Thursday Thirteen #12

mysteries of motherhood
  1. The little socks always lose their pairs, I swear there’s a sock fairy that come and takes them.
  2. Kids will gobble up something one day and then decide it’s disgusting the next day, what’s up with that?
  3. Okay, your diaper is leaking poop…but the carpet is brown…
  4. I used to have like 12 sippy cups, now I have two.
  5. “I love you mommy, now let me hit your face!”
  6. Soothers mysteriously disappear without notice or trace.
  7. The whole day is going wrong, child is unhappy all day long. I’m losing my mind, wanting to abuse some inanimate object. Suddenly child toddles over and kisses me on the lips. Stars appear in my eyes and the whole world is suddenly made right. Husband tried the same move and receives a punch to the arm.
  8. They’ve taken everything away from me, demand everything, abuse me, put me through 9 months of hell and then hours of pain and labour, leave me with hardly any of my self to hold on to and, for goodness sakes, I love them for it.
  9. How come you say a swear word once and they’ll repeat it constantly but when you tell them to say please and their lips are sealed?
  10. Why will they drink water out of my cup but not out of their own??
  11. What’s SO great about sucking on my nipples? Nothing makes my eyes roll back into my head and puts me to sleep like that. How is that feeling compared to an adult? I really wonder what it’s like.
  12. When you’re a kid time goes by so slowly but when you have kids, it flies by.
  13. Other people’s bodily juices make me gag but I don’t mind slobbery kisses, pee on me, or catching surprise poops in my hands. I do, though, have an issue with spit up.

In other news (k no one thinks that’s funny but I do)…

Silas had his appointment with the pediatrician yesterday to test for peanuts. I didn’t think he’d do a skin test as peanuts are such a harsh thing but he did. Silas cried when he pressed the poker into his back. On went the peanuts, apples, other nuts and a histamine as a control. I held Silas tightly and sang to him as I watched his poor skin puff up under the peanut extract.

The doctor kept saying numbers: “right now it’s a two, oh now it’s a three…”

It turned out that he was right between a 3 and a 4 out of 5. A three means possible anaphalaxis, four is probable, five is…well…you know. So he said we should get Silas a medic alert bracelet. Great.

I didn’t even realize how that meeting would effect me. That for the rest of the day I would become more and more saddened by the outcome of the test. Deep inside I really didn’t believe that he was allergic, that perhaps I saw it wrong and it wasn’t a reaction to peanuts, just a freak reaction to nothing, or no reaction at all. I was hoping I was crazy or delusional.

The doctor very nonchalantly told me that there’s only a fifteen percent chance of him growing out of this. I don’t quite know why he felt the need to repeat that one over a few times. Yes, I get it. For the rest of my child’s life he is most likely in danger of his precious life if he eats a stupid little peanut.

After the kids went to bed I did my usual food binge, eating everything I could think of. Emotional eating is such a crock, what does it do really? Sure feels good at the time though, so did the Baileys.

There was something good that came out of the visit, he’s not allergic to apples. No reaction. I gave him some apple juice today and no reaction. Am I crazy? He drank it and right before my eyes he was covered in hives. Is it the NAET? Is it because he’s on a wheat, egg, dairy, oats, chicken free diet? Did someone eat a peanut butter sandwich and then package the juice?

So hurray for apples being back on the OK list. Boo for peanuts. Really, not only is this whole peanut allergy thing scary, it’s really freaking inconvenient.


  1. I totally hear you on #7-too funny!! And it sucks that he’s allergic to peanuts. That would be horribly inconvenient here, too. Oh, and Silas is my favorite name. LOVE it!

  2. It’s so lucky that nature arranged for mothers to find their children (plus bodily fluids) adorable. Otherwise, the species would never have survived. Love is an amazing drug….

    “Silas” is a lovely name.

  3. Hi – I’m a mom of an 8-year old boy with PA who surfed in via google alerts and wanted to let you know that it does get easier!

    I’ve found a lot of good information and support from a message board group of families dealing with food allergies – they are now at

  4. Hey you!
    Great list! And I love how now you can add “nipples” to the list of searches that will lead people here! HAHAHA!
    Also, sorry about Silas, boooo to peanuts! I hope he will be one of the 15% to grow out of it, you never know, eh?
    Well, see you later today, muah!

  5. I’m sorry about the peanuts. My son is 7 and allergic as well. He’s worn a medical bracelet since age two. I practically don’t even see it anymore and I’ve noticed it gives me the opportunity to “educate” people when they ask me about it.

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