you have an incredible fear to carry with you too but we are all vegetarian and from the time she was 6 mths old we’ve been teaching our daughter about the foods she eats and the foods she doesn’t.

    It can get complicated – most of my family is vegetarian but most of his aren’t and a lot of friends aren’t either. It places restrictions on what foods her daycare can offer her to eat and other people too, but word gets around and it gets normalised.

    She’s become so accustomed to it that now if she hears someone talk about meat when they are offering her a salad roll she actually stops herself and asks first whether it has meat in it, and then someone was talking and using the word vegetarian the other day and she just announced “I’m a vegetarian”, proud as punch. I guess what I’m saying about your son is that once you get over the trauma of discovering he has an allergy that it will just become a normal dietary restriction in your family and that one day he will be able to take up some of his own responsibility for his eating needs and you’ll stop and think that’s the cutest thing ever, he just announced something about himself like a grown up kid to everyone. You’ll start making the peanut allergy part of the ‘culture’ of your family, like vegetarianism is for us. eg. When you’re reading a story book to the kids where they are eating peanut butter, you’ll make a comment in passing about how “we don’t” etc etc.

    Whatever you do, don’t beat yourself up about this. That kind of pressure is the last thing you need, you’re a lovely mother dealing with a lot of obstacles (was trying to think of a non-swear word to use as I don’t think you’re the swearing type) at the moment.

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